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  1. Just got an email about the True Girdle, anyone know anything more about this? Looks pretty nice
  2. I just got it and it works great. So easy and convenient
  3. The heel liner pulled down the first time I put them on. So they said to send them back and they will measure compared to my scan and repair the liner. Their website says if they try everything and you still aren’t happy they will remake one time. So we will see.
  4. Mine feel too short also. Same thing. I’m sending mine back
  5. Picked up my new skates. Went to the store for the baking process and man they get so hot compared to other skates. When I put on the right one the back of the heel liner stuck to my sock and peeled it down. I have a picture just need to figure out how to post. Pretty annoying, I went to the store to make sure this was done properly. The Manager at Hockey Monkey took pictures and said they would reach out to True. That was 5 days ago, still nothing. I have now skated twice. I can say they feel a lot different from "regular" skates. Straight line skating is the same but stopping and turning is quite different. The steel feels so much sharper as others have stated. Overall comfort... I don't know jury is still out. Wrap is great, heel lock is great. They feel too short in overall length but maybe I just need to get used to them. My right big toe is sore today from pushing on the front of the boot last night. Have been trying to figure out what tongue adjustment/length feels best. There is no negative space, zero.
  6. I mean I live in Houston I had to go to Hockey Monkey in Dallas to get scanned. The skates got sent to the store so now I have to go pick them up. I’m going Sunday to check them out
  7. The guy at HM in Dallas is reaching out to the True rep. I mean I paid with Amex and still havent received the merchandise so I could probably stick them with the charges. However I don't want to do that. Just frustrating.
  8. What is its purpose? I wanted the skates as they were designed, step hold, heel cup etc. Now they changed without notifying me. Just want to make sure I'm not missing out on something.
  9. Did my fitting December 13th and the skates arrived today! Ordered with VH holder and V steel. They showed up with Tuuk LS2. True didn't tell me or the guys at HM that the VH holder isn't available in my size 12+ so they automatically picked LS2. Wished they would have said something. Also the skates don't have the True heel cup either. Not sure if it's just for looks or if it actually serves a purpose. Waiting to hear back from the rep.
  10. I only see vortex and vortex pro on their site. I don’t see a Vortex 2. Interested in this skate because it looks to be available in a size 13
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