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  1. Looking for some input on workout programs, curious to know what other players over 40 are doing to stay in shape. Ive used hockey training.com men’s league program as well as next level hockey over the last 5 yrs or so. Considered trying relentless hockey, but at 42, Im wondering if I need to change things up and move away from heavy strength training and move towards HIIT or something more specific for “seasoned” men for general fitness and less sport specific training. Thanks
  2. So I have been able to try both profiles, and I have found that now that I’ve skated on the quad zero, I can’t go back to a single radius. It’s just so much better. And my turning was probably just me being out of shape and away from skating for too long because I didnt notice any difference between the 2 from that standpoint.
  3. Ahh, if that’s true then sorry. Pure hockey in Novi, Jose I believe was the gentleman’s name. Was probably 2018
  4. The P14 is interesting. I thought it was going to be a combo of the p88 and p92. The lie resembles a p88, and the open toe resembles a p92. It is a small blade though. Specs say its more of a mid-toe curve
  5. I went to Pro Skate in Canton for the quad back in like February, and Pure Hockey Novi for the 11’ about 1-2 weeks ago
  6. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I guess Im a low skater, and love the p88 due to it’s low lie. Ive tried so many times to like the p92 bc i can elevate the puck and feel like I have more power on my shot, but i feel like the toe is up off the ice, so I have missed a few passes, especially if I have to reach a bit in front of me for the puck. I was looking on pro stock for a p92 with a 4 lie, there were only 3 options for my hand and flex, maybe I’ll try this instead. Warrior used to make the w03 in either 4 or 5 lie, but discontinued the 4’s before I thought to try them.
  7. Not sure about stick length, but sideline swap has youtube videos where they go over player gear. I believe it said both Mackinnon and Marner use p92 curves, or p29 in CCM, basically the Sakic curve, which has an open toe compared to the p88. Both are mid curves.
  8. Ive questioned this myself. Ive played hockey for 32 years, played Michigan high school and club hockey in college, beer leagues since. Never even knew what I was skating on until the last few years other than skate brand. Never messed with profiles, or even ROH. Actually never even paid much attention to stick flex, blade lie, etc, just worried about the curve pattern. Maybe knowing this stuff would have made me better, but i doubt it. The cream always seem to rise to the top regardless of any of this. Anyways, had a profile done a few years ago at Pure hockey. The guy’s profile of choice was 11’ pitched forward. I friggin loved it. However, after so many sharpenings that profile is gone anyways. For that reason I’ve switched to having my skates sharpened solely on a Sparx machine at a local rink. Recently got some Step Steel from Canada for my Bauer 1s and had a prosharp quad profile done out of curiosity. I seemed to have a lot of people tell me I was fast on them, didnt feel a ton different other than not feeling like I could stay really quick in my turns. I actually felt less stable than my previous single radius when doing say cross overs around the circles drill. This was all done after covid so I thought, “maybe I just suck from not skating in a while?” so I bought a second pair of Step Steel for a good deal on sideline swap for the LS1 Edge and had them profiled at 11’ forward pitch. Ive skated on those once and felt like I was really up on my toes. I havent been able to swap them out in the same skate yet but plan on doing that soon.
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