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    Bauer Vapor 1X LE, Mission Inhaler DS:1, CCM JetSpeed
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    Easton Synergy GX, True A6.0, True XCore 9, Warrior Covert QRL
  • Gloves
    CCM Pro-Stock 30K, Bauer Nexus 800, CCM 4-Roll
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    CCM Vector V08, Bauer 4500
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    Mission Inhaler NLS:02
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    Bauer Supreme 200 (ice)
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    Old school Jofa
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    Bauer Vapor APX2
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    CCM RBZ Pro Bag

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    NJ > VA
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  1. I have seen what it'll retail for. It's not quite as high as listed by some in here, but it's up there. Won't say exactly in case it's not allowed to be said yet.
  2. I'd be careful of your wording if you reached out to TRUE regarding this. At the end of the day, they could tell you you're out of luck because you modified the original skates - therefore voiding any warranty they offer.
  3. Holder size goes up on every half size Fit 3 I’ve seen.
  4. Hey Jimmy, We do have the CCM scanner available. Shoot me a PM if you want, let me know the gist what you're looking for. Our only problem is stock when it comes to CCM, as Ribcores are not a skate we get as frequently, and the Tacks obviously being refreshed this year, our stock is a bit on the depleted side. However, since you'd be coming from further away, I can work with some stores to see if we need to get anything in ahead of time. Also, not sure when exactly you were looking to head on over, but just as an aside, I'll only be in this location for another month, as I'll be transferring to another location. But I can always get you set up with one of the other guys.
  5. Best believe if I was in the show, I'd try to find a way to still be using my now 20-year old Jofa's, which are anything but top of the line. I can't stand modern elbow pads. They're so bulky and restrictive. If I HAD to pick a modern elbow pad? Give me the FT370's.
  6. I thought it was weird when I saw Virginia Tech as the company and was shipping a royal blue helmet, then I was like "oh....right....that thing." Haha
  7. You want to know what's funny? I shipped a TRUE helmet to Virginia Tech this week from my Pure Hockey store.
  8. I've always loved the way mid-kick sticks kick in terms of flex, but I seem to lean the way of low-kicks because I prefer the blades more on low-kick sticks. Ideally if I could have a Nexus shaft/kickpoint and a Vapor blade, I'd be all for it. But I'm not about to buy customs.
  9. You can't find discount codes for retail sticks, let alone customs.
  10. Looks to be the new ADV in the wild.
  11. Fit profile shouldn't be much different, however, if you have a chance to jump on a 180 (180 or S180), I would hop on that very quickly before buying the S29. Major difference in boot quality.
  12. Nexus Team glove, we use them through the Pure Hockey QuickTeam program, very sharp looking glove....and yep, that's definitely one of Danny's twigs. 77 flex most likely, P91 and Flyers color scheme.
  13. Correct. And if you want to go with the Alphas, I definitely recommend going down a size.
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