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  1. I never claimed you did. Not really. I'm hardly ever on this site anymore. This thread was on the first page and I decided to point out to the casual reader that it's not necessarily "normal", and it's certainly not unique to Bauer. It would be a disservice to someone looking at the Mach's to come away with this impression. Isn't that what MSH is for in the first place? For the record, I baked my former Machs three times, at home. They looked nothing like OP's.
  2. 7th picture: https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/skates/7420245-ccm-used-ribcor-100k-pro-hockey-skates-size-7-0-regular-widrh 1st and 2nd picture: https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/skates/7514390-ccm-used-intermediate-ribcor-100k-pro-hockey-skates-regular-size-6 I think it's just an artifact of eyelets. Not sure there's a way around it. Whatever the reason - over-tightening, someone too heavy for their height, aggressive on their skates, over-baking (under-baking?), not airing equipment out - we can only speculate. But clearly it's on a case-by-case basis, and not at all unique to Bauer.
  3. I can see just fine on SLS. Plenty of counterexamples there. I sold my Mach's but they never had this issue. I can dig up some pictures if you really care that much. At the end of the day, it's an eyelet and eyelets rip/break/chip and get damaged. I had far more damage to the eyelets proper than anything else, let alone any perceived stretching. In fact I recall noting in my listing that the buyer would likely need to get a few replaced. My only gripe with the Supreme line is you can't get them with the injected facing the Hyperlites have.
  4. Mach skates with Quad Zero are already pitched forward quite a bit. I'd just adapt to it. If you pitch any more forward you might end up with knee problems. Speaking from experience.
  5. It's user-dependent during the baking process. Plenty of used skates online that don't exhibit this "stretch".
  6. Tried to tell you.
  7. I've seen this myth parroted around before. Ignore it.
  8. They make a slightly smaller version of the white and red ruby whetstone that ships with Prime One-Day. The version you linked says I can't have it for 2 months!
  9. I really want one of these, but hard to justify. I'm only sharpening my skates, and every time I check with my HDI, it says the edges are perfect. I can see this being a great device if you have a family or your machine is in a pro shop setting. I recently played around with the new Gen 3 app. Pretty amazing stuff they've done there if you're someone that really puts the machine through it's paces.
  10. Nice. I spoke to the good folks over at Tydan and they're going to cook me up a Quad XS/Zero hybrid.
  11. The Polaris sounds interesting. I actually have access to someone with one of these machines, as well.
  12. Dang. Must've missed it. I'm on their email list too.
  13. Oh I see what you're saying. The steel already had a profile, but you didn't pick it.
  14. Oh nice. Was that like Black Friday by any chance? I was just about to order a custom profile from them.
  15. @drmFF33 Did you ever try a Quad before? I'm looking into the Elite SCS options now, but they don't give specifics on which is which. I was hoping to get a comparison to something I've already used. Thanks!
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