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  1. I wasn't "arguing" anything. Rather, I was making an observation. Subtle, yet critical, difference. Regardless then, we have gone full circle. Of course stiffer skates impede forward ankle flexion. This is as obvious as the sky is blue. I believe I said as much in a prior post (just scroll up). Do we really need an entire thread dedicated to it?
  2. That is what the messaging around "dropping an eyelet" is doing. The implication is, you won't be like McDavid if you don't do it. Incidentally, McDavid doesn't own the Fastest Skater record.
  3. Indeed. But the messaging around the top eyelet controversy I think is doing a disservice to others. Nobody will argue that ankle mobility is paramount. However, skipping the top or second eyelet is a solution to a problem created by the trend towards ultra stiff skates. Versus some sort of new paradigm in skating technique, which it most certainly is not.
  4. I see an article like this, and then I think of Sidney Crosby cranking down on his top eyelet. Believe it or not, it is actually possible to have the top eyelet tight and still have ankle flexion.
  5. Hey guys and gals, So I have a buddy that recently picked up the new Graf Pro|G goalie skates. See here. It's my understanding that Vaughn has taken over this line. At present, I am trying to help him find replacement steel. However, I am unable to locate any on the market. Does anyone know if aftermarket steel is available for these yet?
  6. Too much injury risk for me.
  7. I always see this one pic floating around. Looks dangerous in a game situation.
  8. Jeez I hope they aren't playing in games like that.
  9. I meant that the front of the profile is wildly different than the front of the equivalent in a Quad. Not that it was too dull or sharp.
  10. Interesting. I couldn't even turn on an Ellipse 0 coming from a Quad 0.
  11. I'm not disagreeing that is it the recommendation. That being said, there seem to be some inconsistencies across the profiles as far as how accurate the starting points are. Now that I've gotten to test out an XS, if that is what ProSharp recommends, I'm going to have to pass. On the other hand, an XXS might work, but then we are back to completely ignoring ProSharp's recommendations (which most people seem to do anyway). Add to all that the proprietary jargon of this current release, and I'm already finding myself discouraged from even trying the XXS because of the hassle. I still don't know what the heck I'm skating on, and ProSharp's marketing material is not exactly confidence inspiring. As we've both discovered, it seems to be somewhat contradictory. All this leads me to believe the Ellipse is more hype than substance. Put my Quad 0 back on for last night's tilt and I was back to wheelin' !
  12. Yes. We have the same sized holder. Read my posts above.
  13. Reevaluating this post after having skated on Ellipse 0 and XS, myself, I think this is going to end up confusing people. If you go from a Quad 1, you have to compare it to an Ellipse 1. You will actually experience the opposite of what you described if you do this. However, if you go from a Quad 1 to an Ellipse XS, of course you'll experience more agility, but you would also have a similar experience if you went from your Quad 1 to a Quad XS. So this is not a very fair comparison. What I see happening here is that everyone is going down 2 sizes from their Quad and saying they now prefer the Ellipse. That might be the case, but that was clearly not the intent of ProSharp's design. It's more of an accident, if anything. I'm now going from a Quad 0 to potentially considering an Ellipse XXS. I mean, that's for a skate sized 3-4! I'll say that I did test out a Zup S a while back and didn't like it, but I remember thinking I might like a smaller size. Without a way to quantify the differences between the Ellipse sizes (unless ProSharp decides to share), I'm afraid people are going to be very frustrated during the testing phases and might scrap the thing altogether.
  14. Second that. I have Gen 1. Are Gen 2 any better?
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