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  1. Between this wording: And this situational table: http://www.nhl.com/ice/page.htm?id=26557 I just don't see how this isn't a penalty or a goal since the goalie was outside of the crease.
  2. This is in the rule about goaltender interference, right? So, if he didn't make any reasonable effort, it isn't incidental contact and thus a penalty. It certainly doesn't state that the goal should be disallowed even though the contact was incidental (unless I'm reading the rule wrong). I actually believe he was trying to play the puck and when he was working it out of the feet of the defencemen, he inadvertently ran into Fleury. I would be unhappy with, but could understand, a penalty in that situation. What I can't understand is no penalty and no goal. It's either incidental contact or it's not. But for people to contend that the contact was intentional seems ridiculous to me. As with JVR's, whose feet were tangled and he wound up falling backwards into Fluery (who was well out of his crease). The Flyers probably lose the game even with the goal allowed and other calls made properly, but that doesn't mean calls shouldn't be made properly.
  3. Am I reading the rule wrong?
  4. Wasn't it ruled incidental contact? If so, how can that be the right call? And there's no way that contact was intentional.
  5. As I recall, Wuhrer had a lot of talent, just not of the acting variety.
  6. I LOVE that car. Sure isnt the cars fault it hasnt sold. It's changed hands a few times and always for close to $200k. As much as I'd want it, I'm not sure I'd touch it for over $150k. I'd have just as much fun driving a GT3RS than looking at and cleaning (instead of driving) that Turbo S.
  7. Here's the GT3RS I drove: http://www.demanmotorsport.com/sales/listing.php?id=53 Even though I want a 993, I would consider this car. Seinfeld's 993 TTS is on ebay again. I would definitely be interested in that car if there wasn't a $60k premium on it. EDIT: drool
  8. I do. If you know of a 993 C2S in Vesuvio metallic for sale, let me know. In the last 3 years that I've been looking, I've only come across 2 for sale in NA.
  9. Any pics of the 911's? I drove a GT3RS the other day. Too bad it's just a little out of my price range.
  10. Is that a GTD40 and a Cobra up ahead?
  11. Not only that, he made a great pass while getting hooked to set up the five on three where they scored their first goal. Without him being able to get Weight that pass, they only get a 5 on 4 powerplay and might not have scored. He also made a great pass the shift before that (to Rucinsky?) for a mini breakaway. He could have easily had an assist or two. And he looks very calm on the PP with the puck. Both stick handling and passing. I'm glad I thought to tape the game last night. It stopped recording just before his interview. Luckily, that's just when I tuned into the game, so I got to see it.
  12. How fast is the manual transmission 997 TT? If I remember, the CGT doesn't have a tiptronic. And keep talking about how you'd rather have performance.... why didn't you get a Z06 instead of a Maserati?
  13. First off, the turbo isn't faster than the CGT 0-60. And second, Porsche has not designed any of their cars to be driven stop light to stop light.
  14. Driving my sisters A6 Quattro in the snow was a dream as compared to any of my RWD cars. The only difference between AWD and 4WD is the fact that AWD can not be put into 2WD mode I think you're referring to full-time 4WD compared to part-time 4WD. The real difference is that AWD cars can't be put in to 4WD Low. Which has different gearing and provides more torque to drive through heavy snow or mud.
  15. You want to get a 4WD car. AWD doesn't improve snow driving a lot.
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