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    Bauer Supreme MX3's
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    Sherwood Rekker M90 Warrior QRL Pro
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    Reebok 11K's , Eagle PPF's , Bauer Supreme One90
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    Bauer Re-Akt w/Bauer HDD Pro Clip Aviator visor
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    Takla Air
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    Warrior AX1's
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    Warrior AX1's
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    Fury Pro

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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/m92cp0zfc3y03ic/AACXzRbnFjbV0ghYotFwwUMXa?dl=0 IMHO it is a traditional/habit thing. Ppl hate change. Superstitious ppl really hate it. Which leads to athletes who have or get into routines and don't want things to be different if it worked at least a cpl of times. But my understanding of a big knob on the end was probably more of a " so my stick cannot just be ripped out of your hand" kinda thing when it was first done. Lol Imagine the first guy to put the big knob on the end and all the players laughing at him.
  2. Easier to take care of your visor if it is a removable clip model. Every game I pull mine off , put into my helmet bag(now a visor bag) and jam it inside my helmet so it is always protected while being transported or just sitting in my bag. For most ppl(hockey players) I would think it seems like extra effort but alas I have only bought 2 visors in the last 6 years( assuming the first Bauer clip model came out 6 yrs ago) or so.
  3. Anything but black. Do you only wear black shoes? At the highest level of hockey , presumably the fastest , white for function. Now this only matters at the highest levels because of the speed. Easier to find a black object on a white surface. Any other level , any color , as gaining mere milliseconds in beer league doesn't matter. But for most players it's all linked to learned preference or a deeper issue really. Now the % may vary player to player but in the end.... Slight discrimination. That's why 90% of players always say they will hack and slash , or generally give players a hard time for being different when said players wear 'not' black skates , or white gloves , or a smoked/mirrored visor that make them stick out. Even worse is that some players only accept that player if they are really good but even then .... Hope for the best. Like Monty making fun of my name as it connects to me saying something different then the norm. But I am that guy. Not to mention it seems no one now's why skates should be black.
  4. I'm in agreement here.... Bad idea to change a fundamental connection for safety. Adapt and overcome. As hard as that may be.
  5. Skate design needs to move on from black being the primary color IMHO.
  6. Would recommend OP check out Base as rumor has it the P30 from CCM is now discontinued on all new sticks moving forward. Which leaves you with only Pro stock , older models , and custom. Sad to think retailers will only offer 3 curves at some point on all sticks. Slowly but surely. Well that's where it seems to be heading anyways.
  7. Saw these 2 days ago as Sport check here already has them out for sale.
  8. Now as much as I enjoy the unbridled enthusiasm of the icewarehouse guys and the awesome sickness of their review. I seem to not get as much from their vids as I do actually discussing the detail so in saying that.....More in depth details of the upgraded specs? Weight? Differences between Ek15, and the 365? Etc... And thank you for the video Collins. Quenched my thirst a lil for my favorite line of sticks that is still made.
  9. Figured as much.... Just thought I would check.
  10. Just saw this on Insta so was wondering if there was any info out there or are we waiting for something to drop? Very interested in the next iteration of the Rekker.
  11. Depends on your level of OCD in the amount of attention you have with your gear I would say. I personally use to tape my stick every game. Spent 30 mins most times getting it just right. Then 15 years ago I switched to blade tape and now it's not a thing anymore. And yes people always say well that leaves the bottom of the blade and toe exposed but since I stopped worrying about that when I started using blade tape my sticks usually outlast my blade tape. As an added bonus the stick slides nicer on the ice and the grip is always there when needed.
  12. Any updates? I am considering custom rekkers but ........
  13. Hhhmmm i still use it ...... Might have to pick some up from ebay if you cannot it find elsewhere.
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