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  1. The new gens as6 pro, ghost and trigger 8 with softer blades are having very large issues and breaks. I haven’t seen it on the ft6 personally. I also speak with the manager at my local shop for trends on breaks when the new sticks always come out and the as6 has large returns already and the trigger 8. They didn’t get the ghost as we are Canada but I broke it quickly on the blade. I’ve had 4 ft6 pros and never broke them just sold for other sticks
  2. No difference with hyperlite 2. Coming from hyperlite
  3. The ft6 pro measures 364 grams uncut on a scale. So it doesn’t just feel lighter
  4. There’s a guy on my team using it that has a rocket and I just can’t understand it. I tried it and couldn’t shoot to save my life. Definitely a fringe curve
  5. In the recent review of the sync I mentioned that perhaps a taper that was towards the inside of the shaft would be a way to stiffen the kick point and here they are doing it both sides. Neat
  6. The last couple years didn’t help supply chains are in turmoil
  7. Totally appreciate the response especially with your back ground in both those areas. perhaps a happy medium needs to be established!
  8. Innovation and progress always come from pushing limits and then dialing back and then tweaks and then big gains and problems. Linear progress is actually over. Progress is now more like 3-4 steps forward. 1-2 steps back in todays world. Something crazy happens, they try and improve it and actually take a few steps back sometimes. Going back to the original discussion of hockey ccm is famous for it. Trigger 5, ft3, as3 line is great example. Huge progress in terms of shot power release and weight. Those sticks are insane. First time I shot sticks in awhile that are far and behind anything ever made. But literally blew up mere hours into their use. So come the trigger 6, as4, ft5 and ccm dialed back a bit. Better durability but the recoil, shot power only marginally better than the trigger 4, ft2. As2. So improvement isn’t so much linear any more. Tweak and tweak. So you aren’t incorrect in saying that about apple. But as mentioned progress has to happened to make gains. Sometimes it’s big, sometimes small and sometimes something works amazing but something else is compromised by doing so and adjustments are made
  9. Ain’t that true. Sometimes to easy to just word vomit and not think how it sounds or came across. Saw a lot of interesting points on the thread.
  10. I apologized if you read further. Seen it a lot on Reddit etc and got me. Should have been far more constructive and discussion based
  11. Guess the challenge will always be these companies have mandates from the top for development, and throw in long manufacturing lead times and maybe they are ahead of the game sometimes. I’ll give you one, the trigger 7 showed up in stores but was supposed to be November. The trigger 6 was just released.
  12. These posts are tiresome and all over hockey forums Reddit etc. the world changes. It’s weird that people are so upset about it, but yes I was douchey apologize for that my bad should have worded it better. I should have made it for more constructive. I will say I really enjoy the releases because in the end they make it for consumers that like the latest and greatest and sometimes it’s junk and went no where. but I still buy it because It’s aimed at me. But others like you don’t and it’s fine. But they won’t stop doing it that’s for sure !
  13. Human progress would come to a complete standstill by you do you
  14. Is it your money? Your time? Your company? The world changes literally daily. Can you imagine if cars were still on ten year cycles? Or medication? Or food Products? Or clothes? Or electronics? Or anything anymore? Companies can’t leave products for two or three years anymore. Consumers get bored. This is the world luckily you don’t have to participate because last years stuff is always on sale or available. It’s silly to think companies can’t release and try new products yearly. This post is old school thinking and sounds bitter for no reason other than you can’t handle change like a baby boomer. It just doesn’t affect you if you don’t want it to
  15. The HD1 was the hardest shooting stick ever imo. But they snapped almost instantly so they just need to tweak durability, if they bring something like this back I’ll be all over it.
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