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Found 3 results

  1. I m looking to buy new shoulder pads, as my current ones are 10+ year old Easton EQ50s…and I recently crashed into the boards separating my shoulder. It’s not bad…grade 1, which is like a sprain, so 4-6 weeks. But, I’m thinking maybe new shoulder pads once I heal. Naturally, injuries suck…so what are the most protective shoulder pads? mom looking at CCM Tacks line, and Bauer Supreme…but IDK, what your thoughts. also, I might look into getting one of those compression shirts with small pads on the shoulders. Bonus points for info on those. thx
  2. Time for another review, this time it's the Mission Pro Compression Padded Shirt. Is it a shirt, is it shoulder pads? Actually, it's both. I picked up this item second-hand, used twice, from another MSH member. Best purchase ever. Here's a pic of what it looks like: Background: 31 years old / 5’11 / 215lbs / left-handed Men's div B/C and shinny hockey (former minor league rep team player) On ice ~5 hours a week I've struggled to find a good, light-weight and protective shoulder pad for adult rec hockey and shinny. I've previously used and liked the Bauer Supreme One.4, but found it a bit bulky for shinny. Fit I picked up the XL model - I'm usually between a L and an XL when it comes to uppers. I'm sure glad I went with the XL because this product fits SMALL. It definitely is a compression shirt. I do appreciate that it wears pretty long on my torso so I can tuck it into my pants. This is a big bonus because I don't like when shirts or shoulder pads roll up. The protective shoulder and arm caps are attached using adjustable velcro. This is also a bonus as not everyone is built the same. I'd prefer if this shirt was a tad roomier in size, but otherwise fits great. 8.5/10 Protection I'll preface this topic by stating that I don't play contact hockey anymore. I was looking for something lightweight, moveable, flexible, breathable, etc. This product fits the fill perfectly. I feel more than comfortable wearing it during shinny, but I am a bit hesitant to wear it during league play for one reason only. The padding over the core/heart and ribs leaves a bit to be desired. It would likely only pose a problem if you were bodychecked straight on, if you got hit by a shot, or if you were slashed. For me, it works perfectly for shinny. The guys I play with keep the puck down when someone is out front. The green perforated padding in this area is nothing more than airy foam. It moves great with your body - I'll say that. This would be a perfect option for roller hockey and I think that's what it was designed for. The shoulder caps, due to their adjustable design tend to sometimes hang a bit low. This exposes a bit of the top of the shoulder. I've yet to dial this in pefectly, but like I said, they work perfect for shinny. 6.5/10 Weight Zero concerns here. This is a lightweight product. You barely notice that it's there. 10/10 Durability I wash these in the washing machine with cold water and normal detergent once a week. They've held up nicely for the past 3-4 months. No issues whatsoever. The heatpress mission logos for the sizing and part number are wearing off, but this is minor. The graphics on the body of the shirt remain vibrant. No issues with stitching or straps or velcro. 9/10 Intangibles The compression shirt itself is a short sleeve. Likely designed to keep roller hockey players cool in the warmer months. I'm a long-sleeve hockey shirt guy. Because of this I end up wearing a long sleeve Under Armor shirt under the Mission Pro. This adds a bit of bulk, but I refuse to play without long sleeves. I'd ultimately like a version of this with long sleeves and a touch more protection in the chest/heart area. Sometimes the padding moves around inside when you wash it - easy enough to fix. 8/10 Conclusion For shinny, I couldn't ask for a better pad. If you're a gambler, it might also be all that you need for league play, as long as you're coming from not wearing shoulder pads at all. It's a compromise. This shirt would rock for roller hockey. It's protective enough, it's cool, light, and moves with your body. The pricepoint is pretty good for a compression shirt with a semi-shoulder pad built in. Overall, I'd buy another one without hesitation. Great product in terms of what it's designed for. 42/50 - 84/100 = 84%
  3. Reviewer Details: 32 years old / 5’11 / 220lbs Location: Calgary, AB Playing Level: Upper div men's rec league hockey (former minor league rep team player) I picked up a set of Bauer Nexus 6000 shoulder pads to replace a worn out set of Bauer Supreme One.4's. I've been using them exclusively for approximately 6 months now. Fit I like the fit of these shoulder pads. They're way too high-end and protective for adult-rec hockey, but I know that I'm not going to end up with an upper body injury from an unexpected hit or a shot that goes too high. The biggest selling feature for me was the comfort of these pads. I like the "traditional" feel. It feels like you're wearing shoulder pads. Not a corset, not a weird sports bra, not a something that bunches up and gets all scrunched. Shoulder pads, with protection and big ol' shoulder caps. I would like them to be a bit less bulky, but this isn't a knock against the pad whatsoever, rather personal choice. 9/10 Protection Great protection. No issues whatsoever. I like the bigger shoulder caps. I like the density of the foams and plastics. I like the coverage of the biceps, abdomen and the chest. Overall, I feel protected. Ready for battle. Yet, mobility is never an issue. The pads let me move and move WITH me. They stay secure to the body while maintaining their protective qualities. 9/10 Weight Again, the pads are a bit bulky and this is reflected a bit in their weight. The weight is a trade-off for the protection. I can't knock the weight because it doesn't hinder the usage and it doesn't feel like they're "too heavy" or too bulky. 8.5/10 Durability No true durability issues to note as of yet. Absolutely nothing whatsoever. The pads have held up really well. A bit of graphic fading, but that's minor. 10/10 Intangibles Nothing really to note here. The pads have a great feel and they're protective. It makes me feel confident at all levels of hockey. For shinny I usually opt for a padded shirt rather than these pads because they are a bit much, but for league play they're my go-to protective. The sizing is good and in-line with other protective. The straps feel good too. Conclusion A great shoulder pad if you're looking for something with superior protection and are willing to go with something a bit thicker, bigger and more bold. A traditional fit which may be more reminiscent of shoulder pads from previous generations for some of us. Not likely a good match for just playing shinny, but a good investment for league play where you're not quite sure where the other team's shots or shoulders are going. Overall Rating 9.1/10
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