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  1. Do these helmets when new come with CSA stickers?
  2. Mainly pushing off. I talked to the LHS and I the guy said he tried to make them a neutral pitch when he did them. It seems like maybe its possbile that shifted the balance point back and he might not be getting enough bite at the ball of his foot? 9/16 sharpen with on a freshly honed wheel seems to have eliviated his complaints. The reason for trying the profile was to get a bit more three step speed. That was what we were "sold". He has always had great edges and fast flat out spead, but he's a bit of an upright skater and with that effortless "floating" kind of stride. Not sure this change has accomplished what we had hoped to see. He says it almost feels like he's pushing on half a blade if that makes sense. There also was an earlier comment about blade size. The prosharp proflie chart says Quad .5 on runners 245 and up is okay, no? The suggestion was to go Quad XS which would be even less flat, and further away from his old 10/11 correct?
  3. 254, brand new steel. Same ROH he has skated on his entire life. Why would weight matter? He's essentially the same weight he was on his old steel 2.5 weeks ago.
  4. Same ice. No honing stone on Blacksteel, clay stone yes.
  5. Hi there my son says he feels like he is losing grip on a Quad .5 profile. He is an elite U15 player has been skating on a 10/11' radius forever with a 5/8ths hollow. Thought we'd try the .5 but can't seem to get it dailed in. Went to a 9/16ths hollow and that seemed fine for a few skates, but after the second sharpen at 9/16th he said it felt like there was less grip again. Any thoughts? He is on a Step Blacksteel runner if that matters, has been on this runner before with not complaints. At this point I am thinking about going back to the old radius.
  6. Hi there looking for new shinpads and everything is closed where I live so I have to order online. I notice some pictures of the 2S pro shinpads where there is a doughnut in the liner in the knee cap and in others pictures it looks like there is no doughnut and the XRD foam is sewn into the liner. Is this correct, did the liner change? Did Bauer eliminate the doughnut?
  7. Anyone know the difference between the CCM FlexFrame and RocketFrame? The discriptions sound the same. Thanks
  8. @Shayne Toporowski currently on a step steel 10/11 combo radius. Want something that doesn't feel drastically different in a quad. What would be the differences between a Quad .5 or Quad 1 that I would notice.
  9. The LHS has a new Prosharp for all their profiles. Not doing them on the Blademaster anymore. My son has done very well on a 10-11' combo. Comparatively he is one the the best skaters in his loop so I don't want to mess with it. BUT they only have Quad profile jigs. I don't mind changing for the better, but don't want to go the other way either. Son is 12 so all feedback is **uh, i don't know***. I'd like to keep the agility he has in the 10/11' without giving up any speed which is a big advantage for him. Is the Quad zero the closest?
  10. how would the zero compare to a 10/11' combo?
  11. What felt different about the Quad Zero compared to the 11'?
  12. Anyone have experience with this profile? Current is a 10-11' combo with 1 degree fwd pitch. I can't find specs for the Quad Zero on Prosharp's website. What would the advantages be of switching? How similar are they? Would the pitch need to remain the same or be adjusted?
  13. Need to get a pair of pants patched or sewn back up. Last equipment repair I had done I was not terribly happy with, shop didn't deliver in time and the cosmetics weren't good. Anyone know of a good shop in the Toronto area? Thanks.
  14. you would think the sporting goods manufacturers would learn. Easton started losing money when they created 300 dollar bats that lasted forever -- The golf industry is cannibalizing itself with everyone waiting a year to buy last years driver -- Now, hockey is going the same route with thousand dollar skates and 300 dollar sticks ... trying to sell to guys who would rather wear their 20 year old shoulder pads taped together. Its sad really. I used to by a dozen wooden sticks a year. Changed the curve or the flex when I felt like it. Now it's an investment and you maybe buy one a year. If that. And the retailers are caught up holding lots of costly inventory that doesn't move. Its not a functional model
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