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  1. A bent runner can be straightened. You need to figure out why it bent. If it's from a holder mount, then have CCM replace the skates under warranty. If for some strange reason they won't, then just use the 90 day guarantee and purchase a new replacement pair, (might just want to go that route anyway as you'd get a fresh warranty period). CCM owns STEP now, so you'd be dealing with them on runner warranty anyway.
  2. I haven't measured or anything, but I don't think it's any more open than a P92. I think it's a bit of an optical illusion because it has slightly less curved at the toe. I'd say the P90TM has a rocker that is similar to the P88. The P92 is definitely more rockered than the P90TM.
  3. Agreed, the picture is just to demonstrate that it is ok for the toe to be in the air, as that was OP's specific question.
  4. Here's a picture of Gaudreau carrying the puck using a P88. Notice that the toe is not on the ice. https://imgur.com/a/7ynqDDD
  5. With any curve it really depends on the length and lie of the stick relative to your skating posture. The P88 will generally allow you to carry the puck a little further from your body without the toe lifting as much as a P92, but the toe will definitely be partially of the ice. Conversely, if you're playing the puck closer to your feet, you'll have less blade to work with due to the lie, which will force more of the heel off the ice. I find that it only takes a shift or two for me to adjust between the two curves, but I've been playing the sport for 45 years, so a less experienced player may find it more difficult to adjust.
  6. What is it about the P28 that you don't like, just the openness of the blade? I'm currently using. P90TM, but will be switching back to a P92 or P88. I find the toe kink on the 90TM doesn't come into play at all when shooting, and it negatively affects my puck handling as well. The P28 is my least favourite curve, and I find the P90TM too similar for my liking. With regards to the TC2, imho it is almost exactly the same as the W03/P19 (Sherwood PP26). It's very close to the P92, but very slightly less curved at the toe. I used the TC2 on my A5.2 and liked it quite a bit. If you want something not very open at retail, you're pretty much stuck with P88 these days.
  7. Did they actually make a change to the holder or just add "Max" for marketing purposes?
  8. That's an apples and oranges comparison. A more accurate analogy would be, "I just paid $75k for a car and after four months I hit a pothole and the back axle fell off. The manufacturer doesn't stock replacement axles, so I have to improvise a repair or buy a new car". And no, the eyelet system is not excellent. Any perceived performance benefit is a placebo. The fragility of the system makes it unsuitable for it's intended use.
  9. The new fit systems from Bauer and CCM were supposed to simplify things, but I swear it's made it worse. I fit fairly well in a Reebok 20K, and put that info into the CCM skate selection tool. The tool suggested I go 1/2 size up in a Jetspeed, regular width. I tried the skate on and it fits terribly. My forefoot is crushed behind the toe box and the heel is loose. It's the strangest fit I've ever seen in a skate.
  10. Injected eyelets are garbage. Bauer uses typical marketing bs to claim performance improvements, but the reality is it almost certainly makes the skate cheaper to manufacture so when they charge a premium for this "feature" it's even more profitable.
  11. I have worn both a 2S (non-pro) and 3S Pro, so I will give you my personal opinion. For reference, the scanner always put me in a D for the 2S Pro line and Fit 2 for the Ultrasonic line, and those are the sizes I wore. The two are very similar, but the Fit 2 has slightly more depth in the arch area. I noticed no difference in the width between the two. The 3S Pro toe box felt a little narrower, (I did not notice this on the 3S with the traditional toe cap).
  12. This is all just my personal opinion, but I've been messing with a number of curves lately. I would say your best bet would be a P92 lie 5. You'll have to go to True to find this in retail. Next in line would be a P90TM, as I find the lie is closer to a P88 than a P92 lie 6. Third choice would be a regular P92/P29/W03. P28 is a lower lie, but it is very open. If you're switching from a P88 and try P28 you will need to make a significant change to your shooting technique, otherwise you will be putting shots into the rafters.
  13. The X2.9 is actually a tech mesh boot. It might be a touch heavier than the X7.0 and has a TPU outsole, but is not a bad skate, especially for beer league. 3X Pro is way stiffer than the X7.0.
  14. I was in a store today and had a look at four pairs of True skates. Every single one of them looked exactly like yours. Small overhang at the rear and a small gap at the front.
  15. https://www.paypal.com/ca/for-you/shop/refunded-returns That's the link for PayPal Canada, but I'm pretty sure it's the same in the US.
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