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  1. At minimum, that big ass hole could be reduced to a slot roughly 1mm across. That hole as designed will lead to poor contact with any pick that is wobbling. Sticks should be designed for gameplay conditions, not shooting in a lab.
  2. Noticed Matthews was wearing AS3 skates in Nashville tonight.
  3. boo10

    Warrior Alpha QX3

    About me: Age: 47 Height: 5'11” Weight: 190lbs Years playing: 43 Highest level of play: Jr.A (a very long time ago) Current level of play: Beer League Notes to Reader: I usually cut about one or two inches off my sticks, so they tend to play about 5-10 points higher than the rated flex. Due to the fact that I grew up with wood, and later aluminum sticks, my perception of stiffness is influenced by that history. I always tape the the full length of the blade, including the toe, with an extra strip along the bottom, so I have never had a blade with chipping issues. I have used sticks at every price point from entry level right to top of the line. Stick Reviewed: Warrior Alpha QX3, 85 Flex, P88 Blade: The blade on the QX3 is nice and stiff, but I would not describe it as either pingy or dampened. Puck feel is generally quite good, with it being easy to tell where the puck is on the blade. Receiving passes is smooth, and pucks do not bounce off the blade. My one complaint with the blade is that puck feel at the toe is not very good. Score: 8/10 Shaft/Flex: Rounded corners give this stick a nice feel in the hands. Warrior says the QX line has a low kick point, but I'd say it feels more like a mid/low. The stick plays true to the flex rating for shooting, but feels surprisingly stiff during puck battles, which is excellent. Score: 10/10 Weight/Balance: This stick is relatively light for the price point, coming in at around 430g. In comparison, my Nexus 1000 was about 415g, so the QX3 is certainly not heavy. In my hands, the QX3 feels quite blade heavy. I am not a fan of blade heavy sticks, as I find it makes the stick just feel heavy overall. To me, the QX3 feels just as heavy as a Supreme One.7, which weighs over 500g. Score: 6/10 Shooting: Shooting with this stick is excellent. The stick is very easy to load, and you can feel the kick when you release the puck. The Saber Taper is supposed to keep the blade from torquing open on shots, but i find shots taken too close to the toe will cause the blade to open. Score: 9/10 Passing/Stickhandling: Aside from the balance issues mentioned previously, the QX3 performs quite well in this area. The shaft has just the right stiffness for stickhandling, and blade feel is good. If not for the blade heavy feel, I'd say the QX3 is the perfect Dangler's stick. Score: 9/10 Intangibles: I am generally not a fan of Warrior's graphics, as I find them a little loud for me, but the QX3 has to be one of the best looking sticks currently on the market. The blue, white, yellow and black graphics look fantastic. Summary: The QX3 is a great mid-pricepoint stick. If you're looking for the lightest stick out there with great balance, then the QX3 is probably not for you. On the other hand, if you want a stick that will perform very well without breaking the bank, then the QX3 could be just what you're looking for. Overall Score: 8.4/10
  4. Actually, I think your one handed example supports my position. It's much easier to maneuver the opposite end of the hammer when the weight is in your hand. The same would hold true with a stick in that the blade is easier to maneuver when the balance point is closer to the hand. You're correct that a heavier stick is a heavier stick, but we rarely move the whole stick without wrist movements. I'd agree with you that in general a 400g stick would be preferable to a 500g stick, but I don't think there's any evidence to show that the average pro or Joe would prefer a 375g stick over a 400g stick. It's not unheard of for prostock sticks to be heavier than their retail counterpart. I can guarantee that the One95 sticks Kane uses are probably heavier than the Vapors they're painted as. To each his own I guess.
  5. Well if they release Dow Tree-oh- one skates, I'm buying!
  6. I disagree. A 500g stick is far from heavy, it's just heavier than a 400g stick. Balance is just as important as weight. Grab a 20lb sledgehammer and simulate stick handling, then turn it around and try again. Tell me balance point doesn't matter. It's an extreme example, but illustrates my point quite well. An extremely light stick might work best for you, but for others like myself, there is a point where a stick becomes too light. Personally, I have found that the True A5.2 and Nexus 1000 have felt much lighter than the actually are because of how well balanced they are. On the flip side, my QX3 feels as heavy to me as a Supreme One.7, which is almost 100g heavier. The QX3 is not heavy, but it feels heavy when I use it because the balance point is too low for my liking.
  7. Blade lie does matter, but in reality your mechanics will adjust to any lie with a bit of time. I adjust to a new lie easily after about 15 minutes of ice time, but I have been playing for 44 years. A less experienced player should be able to adjust within a couple of hours. As @stick9 mentioned, you really just need to figure out the proper length for each lie/curve combination.
  8. The 2S is supposed to be between the S180 and S190, so it should be very close to your 190's in terms of stiffness.
  9. My best guess is that it is supposed to allow the bottom part of the blade to flex more, (like a bow) which would theoretically increase shot velocity. I still think it's stupid!
  10. It's a stupid, pointless hole in the stick. Pucks are frequently bouncing or wobbling when they make contact with the blade. That hole will just result in less solid contact. I can also see that thin top section breaking easily from slashes, especially on faceoffs.
  11. Try the CCM insoles in the 2S. Other factor could be the tongue on the 2S, which is ridiculous. Too stiff and bulky.
  12. I don't know, unless I'm misinterpreting your previous statement, you already tried putting the old runners in the new skates and saw no improvement. To me that means it's not solely the runner shape. You stated that your MX3 skates had CCM insoles, (which would lift your heel) but have not said if you tried using the CCM insoles in the 2S.
  13. Try swapping the speedplates for the CCM insoles to see if they feel better. The CCM insoles will lift your heel a bit, which may be what you're feeling.
  14. Got a look at these and really liked what I saw.
  15. As far as I know, the x88 patterns from all of the manufacturers are pretty much identical, including lie. I'd say the closest curve you will find at retail, with a higher lie is the CCM P29. It's still more open than a x88, but slightly more closed than the W03 or P92.
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