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  1. No socks. Never. Not once.
  2. Why is that funny. Seems like they're just responding to market conditions and market demand. Honestly I doubt it's a large percentage of either companies profits, but if people want to pay through the nose for a different foam padding, so be it. In my opinion, they should just do what the goalie market has been doing for years, which is offer total customization for no extra cost. The gear already costs a fortune, and people pay it. The fact that player skates don't use a similar model just tells me the demand isn't there. Most players just aren't that picky.
  3. The Speedplate 2.0 does have *some* give in the way of the foot pad. Not as much as in the True custom but still.
  4. Bauer models? Not really sure about that...
  5. I, too, prefer the Speedplate. A custom orthotic in the way of a Speedplate would be preferred. I did try the True orthotic when I demoed a pro stock pair of their top custom line. I did not really care for it.
  6. Ya the reddit post alluded to custom orthotics, and the link to Aetrex from @mojo122 seems to confirm. I might have a use case for that, but to be honest the Speedplate 2.0 is very very nice imo. Edit: looking at the document from @VegasHockey, the orthotics actually look pretty cool when paired with the Aetrex. I did not realize the base of the Aetrex was soft and conforms to your foot. Although you have 3 options of orthotics, so if you've been skating long enough you can probably guess which one you'd need.
  7. I had a similar experience. Im an even size in one foot, quarter size in the other, so the machine rounds to the nearest half size. Thing is, my one foot is most definitely not a quarter size. So the machine had both feet in a half-size too large. Perhaps the results might've been different if I had gotten scanned more than once, however.
  8. Orthotics? Interesting. I was hoping it had more to do with customization of the boot.
  9. I'm hearing on Reddit that Bauer has revamped their scanning process and improved their custom skate offerings, to be debuted alongside the new Bauer Shadows. Can anyone confirm this?
  10. How did I miss that!? Thanks for the heads up. I'll take a look. It looks considerably more concise than the Sparx manual. Of note: it claims to have "Auto-Sharpening Height & Self-Centering".
  11. Has anyone heard of this? I just came across it in the 2024 Bauer catalogue. Looks pretty cool. I'd post the link but not sure if we're allowed to post unreleased catalogues.
  12. My local guy recently switched to Elite. I can't wait to try it. It looks like their "EL4-1 Quad" is equivalent to a Quad 0? That is, 6’ – 9’ – 11’– 13’? Too bad there are no Skatescribes in the United States 😞
  13. Prosharp template pitch dimension skate profiling sharpening AS 2001 This was a very informative video for me. Disclaimer: I do not own, nor have ever operated one of these machines.
  14. I asked for extra forward pitch because I had never actually skated on a ProSharp profile and that's how I'd always do my goalie skates (though this was for player skates). If you have too much forward pitch, it shifts your center of mass from its proper alignment, to your knees. I ended up having some swelling of the knee sack, called synovial plica syndrome, which I needed an MRI to diagnose. It went on for months before I went to get the MRI (during covid). Once I got the diagnosis, I went and had the default quad put back on new steel, and the swelling went away practically overnight. It really forces you to bend your knees to compensate. The other symptoms you'll recognize are sore butt and sore lower back. All telltale signs that your body isn't aligned properly over your feet.
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