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  1. CCM's 55 flex is only one inch taller than a junior stick. Would that be good to use since the flex isnt that different?
  2. I like the idea of a bigger blade, but I'll go to Purehockey and I'm pretty sure you can test the sticks on dryland tiles.
  3. Are the kickpoints relatively the same? I know Nexus is mid and Jetspeed is hybrid but I'm not sure what is the best
  4. I'll take your recommendation of a 50 flex stick. As for what line of stick, would you recommend Jetspeed or Nexus? I don't shoot farther than the top of the circles.
  5. Thanks for your thoughts but it's hard for me to know because I don't have a set position and I play all positions. Overall, off skates when I try a junior stick its at my nose which seems to be a good height but I want the power that people say i will get from a higher flex stick.
  6. I'm about 5'3 around 130 lbs and I don't know if I should be using a 50 flex or a 55 flex. I know the flex won't feel different but the height of the stick confuses me. I have been told that if I get a 55 flex and cut it down it will become around 60-65 and then my shot will be more powerful but the junior 50 flex stick is the height I need. Which one do yall think I need?
  7. Thank you for the youtube channels. My hockey workouts are now more focused to bodyweight training and all of them are from hockey training. The free resources are really helpful and all I really need. No need to look up the instagram accounts because I don't have social media :)
  8. To be honest, I don't really have the room for it inside or outside in the neighborhood to do so. I think what I have will work and a box can really be anything I can jump on. I do but I don't know I could get a rope on him 😂
  9. I will make sure to check out the padding to see if its good for my play. I don't fall much but when I do its a big tumble so thanks for the heads up.
  10. I just made a new schedule with everyone's tips and using the things above except a box and sled which I don't have.
  11. Not sure if this is possible but I will make sure to try on as much gear as I can and see what fits when I go to a shop
  12. I am a young teenager that when I was younger would workout on the elliptical or treadmill or take walks with family. Looked up "hockey workout schedule" and found this, has the idea of what you are talking about and might do that instead of the old schedule. https://www.relentlesshockey.com/post/creating-the-perfect-workout-for-hockey-players The website seems to have good things and will look around into it but I want to build a schedule that is easy to follow
  13. I will check out the youtube page for sure. I was thnking of taking out the chest/shoulders/tricep days since that is not that important for hockey and will probably put a plyo/explosive movement work to replace it. Does it have to be hockey specific or does anything work well?
  14. Thanks for the input. I will definitely go the a pro shop with an open mind. I know I will definitely try the girdles on though since they were a good fit for shoeshine boy.
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