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  1. Hello. Can Anyone remember if the Bauer Supreme one80 was the top of the line shin pads…back roughly 10 years ago? I found a brand new pair…for cheap, and I’m thinking of getting them. But, I only like the top Elite Level stuff…that’s usually a least a year old, so it’s cheap. Lol thanks!
  2. Most likely this was going to happen no matter what pads I was wearing. However, when I start playing again, More than likely my shoulder will NOT be as strong, so I want the most protection. I play D, and the best player on the other team dumped it into my zone as I was skating backward. Before I pivoted, he was hustling…so I was skating hard. As I got close to the boards I opened my legs wide and zigzagged so he wouldn’t get around me. I had planned on slamming on the brakes soon as I slapped the puck around the boards. But…my left foot caught an edge during my transition to stop…and well I didn’t stop. Slammed into the boards after I hit the puck, and hit shoulder first. The funny thing is…the guy that was hustling after me, soon as I turned around…he stopped hustling and was coasting. Ugh…. So, no one hit me, no one was near me…I do this move all the time…and I just had a bad day, in short. I think I’m going to get one of those ref shirts, then wear these new 2N pads I just got.
  3. I just bought the Nexus 2N. I found a pair for 80 bucks brand new…sideline swap. Thanks All!!
  4. I m looking to buy new shoulder pads, as my current ones are 10+ year old Easton EQ50s…and I recently crashed into the boards separating my shoulder. It’s not bad…grade 1, which is like a sprain, so 4-6 weeks. But, I’m thinking maybe new shoulder pads once I heal. Naturally, injuries suck…so what are the most protective shoulder pads? mom looking at CCM Tacks line, and Bauer Supreme…but IDK, what your thoughts. also, I might look into getting one of those compression shirts with small pads on the shoulders. Bonus points for info on those. thx
  5. Agreed! I’m in need of finally replacing my Mako 2s…but don’t know what to get.
  6. I have an 8.5 regular. Google says that senior Mako 2s weigh 850 grams. TF9s, like someone said, they weigh 950 grams ish. I did try a pair of TF9, and they are comfy..but the blade is wierd. And they def don’t seem lite. The remind me a little of the EQ50 skate, in that they are bulky. But, like I said, the EQ50 didn’t have a weird blade feeling. I used to alternate my Mako2s and EQ50s….the easier games with guys I know that are more fun…EQ50. Competitive games…Mako2s. Going back and forth between them never bothered me.
  7. I’ve been Using a pair of 8.5 regular Easton Mako 2s for about 6 years now (got them on discount in 2016), and it’s finally time to look for a replacement…but I have no idea what to get. I’ve been a huge Easton Skate fan since the Synergy 1500C skates came out in 2006, and have owned the S17, and EQ50s as well. I actually never baked Easton skates…they always fit me perfectly. Bauer on the other hand…I always had issues with. My vapor 3s from HS (I know skates have come a long way in 20 yrs) always hurt, and those were baked. looking at skates now a days…dam they are expensive and heavy. It looks like the only skate that s as lite as my Makos are the vapor Hyperlites. So, for those ex Mako/Easton users, what skates did you try/hate/like/love? thx,
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