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  1. This looks like a Canadian release, no?
  2. Can't say I've ever experienced this, or heard of anyone that has. It's a pretty tight fit in the first place. After all, I don't think you'd want any perturbations in the grinding ring during the sharpening process. I usually just grab the arbor with my left hand and rotate the ring with the other until it wants to slide off. Maybe you're being too gentle? Not saying this is you, but I've noticed a lot of folks really baby these things as they tend to do with large investments. It was designed to be used and abused. Give 'er a good tug!
  3. If it's pre Fit system, it might be that a 5.5 is intermediate and 6 used to be a senior size. Though, I could be misremembering.
  4. Not what I mean. Are you familiar with True's 30-day trial period?
  5. Interesting. I think I'm at the absolute smallest size I can go. The scan always tells me to go up one just because one foot is a quarter size bigger so it rounds up. I won't do it.
  6. Lol ya I think that's the point of why they offer it. Who am I to question them!
  7. Sure, but at the end of the day I mean you need to try the product out to really know.
  8. I wouldn't personally put a lot of stock in any one single reviewer.
  9. Out of curiosity, in the last 3 years, which Bauer's and which Fit have you worn and what size? I found the sizing of the Machs to be spot on. When I do wear Bauer, its been the same skate size for the last several years, no matter the model I try.
  10. Don't they have a 30-day trial period already?
  11. Thanks for the detailed explanation! What about just using a pair of digital calipers or something to find the thickest point?
  12. Lol no. Wasn't it obvious? That's why I'm asking. It seems like the machine is designed mostly for new, unadulterated steel.
  13. Sounds like a massive design flaw on Prosharp's part.
  14. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding. If I wanted to put a default Quad 0 onto some used steel, are you saying this can't be done if I don't know the steel's history? If so, I think I just found my next business venture!
  15. Just thinking out loud here, eg in the case of Bauer's runners, the center of the steel is marked. Assuming the center of the profile template is marked, if I want to transfer a shape onto the steel, do I really care about the shape of the steel? With both the steel and template centers aligned and level, I just cut and cut until there's a match, no? With what you're saying, this implies that if I walk into a store with totally mangled runners, they'll recommend they go in the garbage because nobody knows "what was done to them" in the past?
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