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  1. My guess would be new CCM Tacks....That should dust up some discussion. lol
  2. Those are sweet. Very jealous.
  3. I always have been a fan of Mike Lange. His calling of the game will always be Pittsburgh Hockey. It's unfortunate that he is no longer on the tv side. He is truely entertaining. For me, that's what Hockey broadcasters should be...entertainment. I (like I assume everyone else on this board) don't need the play by play guy explaining to me what's happening on the ice. I find Steigerwald to be annoying and uniformed. I think Errey is doing a good job and is the only thing that keeps the televised version's commentary interesting/entertaining.
  4. Check out the episode of Day in the Life on the NHL Network. Hartnell did well. She's got the looks and she cooks!!!
  5. I'm thinking about picking up a pair of X60 skates off of the internet. I don't have a local shop near me to try the skates on for size. Would much rather deal with a LHS but logistics make that tuff. I'm currently wearing a 7.5 DA in CCM U+. Would a pair of Bauer X60s size 7.5 DA fit me. Or how different would the fit be. Thanks for any input.
  6. What's everyones opinion of the high sticking penalty called by the linesmen during the OT of last nights game?
  7. They just got the new machine in Harrisburg a month or two ago, so it is a fairly recent list. I will probably be in Pittsburgh the weekend before thanksgiving if anyone out there wants to try it. I only have a couple spinners at the moment though. Are you going to a local shop in the burgh or how would this work?
  8. We will see if the "closed door" team meeting will change the current losing streak. Good news for Pens fans is that Malkin and Talbot are no longer wearing the red no contact jerseys in practice so their return should be soon. It was reported Malkin possibly next game, Talbot within next 10 days.
  9. Well looks like they'll be adding Orpik to the list of walking wounded. As for the injuries from the shortened off season, I was thinking more about Malkin and Kennedy.
  10. Anyone know of anyone doing this type of sharpening in the Pittsburgh or Western PA area?
  11. Anyone think that the majority of the Pens injuries this season are due to the short summer break? Also do you think that with players out for extended periods of time it will actually be a help during the later months of the season or will the injuries continue to linger the rest of the year?
  12. Shots from the point seemed to have a lot of success last night in Anahiem. A lso did anyone see Crosby "stack the pads" in the crease to make a save. Even the Crosby haters had to smile at that.
  13. Just like the New stadium helped the Pirates sell out? The Pirates are a terrible team in a wonderful building. Even the Pirates have given up on the Pirates. As for hockey. The team is doing well and I remember the lean years as well. Though just like when the Pens won back to back Cups, there was a huge swelling of hockey popularity again. It began to die off when the team went in the toilet but obviously has began to grow. It spawned new generations of fans and players. Hockey has gone mainstream in Western PA for better or for worse. With the current squad and the birth or rebirth of additional generations of fans the Pens will be putting people in the seats. Though I assume sales are already slumping due to the economy. There have been numerous programs to buy reduced priced seats for games during the month of October. The Pens will continue to "sell out" there games due to the student rush program or other marketing ideas. Of course they take a beating on the seats but they'll keep their streak alive. As for youth hockey in the area, it is definately down. Rinks are having problems keeping the doors open and big box shops are crushing the little guys. Hopefully the Pens being successful will bring back the numbers to what they were.
  14. supply and demand my friend, if they go to 20,000 thats gonna reduce demand for each game which will bring down ticket prices I think in the Pittsburgh market you will always be able to sell the tix a certain price point. I wish the new arena would have seated more. During the Stanley Cup Finals, it was easier to get seats in Detroit, than in Pittsburgh. People I know where paying 2 to 3 times the face value of tix to get in the door. That I always thought was a little crazy. Though one thing that was nice is that I received a letter from the Pens stating that they will not be using the personal seat licensing (PSL) fees for the new arena for the season ticket holders. The Penguins definately appreciate their fans and especially the season tix holders. As for the people that come to the games. Unfortunately there are a ton of "fans" that come out of the wood work who I can do without. I assume that the majority of these hilljacks come from south of the City a little too close to West Virginia. Though overall everyone's personal experiences are different. One of the best NHL experiences I've had was at Joe Louis Arena in 2008 Stanley Cup Final game 1. I started by pregaming at the Anchor Bar on Fort Street. There I hung out with Steve Latin and I got to hear some great hockey stories from the old Pens EQM. Me and my cousin were the only guys in the place wearing black and gold and everyone was awesome, buying us beers and shots. I also met two guys who were ushers at the Joe who were also "pregaming". They were great. When I got to the Joe I met up with them again, and they gave us a little tour of the building before the start of the game. Showing us all the history and of course showing me where Gordie Howe sits to watch the games. Great night overall( even though the Pens lost game one), everyone was really cool and had a great time. Fast forward to game 1 Stanley Cup Finals 2009. Again pregamed at the Anchor. Always an awesome time. Then off to the Joe where we drank outside with Tyler Kennedys Dad and brother outside the Gordie Howe entrance. In the first intermission I went to restroom where a drunk RedWing fan attempted to pick a fight with me declaring that I had to go to the end of the line because I was a Pens fan. The little drunk yard gnome wearing the wings jersey told me "he knew people hear and would get me thrown out of the rink". I wanted nothing more than to crush the tiny little drunk man but feared getting kicked out of the arena after driving 3.5hrs to watch a finals game. Definately soured the evening as I was pissed off all night. After the Pens lost the game I looked everywhere for the little fella but alas couldn't find him. Two trips to the same venue during the same time of year and two totally different experiences.
  15. how can you call that place a dump. its legendary. everytime i go there it gets better and better. I've been there a dozen time. It's cramped, smelly and a pain in the ass to get upstairs depending on where your seats are. Also some of the most obnoxious sports fans I've ever seen, and I've been to Eagles games. I love the Igloo. Though the facilities are antiquated. The layout isn't great. Though the view is pretty good from most of the seats. What makes the Igloo great are the cast of characters that you'll see at a game. Gotta love the "CottonCandy Guy" and TC. As for the fans. Pittsburgh fans are a little rough now doubt. I've gone to NHL games in away venues wearing Pens stuff and didn't take nearly the abuse that I see Flyers and Caps fans take when they come to town. But to say Pittsburghers are worse than Philly is a stretch. Remember they booed Santa Clause!!! As for the new building. I'm definately excited because it should be an awesome facility. The only thing I don't agree with in the new construction is that it will only seat 18,087 for hockey. They should have built it for 20,000. The season ticket waiting list is well over 3,000 people deep.
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