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  1. Thanks, ya the general overall grip wasn't up to par. It's a bad feeling. Like when I go and warm up with those single leg c-cuts (inside edge-outside edge). Just can't get the edge to grip on a "bad" sharpen, but maybe the outside edge is usually worse come to think of it.
  2. For me, Superfeet Carbon help with my heel lock but I think it pitches me a bit more than I like to the toes and supinates the foot a bit more than I'd like too.
  3. Thanks! I think you might be right about the honing. I'm not too knowledgeable with the technicalities of sharpening but I assume honing is vastly different than using your hockey stone? I do onece in a while see the technician doing something in terms of applying some gel or something and "polishing" the steel out with some device. I assume this is honing. What is it actually doing to the steel/edges? Because ya, it might be the difference between why the edges seem to grip and feel good sometimes and feel too "slidey" other times. Does the steel/edges benefit from a "re-honing" after every skate or two even without sharpening?
  4. What do people like to use? What do you think the pros use? I've been wondering why companies, especially nowadays with skates being so expensive (at the top end) just put that crummy thin stock insole in there. One would maybe then have to assume that functionally, for skates, those "crummy" thin insoles are actually what's best for skating? I wonder if not a lot of pros use Superfeet because there's doesnt seem to be any endorsements. I do believe the insole can very much affect how well you can control/feel your edges though.
  5. I have a feeling they just get sloppy and the edges aren't level. Seems to happen at various sharpeners. I'd tell them about the issue from the other guy, they do a great job for the first few, then it starts getting sloppy. The "good ones" generally have a lot of skates to "blast through". Just not exactly sure what they are doing sloppy. Best guess is unlevel edges.
  6. Yup, I go pretty deep at 7/16". Unless they completely ignore it and are just lazy keeping the setting at 5/8 or something.
  7. Was not sure where to post this but wondering if anyone has experienced freshly sharpened skates where the edges don't seem to "grip" the ice very well? Not like the edge isnt there but it's just it slides a bit too much and I can't get the grip I want with crossovers. I am a strong skater too. Wondering what's happening. Seems to happen more often than I'd like and with various supposedly "high quality" technicians. I do seem to find that once in a while it can be "fixed" when I re-profile the skate blade but that seems expensive to do every month or two. Is it something they're doing or not doing when sharpening or is it something else? Been something I've noticed in the last few years.
  8. Thanks, from what I hear the manufacturers are saying it's all going to go one piece eventually. Maybe you're right though. I think I'll stick with the Bauer Supremes for now. Maybe wait til they "perfect" one piece boots if in fact it's going that way.
  9. I wonder if the new intermediate size for the Ultrasonics are a softer boot flex than the senior?
  10. Hi, can someone give me some insight on how the one piece boot (ie the Jetspeed FT2 skate) feels in comparison with your regular boot with outsoles? It seems like a vast majority of NHLers are still in two piece boots. I believe even McDavid is in the old Jetspeeds which are two piece. There must be some advantage as far as feel and maybe mobility etc with two piece over one piece. I hear one piece fits better and is stiffer and has better "connection" to the ice. Maybe it's too stiff and loses it's torquing abilities? I'm a Bauer Supreme (MX3, 1S) guy and am thinking of maybe trying a one piece boot.
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