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  1. S17 was a sick stick first stick where I was like this is insane! Then broke 3 shots later lol
  2. One95 and x60 were durable sticks. The s17 heck no broke those within games. I recently tested a stick ( the 1n ) which I remembered being my fav stick ever, and it’s only 6 years ish old and it doesn’t perform like the current top ends. Yes totally durable it lasted me almost a season as well, but the new sticks are just performances based. The low mid tier sticks perform like the 1n did but they just lack that performance. So it just depends what you need and want out of a stick either is available today. Something is just sacrificed. Durable sticks totally available they just aren’t sub 400 grams and lack the recoil shot power of top sticks. Power and performance is available they just aren’t gonna last a season etc
  3. all the top sticks, lxpro, ft4 pro, with that many ice times do not last. I can see a top stick lasting someone thats on the ice 1-2 times a week a few months for sure, but not someone taking a lot of shots and on the ice that much. the top sticks are just not made for longevity, only performance. Soon as you drop to a mid price point durability improves. The pro stock stick, although not my gamer, is an excellent deal at its price point and performance, and to last as long as you said it did is unreal.
  4. Yep, the trigger was I think 80-83mph and the hyperlite 77-78 from what I can remember did it a few different times for different videos. Those just slappers though but still shows recoil shot power that the stick can generate.
  5. Haha yah bloody auto correct so agitating, appreciate that on the channel meeting more and more people that like it so I’m glad. Can’t go wrong with the Ribby! I just found the hyperlite lacked this generation same with fly lite. Hoping the next Vapor brings back the glory days
  6. gotta love that pinky blade, but seriously the vapor has been garbage for a few years now. Ribcore is the king of low kick right now.
  7. Same usually about 4-6 ice times in winter high season and my top sticks like ft4 pros last 45 days or so usually right after warranty lol
  8. Please tell me what stick lasted you a competitive hockey season for that long. 3 months for a top end stick for that much ice is extremely impressive. I can barely get a month out of most top end sticks as a rec hockey player. You using an aluminum easton? jk but seriously your expectations for a stick seem off.
  9. I do find the lack of understanding of businesses cutting costs and improving profits odd, every company in the world has the same goal. Make money. Sometimes that affects the consumer whether we like it or not. As well, these skate lines last two years, this is not a car that has a 15 year life span and parts for insurance claims and accidents. What a weird comparison to a basically disposable piece of equipment.
  10. I drove my car over a curb and the alignment is out. Why isn’t this warranty. come on guys use is not a defect. Anything with use will and can break. The eyelet system is excellent
  11. I recently did a review on this and i was not impressed. Its just to much gimmick. There has been so many versions of tape like this over the years and no one has addressed the issues of not having tape on the toe or bottom of the blade. The cost like others have mentioned makes it silly.
  12. i appreciate that yeah total gimmick I think everyone saw it coming lol I am the same always thought clamping my foot in with no flex was ideal but noticed that as my skates loosened my skating improved so now I leave them loose and enjoy the flex in the hyperlite.
  13. Im currently working with them to get one on a group buy with my team. Hopefully can pick one up.
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