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  1. May want to look at a shop that has the True Hockey skates. Based on where the Makos evolved from these will probably be the skate that has the most common design features.
  2. 2 of the local rinks in Phoenix area posted they added a Sparx to their existing Blademaster set up.
  3. Did you reheat the speed plates to mold better to the super tacks?
  4. Ice warehouse has a youtube video comparing the yellow superfeet vs. the new carbon. Check that out. Also, they don't mention anything about being baked.
  5. After using Mako skates I fell in love with not having all the excess space above my toes in the toe box area. I like a skate to feel connected to my foot and snug from heel to toe. After using Makos I switched to VH Footwear which provided the same great feeling as they two designed their tongue to start at front of the skate. Then I left the monocoque 1 piece skates and went back to more traditional skates using Bauer MX3's and CCM Jetspeeds. The fit of those was very good but not great due to my toes feeling like they were in a huge cave. I stumbled upon the Powerfoot inserts on YouTube one day and thought the idea was brilliant. Nothing amazing about it (I had though of concocting my own type of toe box padding before) but someone had perfected it and made it available via retail. I took the plunge and spent $20 to order a pair. At that time you had to order them direct. You still can order direct if you prefer or many local and online retailers sell them now. Some might think $20 is too much to pay for something like this but with dropping $250 on 1 stick, $800 on skates, etc., this $20 is well spent for how it makes your skate feel. To that feel: the Powerfoot comes with pair of inserts and pair of shims. The shims are for if you want to have a thicker insert to take up a bit more volume in the toe box. Some brands like Bauer tend to have more vertically spacious toe boxes and the shim uses more frequently by Bauer wearers. They come with instructions on how to insert them and how to remove the paper covering the adhesive to affix them to the top of the toe box. They recommend you place them in your skates first without affixing them to get a feel if you prefer with or without the shim being used. Put them in without the shim, tie up your skates and hang out for 5 minutes. Then repeat that "try on" process with the shim to see which way you prefer. Once you picked your way follow the directions for affixing them, let them sit a day and then hit the ice. I used with the shim in my Bauer's ( I like real snug fit) and just the insert in my CCM Jetspeeds. (If you are really unsure which way you prefer after the "try on" process you can always do that same process on the ice to get better feel while skating. That's the great thing about the Powerfoot, you don't have to affix them ever if you don't want to. They don't move around when just carefully place in the toe box.) I affixed them in my Bauer's and they stayed adhered strongly. I take them in and out in my Jetspeeds and have not fit issues with them doing it that way. On the ice they say you will have stronger crossovers, edges, power. I'm not sure I notice a measurable performance difference with them in but what I do notice is that my feet are more comfortable and therefore my skating confidence is higher and I pay less attention to my skates. I think that feeling is what helps me and others to skate a bit better. If you physically and mentally feel better I believe you will perform better. Just don't expect to go from a D level to A level from it. LOL. I think less when crossing over, especially on my weak side, and that along is worth the improvement I feel I have noticed. Even if you try them and feel zero performance benefits, I think the comfort factor is very high and worth every penny of the $20 cost. I have since bought 4 more pairs to have backups and highly recommend investing in a pair for yourself or your child. (On a side note they have a slightly thinner model available via direct purchase geared toward Mako skate users that really want to snug up that skate's already snug toe box.)
  6. About your MX3 in C width post...

    Hi Flyers.. I didn't want to bump an old post, but your topic ALWAYS had me VERY interested in real answers.  It seemed NOBODY had a clue to what you were asking. Yesterday, FINALLY, I have your answer.

    I LOVE the MX3's fit. I love the skate from the holder to the top, HOWEVER the loose feeling ankle pocket always bothered me. On a whim, and through some serious luck, I was able to acquire a pair of MX3 size 6.5C width skates. My original pair are 6.5D width.

    To start it off, (and I know this is hard to believe) but the toecap is a bit WIDER on the C version than on the D. This was first told to me by the retailer in Minnesota over the phone, and confirmed by myself upon receiving the skates. The forefoot is almost identical to that of the D. MAYBE a touch thinner. Here's the kicker..the ankle on the C fits much tighter than the ankle on the D, BUT...

    the placement of the gel/inner padding is the SAME as on the D, therefore, although MUCH better lock than on the D, the C version could have been much improved by moving the padding HIGHER up. overall I was amazed to find that the differences of fit were negligible on the entire skate, EXCEPT for the ankle, and a SLIGHTLY wider toecap.

    If you love the MX3's like I do, but are not happy with the ankle lock AND tight toecap, than the MX3 C width is for you!

    I'm skating on them for the first time today, so I'll let you know if there's any performance change, or dreaded ankle roll I was experiencing on the D version of the MX3.


    I hope this helped answer your question, as I followed your post hoping someone would have a decent comparison.

    Let me know if you have any more questions, as I'm happy to inform you.



    1. flyers10


      Thanks for the info. I used the c width mx3s in 8C for about a year. They did feel better than the D but not as much of a difference as I expected. I recently picked up pair of Jetspeeds in 7.5D and they feel snugger throughout. I put my powerfoot inserts in as well.

    2. Zorlac


      OH OK... I was unaware you tried a C version of the MX3..

      Definitely not the huge change I expected either... I will certainly look into jetspeeds, as I've heard nothing but goodness about them..

      For now, the C width MX3 will be beaten up until I need to replace..

  7. Jetspeeds for most are half size down from Bauer, myself included. 8 in Mx3 and 7.5 in Jetspeed. This 2017 adjustment would match up the Jetspeed line to Bauer.
  8. The speed plates are thinner than superfeet. I prefer a thicker insole so I use the CCM ones now. As for cracking, a friend of mine's cracked and read on PHEW of some instances. Not sure if a widespread issue. Seems could crack since is thin plastic.
  9. Looks like Stasny is using the old style tendon guard and dipped toe cap. Wonder why not the new version.
  10. Other than the 20g less weight, what other differences between the 6.0 and 5.2 should one consider in choosing the 6.0 for the extra cost?
  11. Any major fit difference in 1S vs MX3? More volume, less, etc. That measurement chart is interesting. Assuming no fit difference in 1S, the 1X seemed to have more volume in forefoot than MX3 when I wore both at a Bauer experience last year but that chart says otherwise.
  12. EBay. I was shocked myself that won the auction for so low.
  13. Just picked up pair of Mako 2 skates only used a couple times and brand new Jetspeeds for less than $500 combined. Pretty good deals.
  14. Really interested in the replaceable palms. No one does new palm work in AZ and if I can just go to my LHS or order new palms online versus ship my gloves out I'm in. Loving my XC9 stick too.
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