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  1. Just purchased a pair through Amazon. Excited to put these in my Nexus skates as there is a lot of vertical space in the toebox!
  2. Don't you eventually have to, as they are discontinued?
  3. This did the trick. Thanks EJB!
  4. Doesn't CCM stand Canadian Cycle & Motor? Seems that Canadian transportation companies have a penchant for getting into ice-based transportation :)
  5. God, that must have felt good! IW has a 25% sitewide sale and I told him if he'd apply that, I'd snap those puppies up in a heartbeat, but no go.
  6. Ahh, thanks for the insight. Usually IW is good about the call-in thing (I've had them apply discounts on items "excluded from any discounts"), but they aren't budging in this particular instance - dude was saying that $229 is near cost, of which I have no frame of reference (but which put their hesitation into perspective). I guess it's just a gamble for me then. That said, the 6000s I'm looking at are only 70$ off retail, which isn't so huge of a discount that I can't just skip a generation (every 2 years, right?) and wait with my current skates.
  7. Right now, as everyone knows, Bauer is clearancing out all of the skates to make room for the new N series. The price seems to be uniformly discounted at all retails and it appears no retailers can apply additional discounts per manufacturer restrctions. The thing is, some of these stores have significant inventory. My question is: what happens if the stores don't clear out the stock before the new stuff comes? Will the Bauer-mandated price floor be lifted? I am eyeing a skate but want to know if it pays to take my chances on some still being around after the new series is released. Or are unsold inventory bought back by Bauer, and I'm wasting my time playing the waiting game? Thanks for the insight!
  8. Thunder Dad, how did it all work out?
  9. I've found that my wide forefoot also translates to a lot of volume, which the Tacks and others lack.
  10. Dude, judging from your experiences from the other thread, I think you are stuck with either the Nexus line or deep Grafs.
  11. Just read through this thread and want to say that this thread really embodies everything that is great about MSH: sincere efforts to help someone in need, patience in response to many questions, and ultimately, a positive connection made (OptimusRein's possible fitting in Toronto by Oldtrainerguy28). Fantastic forum, really!
  12. This is a phenomenal thread. I hadn't realized that so many folks here are those who are jumping back in after taking off so much time. It's really great to read your stories - very inspirational for someone like me who never really got into it, for one reason or another, but has always loved the game.
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