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  1. I have never skated on a Quad no. I know Elite just came out with their new 'Polaris' profile, that is supposed to be very similar to the Quad. As well they have their own EL4 Quad profile. Its kinda tough finding info on their profiles online. But I was able to find a cut sheet on their Facebook page. I know they have SCS 1-3, 1 being the most rockered at the toe and heel, and 3 being the least. I actually have a set of steel that is the Standard SCS-1 with no more additional pitch and I think I actually like that more, after skating on that set for a bit, going back to the Pitch 2 of the SCS-1 seems pretty aggressively pitched forward. Heres a link if you havent found this info already : https://eliteperformancetech.com/find-your-edge/performance-profiling/types-of-profiles/
  2. I am skating on the SCS-1 Standard P2 (Pitch 2). I really like it. Briefly tried Elite equivalent to the 'Zuperior' profile before, and much prefer the SCS-1. Originally had the SCS-1 at P1 and then had it done to P2 after a few skates and I think its perfect now. Came from Prosharp's Ellipse Zero on my old skates (True TF9's), now in the Hyperlite 2 with the Elite profile so tough to give a direct comparison between those two anyways.
  3. After reading your post I think im going to try to find some HP31s or 32s in a small. Have been wearing old medium U+ 12LE's forever and recently picked up a pair of HP31's in a medium and they are absolutely massive in comparison. And the padding difference is insane. Havent skated in them yet but will probably flog them off while theyre still new. I think with the the extra 1" in length I should be fine in the smalls then. Im a 32" waist, 6'0 185lbs.
  4. That’s where I kinda feel bad. Don’t want them out of the hole on a set of skates that quite frankly could be fine structurally. I was the one that tied the skates after being baked. I was instructed “80% of normal tightness” and they watched the whole time and didn’t correct me or anything so obviously they didn’t see any issue in regards to tying too tight either.
  5. Got me second guessing myself now, lol… I feel bad as they’re a smaller pro-shop, and they’ve been really good to work with and actually gave me a bit of a deal on the skates. I figure if I have the 90 day warranty and I’m still uneasy about it at that point I can go about it then maybe? I guess ultimately I paid the $1k for the skates if I’m second guessing it at all should probably return them… still haven’t even skated in them. Hmm.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. I agree with the shrink wrap option for every skate, just makes sense. Worked well for my trues, didn’t know it was something that was done for other brands of skates. Wish I went that route. Talked to the guy at the shop and he mentioned it shouldn’t give me any issues as far as the boot integrity goes. So I’ll take his word for it. I’m not too concerned about the aesthetics of it, just don’t want the eyelets to pull through 1 month out of warranty. Wouldn’t be cool after spending $1k on a set of skates. Would be just my luck, never had top end skates before. 😂
  7. Hey guys, After a bunch of research I purchased a set of Bauer Mach's a couple weeks ago. Went to use them for the first time today and threw in some waxed laces and some insoles and discovered what looked to be damaged eyelets? Tried to compare to photos online and nothing I can see resemble the same look as mine. They were baked by my LHS (3 mins in Bauer oven as per instructions) and weren't overtightened from what I thought anyways... Never ended up skating in them today unfortunately as the ice time fell through. The eyelets aren't "loose" by any means, and they tighten up fine but haven't skated in them yet. I do like to tighten them pretty tight towards the top to get good ankle wrap, nothing crazy though, while leaving it just snug in the forefoot area. What do you guys think? Skate in them for a while and re-evaluate before the 90 day warranty? Or take them back to my LHS. I just don't want them to breakdown prematurely, thats my main concern. Thanks! Skate Photo 1 Skate Photo 2
  8. You know what, no specific reason at all other than brand familiarity. Ive never used CCM for anything other than protective equipment. I should definitely at least try them on. I know my LHS has the FT4 Pro's on sale right now. Off topic, but ive actually been meaning to try their sticks as well. Same thing been stuck on Bauer for a long time.
  9. Thanks for the insight. Very helpful. I think im going to go ahead and try the 6.5's in both the Hyperlite and Mach and see how those feel. Bonus that theyre intermediate sizing and are a bit cheaper. More neutrally pitched as in more on your heels correct? Vapors have a more forward pitch? Thats one thing I noticed when I first got my Trues, felt like I was on my heels BIG time. And I think it was mostly attributed to the brand new steel. My old Bauer skates steel were shaped like a banana from all the rink sharpenings over the years, never even noticed or was the wiser. Got the Trues 'profiled' (which I didnt even know was a thing, or specific hollows, lol) and it made a world of a difference.
  10. No problems getting on my edges no. I had no issues with my old skates as far as pain when I first got back into it (probably had half a dozen skates), then I got the trues and the pain was more prominent. I’m wondering if the extra length in the 8.5D’s helped with the overall width and where my foot actually sat in the boot. They were definitely way too big, my toes weren’t even near the toe box. I definitely agree after 10 years that could forsure be a factor. But I feel like my skating right now is pretty good, I don’t think it is a biomechanics thing. But who knows?
  11. Hey guys, Was hoping I could seek some insight on proper skate fit. I recently started playing competitively & recreationally again after a 10 year hiatus, played high level through my younger years and high school but never went past that as it was time to get into the work force. Long story short at the beginning of this year I noticed I definitely needed new skates (10 year old Bauer one.8's, that were bought too big as my parents always had the "buy one size bigger" mentality so I would "grow" into them, turns out that set I never did, lol). They were a size 8.5D, my shoe size is approx 9/9.5. Not knowing anything about getting skates properly fitted I came across a set of True TF9's 7.5R that were being sold secondhand but were new (didnt fit the guy properly), $350CAD w/ Tuuk holders & steel. Did lots of reading on here and it seemed like that would be the right size, so went to Sportchek tried them on in a 7.5R and they felt pretty tight but from what I read thats the way they should feel before a bake so I went ahead and picked the used set up. Got them baked and everything felt awesome initially. Fast forward 6 months later I have a ton of my pain on my outside of my forefoot and the outside of my ankle bone always has been an issue with the Trues, have had them punched a couple times. Tried the TFPRO tongues as the stock TF9 tongues would dig into the outside of my ankle, alleviated some pain, but still present. So I figured Id go to my LHS and get scanned and fitted for some Bauers. Initially thought Id go with some Hyperlites but was open to the Mach's as well, just whatever fit best. Scan came to a 7.5 FIT3. To my surprise I actually had wide feet which I never knew. Explained my pain in the Trues. So tried on some 7.5 FIT3 Hyperlites, too long. They didnt have FIT3's in Size 7. So tried in the 3X Pro in 7 FIT3, felt comfortable but not super 'tight' if that makes sense, through the whole skate just kinda felt like there was too much volume? Tried the 7 FIT3's in the Machs and they felt the best, im not sure if it was because I was able to get them tighter with the traditional eyelets, but they almost felt maybe they were a touch too long? I also came across a set of new Hyperlites size 7 FIT3 for a good price on marketplace, but not sure I want to go down that road again lol. Now im wondering if I should go back and try a 6.5 FIT3 (bonus as theyre cheap due to the int sizing) in both models, and maybe a 7 FIT2 in the Vapor line. How should the skates feel before being baked? As far as width tight but not uncomfortable? Toes touching the toe box? I know the Trues changed drastically after being baked, so im afraid of buying skates that fit good out of the box but over time break in to be too big, if that makes sense. Especially at the $1k price point. My LHS has been awesome with helping me and are very knowledgable but I know theres a ton of people on here that are experts on this stuff, so just wanted to reach out. Sorry if this thread is in this wrong section.
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