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  1. Website says there is a new fastening bolt tendon guard system.
  2. Just got the email that the Canlan rinks in Ontario are opening up with an 8 game season starting July 22nd. Lots of changes happening and honestly sounds more like organized shinny. Some of the changes: - 4 on 4, max 8 skaters per team, all penalties are penalty shot, any attempt to play the body is a penalty, purposely getting too close to another player may result in game ejection, no faceoffs, redline offside, no showers, full fishbowl mandatory.
  3. You could try shimming under the heel of the footbed to see if it will pull her foot back a bit. Easiest way is to cut the heel out of an old insole, or one of those dollar store spongy insoles, and place it under the skate insole. If that provides some relief, then you could stick with that, or try some Superfeet yellow insoles. Superfeet Yellow have a slightly raised heel. Graf PK line is a composite shell, so not sure how well they will respond to stretching, but if you're considering a new skate anyway, then it won't hurt to try a stretch before giving up. You can try punching the heel too, but there's a strong possibility that will negatively affect the fit in other ways.
  4. Going to depend on what materials the skates are made of, and how broken in they are, (among other things). What model skate? Are they new or already broken in? Are you sure they are the correct width? Does she use the stock insole or something like Superfeet? Have the skates been baked? Depending on the answers to the above questions, you may have some success, but with modern skates there isn't a whole lot you can do to get some extra length. In older skates, the materials would allow for stretching, but newer materials are less forgiving in that regard.
  5. Piggybacking on this thread. @CCMHockey, can you comment on the width of a 70K D/EE vs 9090 Tacks D, specifically the spot right at the edge of the toe box? I tried the 70K in a D width and it fit great with the exception of that spot, which was a tiny bit narrow. A single bake didn't resolve it, but I did not try any punching, etc. The 9090 in a D width is pretty good for me in that spot, but I have other minor issues with the rest of the fit. I also much prefer the construction of the 70K. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  6. Tacks have the most volume of any CCM skate. I would suggest trying the 9090 or 9080, as in my personal opinion they have a little more volume than the one piece Super Tacks.
  7. When I was a kid I suffered from pretty bad lace bite, which would leave me almost unable to walk for days after a weekend tournament. My father eventually made a pad out of cloth and sponge, that was similar in shape to a Forsberg pad. He then stitched the pad to the bottom of my shinpad, so that it hung down inside my skate tongue, but wouldn't shift if the tongue started to move off to the side. It actually helped keep the tongue in place as well. Totally cured my lace bite, and I used those pads all the way up to Jr.
  8. Picked up a pair of 9090 Tacks on clearance for $270 CAD. Couldn't turn down that deal!
  9. I have an Easton aluminum, but unfortunately it is black. Not sure I'd part with it anyway, since I like to bring it out once in a while to see the looks I get from the youngun's.
  10. The P88 is a lower lie and the blade is a bit shorter. It's fairly easy to go back and forth, but there will definitely be an adjustment period every time you switch. For me it's about 2 or 3 shifts, depending on how much I handle the puck. Keeping shots low with the P92 is actually pretty easy. Just concentrate on rolling your wrists over when you shoot, and shoot more from the middle or mid-heel part of the blade.
  11. This actually makes quite a bit of sense to me. I do pronate a little bit, but not enough to be a major issue. I learned how to skate without laces when I was about 10 or 11 years old, so I don't need the boot to provide support. I assumed that since an aggressive forward stride has me in a much deeper knee bend, that it must be something else. My backwards skating style is to use rapid crossovers to quickly generate speed, so my weight is definitely distributed in a way that would out pressure on the sides of the boot.
  12. Being an older player, I grew up wearing softer skates (Daoust 301, Micron Mega 10-90, etc.). I've tried skating in some high end modern skates that are very stiff (9090 Tacks, FT390, etc.) but find skating backwards in them causes pain above my ankles. I don't think it's the side of the boot digging in where the comfort pads are, (though I guess it's possible). Is this normal for a stiff skate during break in? Skating forwards is pain free and I actually found the Tacks to be very comfortable. The issue is only skating backwards. I don't tie the top eyelet, and even dropped the top two, but still felt the pain near the ankles.
  13. Micron Mega 10-90 skates (with blue Tuuk holders for style points). I have never found a skate that fits as well and miss them every time I step on the ice.
  14. Sorry, I just think it's funny that you refer to arguably the 2nd best defenceman all time as "another player".
  15. You haven't mentioned budget or what type of stores you have access to, so I'm going to assume a $1,000 skate is not what you want and that you don't have access to EE Nexus. Jetspeeds are a little narrow up front, and definitely not appropriate for someone with very wide feet. If I were you, I would try Tacks, and Supreme in 6.5, 7 and 7.5 EE.. You could also try a EE Ribcor, but it will definitely feel too narrow until it's baked. In Tacks you probably want the 9080, maybe 9070 or 9090. In Supremes you're looking for an S29 or 2S.
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