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  1. My problem was opposite. I used to take pride of the fact I can eat everything and anything because I would burn it all off on the ice. When Covid hit my eating habits stayed the same but my physical activity stopped. I get where ur coming from. I just hope this omicron bs doesn’t shut us down again.
  2. I’m gonna go for it. The thing is last time I needed something like this done I had to leave my skates on the widening machine overnight at the LHS, they bake them and open them up. Didn’t have time to take them today, but I have a game tomorrow night and I’m wondering if I get them done early in the morning, will they be okay to skate in around 7pm? another thing I’m wondering about, it’s inevitable for us hockey players to loose insane amounts of weight when we start skating regularly again, I just hope by the time this happens, the skates won’t be too wide.
  3. They said the skates would tear or stretch from EE to EEE and possibly separate from the outsole during skating I’ve been going to them for years I’ve had my skates stretched and punched this is the first time they refused
  4. Yeah that’s what I did except during summer and late through the fall season I was wearing flip flops maybe that’s why
  5. Big time !! Lol but I don’t think that changes the feet ?
  6. I’ve had a long layoff from hockey since the pandemic first hit. I just started skating in November,I’ve been on the ice about 4 times so far and these skates that used to fit so beautifully before I stopped playing are now killing the forefoot on both feet. I tried 3 re-bakes and it didn’t make a difference. The top guys at my local LHS warned me it’s not a good idea to punch the skates out. They are a EE fit.I always had wide feet, now all of a sudden I’m a EEE. How is this possible? I bought these vapor 1x 2.0 the first day they came out. Should I just get a new pair or go ahead and stretch them out?
  7. Yes lots of stretching, rolling on the foam roller, I use rubber bands to target specific muscles around the knee, but exercises that work for me might not work for you, or they might do more damage to your condition. Talk to a physiotherapist brother, u wouldn’t need ibuprofen or anything if you have a physiotherapist write you up a program to follow before skating , after skating and on days you aren’t on the ice.
  8. Do you do any phsyio for ur knees ? I found it helps a lot it’s just some exercises I do at home before stepping on the ice or working out.
  9. I’m happy for you. I got a long way to go lol.
  10. Does anyone know if there are fake nexus or supreme adv sticks from China being sold online ?
  11. She recommended me to find something with compression but nothing serious.
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