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  1. I live over in Grand Haven. But I get all my gear in Muskegon Or Grand Rapids.The lhs around me carry maybe like 3 nike things. And usually it is a pair of skates,shin pads and some helmet. No one had the Apollo. So I get most of my stuff off the internet. You would think that Michigan being a big hockey skate, that everyone would want to sell stuff here.
  2. From what I have heard they are discontinued. But my Lhs got a wierd shipment of them in. Nike stuff is really hard to come by in Michigan.
  3. It is just a woodie, if I had a dig I would take a pic for you.
  4. I found a store my be that just got some Nike zero g woodies in. I dont know how they got them. But man was I happy. My search is over.
  5. I hope they didn't. I really dig Mission shin pads.
  6. Well Mission made some like that a few years back and thoughs didn't look to bad. Except Michigan get's no Nike stuff ever.
  7. Jr and Matt thanks a ton. I have a few questions. It seem's like Nike is almost done with hockey products. Is this probally the last year for it? It sucks because their is no Nike sticks. And the last thing I think it was in the magazine. The roller hockey backpack. Is that like a regulaar school bag? Or is it just a hockey bag for the shoulders. Cause if its a school bag I would love to pick one up.
  8. So nike now getting out of the business it seems like? Or is Bauer doing it all? Because the website has not been updated in ages.
  9. predshockey17

    Easton Cyclone

    My hieght is 5'11 and my weight is 210 Product: Easton Cyclone 70 Flex Intial Impression: Looked like a very good stick. Felt nice and the price wasn't bad either. Awesome color to. 9/10 Flex: The flew wasn't something I would expect from a stick this cheap. It was perfect for me. Couldn't ask for better. 10/10 Stickhandling/receiving passes This was wonderful stick. The stickhandling on it was wicked. As I felt so much more free then my other sticks. On the reciving end i could catch about anything with this. I have gotten so use to this I could catch passes in the air blind folded probally. 10/10 Shooting Wow shooting with this thing was amazing. I could hit any target with this stick. I liked the kick on it very well. As whipped stated before the shape of the stick takes awhile to get use to. Other then that the goalies will be hating you. 10/10 Weight and Balance The weight was extremly light for a 79 dollar shaft. It was unbelivable and the balance was awesome to. 9/10 Durability Unlike the others who have had there sticks for a few months. I have had mine for 3 years. And I play 3 to 4 times a week. True the paint job sucked though. But this stick has gone through hell and back. 10/10 Conclusion For the amount of money it is worth it is a awesome stick. I have to think this is my personal favorite of all time. Easton did a really good job on the shaft. Nice job boys.
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