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  1. So then the center point and the places where the transitions start are based on a designated length. Therefore the patterns are size specific. If you could use the same pattern on any size skate there would have to be adjustments at every transition, otherwise your losing the toe and heel. Think of a Quad Zero on a youth size skate, simply wouldn't work.
  2. If I'm correct the Blademaster sharpener uses bars that are pre-set with the specific radius at a specific transition location on the skate? If that's the case and Blademaster's own website says that certain patterns are for certain skate sizes I would think using a pattern on a different skate size would alter the transition points for each zone. I'm banking on the manufacturer to have done their homework and know what is optimal. If I am off in my understanding of the use of "bars" please let me know. Thx
  3. I bought it for myself and my two kids, never looked back. I also bring it to tournaments and teammates pay me $5 to get their blades tuned. After a weekend of hockey I have almost made enough money for a new grinding wheel.
  4. The Pelican 1650 case is identical, just doesn't have the specifically molded padding....but that can easily be cut out and you can buy harder foam at Home Depot. Got my Pelican case for $180 on Ebay new.
  5. First post to start a forum.....I have a 13 year-old goalie that is very advanced. From time to time he seems to fall backward a bit, mainly due to balance but also because he is short for his age and feels the pressure of bigger kids bearing down on him. I have recently been looking into profiling his blades, currently he has the Bauer 1S, Size 5 skate with StepSteel. I ordered a new set of steel for his Size 6 Bauer 1S skate (Christmas gift) with StepSteel Black profiled to a 28' radius and a 1 degree forward lean. Did I do the right thing???
  6. VERY late to this topic I know but after many months of reading I finally joined to comment :-) From all the reading I have done in these forums I decided to go with the Quad Zero profile for my Bauer 2S Pro - Size 8 skate using a StepSteel Black blade. Based on the BladeMaster chart it seems that there are specific patterns suggested for specific skate sizes. My question is would it be possible to get the Quad .5 on my size 8 skate even though it's recommended for a size or two bigger boot? I like the idea of a little less off the toe and an even flatter back blade but I am guessing that suggested pattern and change in radius over the length of the blade is due to the overall size of the boot and blade associated with it? Cheers!
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