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  1. Yes I found that out after the fact, I had asked the wife to get me a 2 pack of HDO DLX replacement visors but apparently they are not made anymore. Hence the change to the new visor set up. Thanks for the link there, I’m going to see if I can find some screws that will work for it at a hardware store on thursday
  2. Hey guys, My wife bought me a new Pro Clip visor for Christmas this year, I’m replacing an old x100 style visor. In my haste unpacking it to inspect it either myself or my 2 year old misplaced the hardware pack for it. I tried the old black screws that were in my old visor but they don’t recess in properly I’ve been trying for the last 4 days to find some replacements but they seem to be damn near impossible. Any one have any insight on the screw type and thread pitch so I can just buy some from a hardware store? Or know the Bauer part number for them?
  3. Helmet - IMS 9.0 Bauer pro clip straight Gloves - Reebok 7k Knit 14” CCM Super Tacks 14” Shoulders - Jofa 7500 Pants - Tackla 951 Shin - Bauer 3000 14” Sherwood Rekker M90 14” Elbows - Koho Skates - CCM Tacks Classic Pro+ Sticks - True 5.2 95 flex HCR CCM ST2.0 P90 85 Flex CCM Trigger4 P90 85 Flex
  4. 1. Bauer 8090 - had 2 pairs wish I could’ve found more. Easily the most comfortable skate I’ve had. 2. Vapor XXXX longest lasting pairs I’ve used with the second best fit 3. One90 great boot terrible stock holder similar fit to 8090 4. Mission AGX awesome for roller hockey and decent for Ice 5. Nexus 1000, 8090-like but just not quite the same fit
  5. Thanks for the input Cavs, in the past few days I have made my way to the store and tried on the ft390, the ft1 and a pair of AS1s and I agree with your statement 100% they felt super stiff very similar to my x7.0s. I’ll check on the 68 and 70k the next time I’m in the store. The last time I was fit in a Reebok/ ccm I had good luck with the fit of the 20k are the 70k built on the same lasts fit wise as the previous generations?
  6. Thanks man, I figured it was a long shot.
  7. Thanks z1ggy, I know this is a few pairs ago now for you but do you have any comment on the height of the ft1 in the ankle area vs the 40s?
  8. Hey guys, I’m currently in a pair of vapor xxxxs and they are definitely on their last legs, just had the top 3 eyelets repaired on both sides of my right skate. 3 years ago I bought a pair of x7.0s after being “fitted” at pro hockey life, I say fitted loosely I used to work at a pretty well known Hockey store here in Edmonton in the skate department so I’m pretty confident of my specs but that was a lifetime ago. My research 3 years ago told me that x7.0s would be the closest in overall fit they felt fine in store after baking but after 25-30 skates through the last couple years they haven’t broken in, feel incredibly stiff, are higher cut in the ankle then I am used to and I find that I’m not a fan of the liner. Is there any other skates I should take a look at with a clarino liner? I’m not as up to date on skates these days, 2 kids under 2 and a wife and house take up lots of time. Not that I won’t spend the money on a top of the line pair if that’s the best fit but am looking to keep the cost down if possible. Specs current skates are 8D vapor 40 I am 5’ 10” and 240lbs and not the strongest skater around. thanks guys, Brad
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