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  1. I agree with this, I am still in x7.0s (had x:60s before and have a pair of x90s in reserve) and I tried on the newer curve based vapors and I needed to drop from a 7 (my size in the x7.0s) to a 6.5 (2x). It seems on the curve composite skates the sizing is approx .5 down compared to the older top end tech mesh skates (x:60, x7.0, x90). That also means you will need to get used to a different blade length in some cases (example, the size 7 skates are 263 and the size 6.5 skates are 254). I know some people are more picky about that than others but still worth noting.
  2. How does the skate lab compare to a Bauer branock (sp?) tool as far as its length recommendations?
  3. Huh, interesting idea. Hopefully the new ones have something to address the comfort issue.
  4. I will likely be buying these. I loved the originals (how they lock your foot in place). Only downsides were they didnt add much comfort (just thin fabric over hard plastic) and they had durability issues. If those items are addressed and they retain their ability to lock in your foot these will be perfect.
  5. Any word on if Bauer plans to address the durability? I have had 2 pairs crack on me. Both are still usable as the crack is small and i covered it in tape to help prevent spreading but I would love to buy a new pair and not have them crack again...
  6. Helmet: Bauer 4500 (black) with CCM FM480 (white) Shoulders: Sherwood classics Elbows: Bauer one75 Gloves: Bauer one95 (black and white) Pants: Bauer TotalOne girdle with Vapor shell (black) Shins: RBK 9k Skates: Bauer Vapor x7.0 with custom felt NXG tongues and Speedplates Sticks: Intermediate Easton Stealth CX 60 flex
  7. Seen them all. Good stuff. I am hoping he branches out to other things (skate and other equipment mods that he and other pros use, some on-ice videos/tutorials, etc.) Always liked Marc as a player so these videos are neat to see.
  8. I would imagine it totally depends on the player as some players might be much more of a "creature of habit" than others.
  9. Did you by chance go with a smaller size (smaller holder and blade) on the super tacks? Sometimes going down a blade size makes you feel this way as well.
  10. If you can find a pair of the Easton Stealth S17's they would be perfect for you. They had a super narrow heel area (with amazing heel lock) and a wide enough forefoot that most EE with users could easily fit in their "R" or "regular" width. They may be tough to find though. What size are you?
  11. Thanks! I will go ahead and bake them.
  12. Related to this topic, I also have a question for people who know a lot about Bauer curv boots. I just got a pair of vapor x100 LE's that were lightly used (maybe 10 or so games by previous owner, excellent condition). My question is should I bake them? The previous owner obviously had them baked when he got them. Would it be important for me to get them baked for my foot, IE does the curv actually shape to your foot or does baking on the x100's only lead to faster break in time (like OP was asking about)? They feel fairly comfortable as is but if they would mold to my feet even better with a bake i will do it. Also i know baking too much is bad for the boot too and these were already baked at least once (could even be twice by original owner, i dont know). Any recommendations or suggestions?? This is my first curv boot (was a tech mesh vapor guy before this) so I really dont know much about the material.
  13. Updated some gear: Helmet: Bauer 4500 black with white ccm fm480 cage Elbows: Bauer one75 Shoulders: Sherwood classics Shins: Reebok 9k Gloves: Bauer one95 Skates: Bauer Vapor x7.0 with Speedplates Pants: Bauer TotalOne girdle with Bauer shell (black) Sticks: Easton Stealth CX intermediate 60 flex x4
  14. I have not ever had a modern material skate that I have been able to lace all the way up and still have adaquite forward flex/movement... I have been forced into either dropping an eyelet or skipping 2nd eyelet on every modern material boot I have tried, which are quite a few. If I had the money right now (which I dont...) your comment alone is enough to make me want to try VH
  15. As far as I know speed plates can be used in any skate since they are fully thermoformable. I am using them in old 2009 Bauer x:60s and they work great (yes I know this is still a Bauer brand skate but it was certainly not designed specifically with the speed plate in mind like the 1x).
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