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  1. Also, They've got a huge clearance sale on their True TF skates right now. TF9 is $350(CAD) and the TF7 is $200(CAD). Ridiculous deals if they have your size.
  2. I got them on a really good deal. Since they seem to be identical to the ice version(minus the vent holes), my plan was to do a switcharoo of the holders with my (backup) pair of ice skates(True stock Junior skates with Tuuk holders). The TF9's would then become my main ice pair and the True Junior's my roller pair.
  3. I just got the TF9 roller skates and I noticed that the holes for venting on the bottom of the boots have not been drilled. I was thinking of drilling the holes myself and was wondering if anyone has done the same or have any experiences with this. Any tips and tricks to doing it properly? Will the way I drill the holes affect the integrity of the boot at all?
  4. Thanks for the inputs, much appreciated! A little background on me: Consider myself a strong skater and have played (house league level) hockey most of my life(took a break in my early to mid 20's, now entering my 30's). Recently got new skates(True Stock Junior Skates in size 5.5/6) and put 263 Tuuk holders on them(couldn't fully adjust to the 254 Step holders after about 15ish hours of skate time. Also, coming from size 7 Nexus so I've been used to 263 for a long time). Got new Steel for very cheap and I figured, why not try out these new profiling styles and see what they're all about? I'll do more research and I think I'll start with the Quad 0 and compare it to the stock 10" that my Step steel comes in.
  5. For as long as I've been playing, I've always used whatever was the stock profile of the blades I had. Never thought anything of it. Now, being a part of this forum, I see a lot of talk about "Quad profiling"/"prosharp"/ "ellipse" etc... on the various topics which has got me curious to try these new profiling systems and seeing what impact it will have on my skating and technique. Where do I begin? Where/how do I research about these profiles and what they offer vs the old school profiles? Is there a gateway profile to try out or is the profile I choose all based on my skating/playing style? Thanks!
  6. Pic would be great! And thanks for the ideas, I'll try it out and see how it goes. My next skates to try is/was going to be the Ribcor 78/80k's in EE. I've heard that they fit wider and deeper than the Tacks. Any info/knowledge regarding that?
  7. Is it possible for the top of the toe cap to be punched/stretched? I have Tacks 9090's in 6EE and they fit quite well in every area except in the area where the toe cap attaches to the tongue. Volume is fine, I pass everywhere(just barely at my bulbous instep) with the pencil test. forefoot and mid foot width is good(can be punched if needed), and the heel is almost perfect(an issue I've always had with Bauer Nexus's cavernous heels). My problem is that It seems that the top of the Tacks toe caps are flat and don't slope upwards the same way the eyelets do. As a result, although it feels nice to have very little negative space between the top of my toes and the toe cap, I have uncomfortable tightness where the cap ends and the tongue begins. If this is something common and done regularly, that would be great(got these at a very good discount), otherwise, I guess my search for new skates continues(wish I could try supremes in fit 3 but they are literally out of stock in my size everywhere).
  8. Anyone have any new info on the New Catalyst skate line coming out? How will they fit compared to the TF line and when will they release?
  9. Update: Bought the 6W from another location and they feel more snug than the original 6W I tried(theory: was probably baked and tried on by a person with wider feet than me previously). Heel lock could still be a bit better so I will try the clamp method and see how that goes. I've gone on a few skates with them and though they feel great and are very responsive, I'm having trouble adjusting to how aggressively pitched forward they feel. Anyone with experience know how I can make them more similar to my old skates?(size 263, Nexus 7000 Skates, whatever default profile is on the blades) I also asked for a 5/8 sharpen and they dig a lot deeper than I'm used to. Is this a sharpening error? Or is this a natural thing with True skates and the Shift holder/runner? Also, If I wanted to put Tuuks on my Trues, can I put 263's on them or do I have to stick with 254's?
  10. Yeah, biggest hockey shop in Ontario is Pro Hockey Life. Great selection of products but very spotty employees. It seems that most of the people that work there are younger guys with limited knowledge and training. Size 6 feels ideal in terms of length. R is too tight in the midfoot and upper? midfoot and didn't change much after baking. W felt pretty good but, taking into account the boot opening up more with time on them, I feel they would become too loose in the midfoot. I also couldn't get a proper heel lock on the W's(especially my smaller left heel) but that could probably be fixed with the wrap method or clamp method. I can't go lower than 6 since my toes already brush against the cap and they don't offer W in the smaller sizes.
  11. The 6W's are a little too wide overall but I can't go smaller as my toes are at my comfort limit at the end of the toe cap. The 6R's are too tight and my heels can't sit in the pocket properly causing my toes discomfort against the cap(both scenarios were after getting them baked). I figured the 6.5R's would run slightly wider than the 6R's and I don't mind the bit of extra toe cap length as long as my heel is properly locked in. The PHL's I've gone to are pretty hesitant about the idea of baking to try the skates without purchasing them. They only put the skates in for 5 minutes max and based on everything I've read on this thread, they aren't nearly warm or soft enough when they give them to me to put on. Doesn't feel any different from when I've baked and put on CCM/Bauer skates.
  12. Where exactly does the moldability of the skates begin and end? Tried the TF7's in 6.5R again and after I got them "baked" at my PHL, it was a little too tight on my outside mid-foot where the toecap has the big "True" logo on it. Would doing a proper(longer) bake mold that area better and open it up more or does that area not budge at all?
  13. According to my very unscientific method of putting a ruler under my feet, both measure at 26cm(260mm)
  14. Thanks for the responses! Is the 30 day satisfaction guarantee still a thing or did it end in December? I'd give both sizes a go if that was the case.
  15. Hi! Long time lurker, first time poster. Figured this was the best thread for my inquiry and better than starting a new question thread. I have wide feet and a very high instep. I currently wear Nexus 7000's in 7EE but they are on their way out and don't fit me very well anymore after having lost a bunch of weight. Also, my left foot is slightly skinnier than my right. I tried the TF7's the other day in 6.5R, 6.5W, and 6W. 6.5R felt quite tight in the fore/mid foot(not painfully, just uncomfortably, especially my right foot), tight in the heel, and the volume was quite shallow(I barely pass the pencil test on my Nexus EE's). Didn't try them baked. 6.5W felt very roomy in the fore/mid foot(especially my left), decent heel lock on my right foot but too lose on my left, and the volume was much better(I may just barely fail if I did the pencil test). Tried them baked and the fit didn't change very much(I think the employee didn't heat them long enough). 6W probably felt the best over all but still had issues. Slightly tighter than the 6.5W in the fore/mid foot(though my left was still looser than my right), slightly tighter in the heel(left heel still couldn't lock in though), and the volume felt the same is the 6.5W. Didn't try them baked as I had to go back to work. Based on your experiences, which of the sizes had the best fit for me? Would baking the 6.5W(and 6W)for a longer time than the store did produce better results? Would they be able to "shrink" and hug my fore/mid foot better if I did the wrap method on it the same way the heels would? Would my left heel be able to lock in with the wrap method? Or, were the 6.5R's the best fit for me? If I got them baked appropriately, would they have loosened up and felt much better and looser over all? Would baking them increase the volume of the skate somehow? Thanks in advance!
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