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  1. I have the FT6 Pro shoulder pads, feels very mobile and light like ur not wearing anything.
  2. I’m trying the stitching first at the moment before I cut, looks pretty sloppy gotta get a professional to do it. Ugh.
  3. Have an injury to my index finger on my top hand (left) been bothering me a lot, I buddy tape my index to the 4th finger but it’s impossible to wear a glove unless it’s modified. I have a couple pairs i rotate through, thinking of doing the mod myself, I don’t want to ruin the gloves, does anyone have any ideas how to modify gloves to accommodate buddy taped middle fingers.
  4. Just got my custom white out Proto R today will get on the ice soon
  5. How’s the puck feel on the proto r ??
  6. I hit the search button looking for topics on sideline swap, thought I’d post it here instead of a new thread since it’s being mentioned here in some way. But yeah I’m ahead of that the case is being investigated. Thanks .
  7. I’m having a nightmarish issue with sideline swap right now. I sold a pair of personal bauer pro custom sticks on Jan 8th from Toronto and their destination is to some buyer from Lincoln NE. The last update I got from USPS was on January 17th saying sticks are on the way.. made some calls to USPS and they say they don’t know where the sticks location is, the buyer is investigating this as well, she purchased these sticks using up her whole monthly wage for her son who’s left with no sticks and cant afford to buy him a stick and she’s not even cancelling the order because she doesn’t want to screw me over. I’ve sold a stick before on SLS and it got to its destination fine and I got paid. They are holding a big sum of money that’s supposed to be released to me. Had to sell them to pay some bills. Does anyone have any ideas of what must have happened to the package?
  8. For players who drag the puck before shooting to change angles of the shots, would a softer blade be ideal for those kind of shooters ?
  9. I’m looking to snatch a pair of retail 100ks but that size is an intermediate size in ccm. What’s the difference between int and sr ? I currently use a pair of total custom ft4 pros but I just want to try out the feel of a softer boot and see how it works for me. What’s the holder size for 6.5 W retail 100k? My ft4 holders are size 255
  10. Hey boys, I started up with in-line last year and unfortunately there’s a tournament coming up that’s going to be played on a polished concrete surface, I’ve been having difficulties slipping loosing balance, I don’t mind a nice slide when turning im 5’9 and about 190 a friend recently traded over some konixx +2 blue wheels but I’m being told by a few teammates those wheels aren’t meant for polished surfaces. I’m skating on missions with marsblade mounted and yeah I regret putting marsblades on them but it’s what it is .. could use some proper advice from inline experts over here.
  11. For the players who play off hand wing, any tips on making successful plays without getting smashed ?
  12. Hey boys, I’m a 75 flex p28 user, and I’ve been trying to shoot off the toe but none of my current sticks seem to be working for that type of shot. Is it an issue with my technique or do I have the wrong sticks for that? I remember when I had an Easton htx I could snipe from the toe from anywhere and they would be accurate lasers.
  13. After u figure out ur boot situation, next you will need to figure out what wheels to use.. it’s the same as what radius of hollow u prefer on ice
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