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    CCM Jetspeeds
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    Easton HSX & 80, Bauer One95, Warrior DT2, Eagle Talon60
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    Bauer Reakt 100
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    Easton HSG girdle, CCM HP45 Coyotes pant
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    Ultra Tacks
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  1. May want to look at a shop that has the True Hockey skates. Based on where the Makos evolved from these will probably be the skate that has the most common design features.
  2. I have an e700 and found the Reakt 100 to fit well. I have a narrower head.
  3. From what you describe might be in too narrow of a boot. If just a small area could punch it out to get bit more space but if most of both sides you should try the wide width version or possibly look at Nexus if staying with Bauer for overall wider and more volume boot (if you need extra volume)
  4. I think the Base Nasty or their Nasty R is considered a dual kick.
  5. Try them a couple more times. Most people can adapt OK. If can't adjust (or don't want to adjust) then just do a minor blade profile.
  6. Stick and some protective & accessories. Prices plus shipping. Check out my older Winter sale thread for other items. BASE Hockey Nasty: BRAND NEW.....85 flex, light soft grip, BC28 (E28/P28/W28) curve. Black with orange Nasty wording. $130CCM Pro girdle: Size large. Used lightly. In great condition. (model Kopitar has worn). SOLDBauer Speed Plate insoles/footbeds: BRAND NEW, size 8/7.5 (can fit both sizes). SOLDJofa 8044 Elbow pads: Size large. Used a bunch with normal wear and tear/discoloration but still in solid protection condition. Has some similarities to 7k pro pads but older model. SOLD
  7. Quick update: 6 months using the stick. Been little back and forth with a new Revolution the past couple months but still getting 1-2 times a week on ice with it. Keep going back to it even as I have the Revolution, 1N, Reckoner, Xcore 9, and A5.2 sbp in my closet. Really feel how light it is after using my RBZ. It still is holding up great with stiff blade and no feeling of getting whipped out in the shaft. Taken a few hard shots off the shaft and minimal graphics wear from it. The pop is still there as well; the puck just feels to jump off the blade so well. Been very impressed with its performance and durability for a top end stick. Warrior did a nice job taking the QR1 to the next level. It will be hard for them to out do themselves on the next gen model.
  8. Only Pants left. Prices plus shipping to US. True Hockey A5.2 SBP prostock: SOLD CCM Tacks prostock: SOLD Reebok Edmonton Oilers HP7000 prostock pants: size Medium +2 length. Leg zippers. Used only 5-6 times. Great condition and protection. $90 Easton 75S Long hockey pants: BRAND NEW. Size Large Long (an extra 1" in length, great for taller player), black. $25 CCM Minnesota Wild HP520 prostock pants: Comes with a black with blue/white stripe shell. Large +2 length. Great for player 6'2" or taller. Pants are protection tanks. Used 1 season. $65
  9. 2 of the local rinks in Phoenix area posted they added a Sparx to their existing Blademaster set up.
  10. Believe so. Verbero has them for sale on their site.
  11. Anyone used the new Verbero Shield shoulder pads (ones made with Dan Farrell) and have feedback?
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