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  1. As far as I can tell by cross referencing, both Tron and Verbero currently have the same business address. Take that for what you will. I have no horse in the race. I feel like we've been down this road before though.
  2. I never thought I'd see the day, but I'm pretty much "over it" when it comes to acquiring new equipment. As well as stuff that I had sought out for years prior. I still play 3-4x a week, and still love playing. However, my appetite to have the latest and greatest, as well as acquiring prized pieces from my past has all but diminished. The new stuff is all too similar to each other across any brand for the most part. Nothing changes all that much between retail cycles, and the nuances we used to have with all the different retail brands just isn't there any more. In other words- retail is boring nowadays to me. Pro stock stuff isn't holding its attention either these days. Now I buy out of necessity, as opposed to want. The last piece of equipment I got really happy about was a pair of old stock Eagle 4 rolls that I found in the back of a local shop about 15 months ago.
  3. I feel my "LK" Super Tacks 2.0 shoots very different from my retail 2.0. I wouldn't say it's quite the same as shooting a QRL or EK365, but the kickpoint is definitely noticeably lower than the retail version. I like it a lot.
  4. I'd say I still get as excited as I ever have when I get a great deal on a piece of good equipment. It's the chase/experience of getting something I wanted, and I can use, at a heavily discounted price, as opposed to getting all that excited over new product lines, and product reveals. It's no secret, we are generally at a state of vastly diminishing returns when new product lines are released. A perfect example, when the Super Tacks skates came out, I picked up the Tacks(2014) on clearance for 400.00. I really liked the skate a lot. 2 days ago, I picked up another pair of brand new Tacks skates for 200.00. I got 2 pairs for well below the price of the initial msrp of 1 pair. That to me never gets boring.
  5. Pure Hockey sells a bucket of 18 InGlasCo pucks. I believe they are 960's, but can confirm later.
  6. I was told it (lace locks) could be added as well to the total custom package.
  7. I purchased the 7092's on Sunday. I did try the Super Tacks on. I don't remember any discernible difference in length between the two. At least nothing that stood out.
  8. I was playing in a fairly large men's tourney a few weeks back, and stupid me didn't think to throw a couple extra sticks in the back of my truck just to be safe. Because hey, I dont break a ton of sticks. First game mid-way through, guy takes a whicked wrister that broke my trusty QRL in the lower hosel. Switch to my backup for the day, a True a6.0 SBP. That succumbed to a guy stepping on the blade during a puck battle along the boards. A teammate hands me a loaner. It's a CCM Ribcore. I play 2 more games with it (and thankfully it stayed in one piece). When I returned it, I told him how much I liked it. Turns out it was the Pro3. The stick was absolutely fantastic. I kind of would like to think I know my sticks in terms of price points, and I had no idea that it was a 149.99 stick. Blade is nice and stiff. Good puck feel. Shots felt crisp. Not sure what it weighs in at, but it's got great balance. CCM nailed it with this stick.
  9. I didn't purchase solely because the straps were way too snug. And it's not like I have huge lower legs at all. I went with a different brand that fit great all around. Just couldn't see the point in buying new shins and having to cut the straps right away to make them work, when another brand offered me everything.
  10. I would venture to guess we are probably neighbors then. As you stated, its crazy with how much hockey there is in this area, and even going only 15-25 minutes further into the city and/or south shore, which only multiplies the number of rinks, that there isn't really anyone that stands out that I would truly want to do my skates nowadays. Enter Sparx.
  11. I've never once heard of an issue with anyone bringing a Sparx or Prosharp on site. I've definitely witnessed it multiple times as well, as I've officiated nunerous tourneys of all age levels at the facility. That being said, count me in as someone who purchased a Sparx solely because you seemingly never know what you are going to get from a manual sharpening at any rink, Pure, or the Hockey Monkey, from about exits 13 to 30 off rt. 495. Kind of sad that is the current state of the area nowadays.
  12. We have a rink here in MA that has 8 full sized ice surfaces, and 2 mini rinks, that have had 4 Sparx machines running essentially non stop for 2 years with little to no problems. I'd LOVE to know what those places are doing with their machines.
  13. Thank you for the answer. Guess I should get a pair of those Farrell designed Verbero shoulder pads before they are extinct.
  14. Is it true that Tron owns the Verbero name now?
  15. It's interesting. I'll preface this with saying that I am a big fan of Krug. He has his shortcomings. He does a lot of good out there too, and doesn't take shifts off. However, I do see him as the odd D man out in a trade. He's a guy other teams would be interested in, and Grzelcyk is shaping up to essentially be a carbon copy of Krug. Wonder if they will try and package him and a guy like JFK or Bjork to get a wing to play with Krejci and DeBrusk. That would be nice.
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