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  1. I was asked to complete a survey for CCM several months ago regarding their logo. The one seen in the pic was one of the options in the survey, so I suspect they are actually changing the logo.
  2. That line of thinking is a big part of the problem with today's skates. Some of the quickest skaters in the NHL wear Ribcor skates, (MacKinnon and Hagelin come to mind). Stiffness has it's benefits, but the ultra stiff boots severely hamper agility and cause some other mechanical issues. Never heard of a hockey player having a high ankle sprain until boots started getting super stiff.
  3. I genuinely like the design. Good luck to her! On a side note, that raccoon memorial is one of the funniest things I've seen. Toronto is full of cool, fun people, so I don't know why people think it's a cold unfriendly place.
  4. I gave her a vote. Is the design inspired by the Toronto raccoon memorial that went viral a few years ago, or just the general "Raccoon City" thing? Not sure people outside T.O. know about the whole trash panda thing.
  5. I believe they are just CCM branded Curex skate insoles, so maybe look into these? https://currex.us/products/hockeypro?variant=30407090896986
  6. I think you're underestimating how many people have to be interested in a product before a company deems it worthy of investment. Over the years we've seen a number of players get their throats slit by skates, yet very few people have interest in a Kevlar turtleneck, (and that's a product that was brought to market). Just because there is a valid need for a product isn't enough, a company will not invest in producing that product unless they can sell enough to make a profit.
  7. Very interesting conversation, but I disagree with the "linear crossover for speed" stuff that I've been reading all over the place. Players like McDavid and MacKinnon do not crossover to build maximum speed, they do it to change attack angles and create space. Go watch either one of them in a fastest skater competition and see how many times they crossover on the straightaway, (hint, the answer is zero). If they were using those crossovers intentionally to create speed, wouldn't it make sense that they would do it when they are trying to go as fast as they possibly can in a race?
  8. The only P92 L5 I've seen readily available at retail has been True, (A5.2 & A6.0).
  9. My wife just looks at me and says, "How much are you going to lose when you sell those skates?".
  10. It's less about your abilities and more about someone else taking you out, whether intentional or not. A padded shirt isn't going to offer much protection from anything other than the smallest impacts. It's better than nothing, but you're not really mitigating your risk of injury very much by wearing one. It's ultimately up to you to decide how much protection you need.
  11. Yep, they would be pretty useless for crossing parking lots in a Canadian winter. And $60 is ridiculous. My "bender" comment was more about the ridiculous things kids will pick to chirp about, not your post. I think I might experiment to see if I can come up with a Red Green solution. Maybe soakers stuffed with pipe insulation, or something goofy like that.
  12. Guess someone will have to tell O'Rielly that roller guards are for benders. /s
  13. That actually sounds like a good idea. I'll have to give that a try. The bars are going to annoy me for a game or two, but I know I will adjust quickly enough. I tell all the young guys to leave the cage on since they're already used to it.
  14. As an older player I've gone from starting organized hockey at age 4 with no face covering, then wearing a cage, then a half shield in junior and beer league. I've tried going back to a cage, (and still want to) but can't find one that fits properly. For me, the floating chin cup is a problem because every time I open my mouth, it pushes the cage down, which moves my helmet down. I spend the whole game pushing my helmet back into position. Never had that problem with the old cages that had the chin cup attached to the cage. Only way I can wear a cage with a floating chin cup would be to "hang" it, which I refuse to do because it defeats the purpose of wearing a cage.
  15. I can tell you that a 7.5D MX3 was very slightly too small for me, while a 7.5 Fit 2 3S fit well. Can't tell you why, but anecdotally it would suggest that the current line fits slightly bigger. (I'm almost 50, so my foot has not grown )
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