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  1. I am about to move from my apartment to an official grown-up house with a basement and everything. My current "hockey dojo" (pictured below) is a carpeted spare room, so I put down hockey tiles. In the new place, I'd like something more permanent, like an epoxy. Has anybody done anything like this in their basement or garage? I'm basically looking for the floor covering with the lowest glide coefficient and the highest ability to stand up to hockey sticks. Also, it'd be a big plus if it were white and looked something like ice.
  2. I applaud anyone willing to put their product up to the ridicule of minutia-obsessed gear geeks like us. I'm also impressed at the civility of both the OP and all subsequent contributors. I like how you answered each question, Blade guy, and will give your tool a try. Thanks!
  3. Good lord, man, this is truly something to think about. Thanks.
  4. Not like my Mako II's. When I pulled them out the box, I'll admit, I felt a bit disappointed. Thanks for the clarification, none the less. They are the same size, and exceedingly light. That might be why the didn't feel as high-end in my hand as the Mako II's. I'm not 100% sure about the material, but it feels like plastic to me. I'll prolly just re-list them on ebay. I've thought about keeping them around in case my current CXN holders end up failing, but I'm not going to sharpen and bake them. Especially now that it seems pretty certain that they'd be a step down from my II's or the M8's I have converted for inline.
  5. They just say Mako. The text, along with everything else, is much more red than orange. I had assumed it just appeared red in the auction pics, but it's nothing like the orange on my II's. I have yet to try them. They appear to be brand new, they certainly have never been sharpened. I have two pairs of II's and a pair of M8's I converted to inline, so I'll prolly hold off on using them myself. Especially if they're a lower-grade version of my II's. Thanks for all the other insight, fellas. I'm pretty intrigued by these, as well. Also, Thanks @JR Boucicaut for confirming they aren't the "Mako 3"
  6. Bought these skates off ebay, figured I'd know what they were once they arrived. Now I'm holding them in my hands and I'm just as stumped. Any of you guys know what these Mako's are? More images on my website.
  7. University of Michigan had theirs in April or May. Great prices and selection. The Wings had theirs a couple weeks back. Weak selection and collectors pricing. Last year, Sparty had one, but it was the whole Athletic Department and supposedly it doesn't happen every year. Real good prices and decent selection, tho. I also hear Western has a good sale, but I've never been.
  8. I have been an exclusive 3DS wearer for a few years now, and they can be found for a more palatable price with a bit of patience and a saved eBay search. Well worth the effort, in my opinion.
  9. I would try getting them sharpened again. When I put the Step steel on my skates and had them initially sharpened, I felt a distinct difference from the old steel. Like they weren't sharp enough. I had them sharpened again, and I can't believe how much they grip the ice now. Maybe because they're harder steel, it takes more effort to get that edge in? IDK. Maybe it was just me, but the second sharpening made all the difference in the world.
  10. I've tried playing with intermediate sticks, but as others have eluded to, I found it hard to catch passes. The stick would flex on hard passes and either let the puck slide under or recoil and fling it away. I also found the thinner shaft to be annoying, but that was probably all in my head and something I'd have gotten used to if I stuck with it. I still use it as a backup though, and enjoy ripping shots in warm-ups with it.
  11. You're really not taking much material off the clip, so I wouldn't think it's in any danger of breaking. The clips feel strong enough to me, but I've never tried them without the trim. So I guess maybe I don't realize how much stronger it should feel. Doubt it tho.
  12. Here's an image of the clip I trimmed. I used a dremmel to do it, but it sounds like lots of other tools will get the job done. I didn't trim the back of the clip and it works just fine. The yellow lines are the sideways cuts I made, and the blue on is down the curve of the clip. There's a seam-like line on the clip you can follow which makes the process pretty fool-proof. Just follow that line and you'll be fine.
  13. I love them too, but once you get used to them a regular shaft feels wrong. Not a big deal initially, but they never seem to go on sale, and a lot of stores don't stock them. So they can end up being a pricey preference. Best shaft for me tho...
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