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  1. Bought it yesterday, wore it last night, the advertising for air flow was correct. I was in the market for a white helmet since my ice team wears white jerseys and I'm always in the market for air flow in a helmet. My black helmet is a Reebok 11K, the Inhaler kills it with air flow and it seems lighter. The $130 price tag with a cage also beats the last 2 helmets I've worn, Cascade M11 and the 11K. The sweat band seemed to keep the sweat out of my eyes, the air flow kept me cooler and I really liked it for the no check ice league I'm in. I love holes!
  2. Here's what I found for Blademaster, which I assume you are getting if they give you the X5, 6 or 7 response. I guess it's the same but I'm not an expert! http://www.blademaster.ca/pdfs/SharpeningGuide.pdf
  3. Pretty sure it's a red machine. There is no new Blackstone machine in there. I looked at the Blademaster site and it says it's an FBV cut. I guess the bottom line is I like it more than what I was using, I don't have access to the Blackstone machine, I'm getting the benefits of what FBV is supposed to do and it costs the same so I can't complain. It was a little too sharp this time so I'm going to try X7 this Sunday and see how it works.
  4. Yes. I play at Glacial Gardens in Lakewood, CA. I asked them if they did the FBV cut and they said yes so I"ve got it done twice now. I have no idea what they are doing to my skates now but it feels better than the 7/16 I had been getting. On the Blackstone site it looks as though there is nowhere in SoCal to get it done. It's things like this that make me appreciate ModSquad.
  5. So my follow up questions is what's the difference and is there a dealor locator for FBV?
  6. Got my skates sharpened again today, they told me my number for FBV is 6. Confusing.
  7. So if I'm understanding the chart right 50 would be "faster" than 75? I should have stored it in my cell phone when I got it done, hopefully the same guy will be there today. Another problem that may come up if you diecide to switch is some places still don't do the FBV. I play in 2 different cities, one rink does it the other doesn't so I have to wait until I play in the one rink to get it done. It is worth the wait. I felt a noticable improvement in glide, no loss in bite, no problem crossing over, no problem transitioning from forward to defense.
  8. OK, I used to use 7/16, I tried the flat bottom V last sharpening and love it. More glide, same bite, less fatigue which is crucial for me. The problem is I'm forgetting the number I got and I'm not smart enough to figure out the chart given in this thread. So I need a translation, 7/16=?
  9. Wow, if somebody used my stick without asking me (and the answer would alwasys be no) that would be go time in my book. I spend around $150 for my sticks go buy your own. Agree with almost everything else in this thread, long shifts by guys who are coasting or are learning how to play get me upset. If you're learning at super slow speed you will always be a beginner, go hard and get off the ice. I'm not paying to watch you play hockey.
  10. I work for FedEx and at 1 time they charged us $3 to ship anything within in the US. $33 for a baseball card is a joke.
  11. I just got the S17 gloves from HockeyGiant, love the new palms.
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