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  1. I'm going to return them. I got them direct from Bauer, since the local shops didn't have any stock in my size. I'll probably go back to my original plan, which was to look for a deal on a pair of 100K Pro or 90K. Thank god my wife tolerates my skate buying habit! lol
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to return them because even if it won't cause an issue with my stride, knowing that difference is there will mess with my head. I'd say I'm ridiculously fussy about my gear, but then again, so is pretty much everyone else that frequents this site.
  3. Ordered a pair of 3S Pro skates on Black Friday and when they showed up, I found that the left holder is mounted a couple mm more forward than the right holder. Pretty obvious when you look down from the top, as you see more of the left holder in front of the toe cap. This seems like a very minor difference, but I previously had a pair with the same difference in holders and I kept straining my groin. Problem went away as soon as I switched skates. Probably a coincidence, but it's in my head now. I'm also weird in that I'm bothered when pairs of things aren't symmetrical. Is this holder Mount difference common and does it bother anyone else?
  4. Not a direct answer to your question, but I've been using the Jetspeed FT3 Team retail stick for a few months and it's been fantastic. Factor in that I paid $99 CAD on sale and it can't be beat.
  5. I've been using the P90TM for the last few months. It is pretty much a P29 with a toe hook. Lie is very slightly different and a little less rocker.
  6. Talc is linked to ovarian cancer.
  7. As far as I know, the X2.9 was the last tech mesh retail model. Doubt it's a custom option other than pro stock.
  8. The new holders that will be on the next Vapor skates. Interesting that the trigger appears to be white. I'll be interested in seeing them in person, as the trigger seems more exposed to direct hits from pucks and sticks.
  9. I don't think the issue is related to stiffness. The 88K is actually stiffer than 9060 Tacks. 88K has more padding, so perhaps it may be giving the illusion of being less stiff.
  10. That's just greasy! Why do people have to abuse everything? I've used the 90 day twice. First time I wore them to one public skate and knew they wouldn't work. Second time I didn't even skate on them, but I had let the shop sharpen them, so I had to use the 90 day. Whenever I have to return something I feel so guilty that I'll always buy something else, whether small like tape or even larger like a stick.
  11. Interesting. All the major retailers that I've checked in Canada are forcing you to buy new steel with the skate. You can't complete the checkout process without adding steel to your order. I assumed it was a CCM and Bauer policy, but it sounds like maybe it is the retailers after all? @PBHany inside info on this?
  12. It's an interesting question. I was actually able to purchase a pair of AS-590 directly from CCM, without steel. That means either it's the retailers that are forcing you to buy steel with the skate, or CCM has a bug on their website. If it's the former, then I could see it being a problem trying to get a refund for the steel. Probably a question that has to be asked directly to CCM.
  13. Yes, the X2.9 is fully bakeable.
  14. Personally, I like the 2.9 better than the 3X. I find it to be more comfortable with nice thick internal foams. It's a tech mesh construction, which used to be Bauer's top level quarter material (think X:60/X7.0). it's a little heavier than the 3X, but it's by no means a boat anchor. If I was choosing between the two, I'd pick the X2.9, especially when you factor in the price difference.
  15. I have used it on more than one occasion. For me, the process was very simple and painless. Walked into the store and said I'd like to utilize the guarantee as I wasn't happy with the skates. They refunded the purchase right away, no questions asked. This was at Pro Hockey Life in Canada, so I can't speak about any other retailer.
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