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  1. Just saw Jacob Trouba with this stick during the NYR CAR game. Looks like Sherwood is back in the NHL.
  2. Hi everyone, This is my first try for a product review, so if you have questions, or parts of the review are not clear, do not hesitate. I hope this can be of value for our members or to internet visitors that end up here. A little bit of context about the reviewer: I play 2 to 4 times a week in low level competitive leagues (during the main season, I play once a week during the summer), mainly as a D-man but also play as a forward. As for shin guards here is a list of the models I played with in the last years: APX2, Ultra Tacks, MX3, Super Tacks and the Super tacks as1 reviewed here. The model review are the CCM Super Tacks as1 shin guards in senior 16". Those were received as a warranty return for my Super Tacks: as they were not in production anymore, so I received from CCM the Super tacks as1 instead. I have been using the Super tacks as1 shins for an entire season, but I use two hockey gear set so, these were used for half my games (still this gives me around 50-60 games with them) while I used the Ultra Tacks for the other half. APX2 and MX3 were sold, and the Super Tacks are broken, obviously. Fit As for the fit, the tacks line from CCM is the only one that fits me an that I can use without taping my shins and won't end up moving like crazy. This is why the Ultra Tacks and the Super tacks as1 are the only shins that I still have, while I sold the others listed above. Also note that the senior 16" is a little bit longer than the APX2 and MX3 in 16", which is OK for me and my long legs. The calf protection being medium density foam inside and HD foam over medium density foam outside make for a nicely forming protection compared to the usual plastic insert offerings. Also, the inside liner as added padding on both sides of the knee so it helps keep it in the right place. A really nice add-on from previous years in the Super tacks as1 is the velcro adjustable calf strap. For my long and slim legs, I would always end up with this strap lock as tight as it could be, but would never be enough. With this add-on, I can shorten the strap so it fits nicely for me. But the detachable bottom portion of the liner seems like a good idea badly executed for anyone playing with the tongue of their skate under the shin guard (as I do), as the exposed velcro would simply stick to the felt of my skate tongue and remove parts of it... Why CCM would not put the hook side of the velcro on the removable part? 🤷‍♂️. Also, the tape groove gimmick is totally useless. Another small detail that bothers me is the AS1 logo gets in the way of the top strap just enough to bother me, as I would've like to be able to use this part to get the strap tighter. For fit, the Super tacks as1 get 8/10. Protection For protection, they are some of the most protective shins one can get, but with one downside, that is quite important for me. The plastic shells are thick an rigid. D3O for the knee cap does its job for front impacts. The added padding in the liner is a really nice addition as it gives better protection for each side of the knee, parts that are not covered by the D3O patch. This right here is to me the nicest addition compared to the previous top of the line models Ultra Tacks and Super Tacks. I have blocked a countless amount of shots with these and never felt pain or even discomfort. The outside calf protection covers a larger area than the previous Super Tacks while it's segmentation provides a better wrap, making for better protection there. But, the inside calf protection is a simple medium density foam (it was the same with the Super Tacks), as opposed to the Ultra Tacks which have a plastic insert. This really is a negative to me as I play with skate fenders and sometimes open my feet to block shots (bad habit, I know), exposing the inside of my lower leg to a ton of hurt if the shots goes higher than anticipated... For protection, the Super tacks as1 get 9/10. Weight This really is were I was surprised when I received these. They are not that heavy compared to other highly protective shins. At 750 grams a piece, my Ultra Tacks are heavier (825) and my MX3 were heavier by a good 50 grams per shin (you can blame the flexorb for that). Still, one can find lower weight in other offerings. For weight, the Super tacks as1 get 7/10. Durability I have nothing negative to say on that part as they are holding up quite well, as most damage is only cosmetic. Still, there is a stitching that is coming undone in a non important part of the shin after 10 months or so. For durability, the Super tacks as1 get 7/10. Intangibles As for intangibles, I am not going to put a score for that, but I will say that I do not like white protection equipment as it always end up yellowing... But for shins, who cares? Conclusion I really think CCM achieved a nice balance between weight and protection here, while some aspects can still be refined or improved. Yet, this is by far my favorite line of shin guards in the market and this model is my favorite so far with a final score of 8/10.
  3. Hi, I had the QRE girdle and have some questions about the XC9 girdle. Is the fit the same? because the QRE leg padding was too short for me in senior medium even though the waist was perfect. Also, what do you mean by significantly more protection? Are the perforated foams thicker? Is the belt padded in anyway so it protects the belly? Those aspects were lacking in the QRE IMO. thx
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