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    Mission Boss Se
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    Easton Synergy II 2-piece
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    Mission M1
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    CCM Vector V10
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    Mission: D1 (Inline), M1 (Ice)
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    Bauer EPX-90
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    Bauer Pro

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  1. Tom, I was wondering if you could explain the evolution of this helmet. Things I have been reading have stated it is related to the Bauer 5100 helmet however the shell looks very similar to the ill-fated NME helmet. Also is the comfort catch system made from a different type of foam?
  2. I saw this mentioned in the IIHF thread...Does anyone have more info on it? I had a game today and just about died from the heat. I think something like this would be great for roller if it has a lot more ventilation than most helmets. I would also be curious as to the design evolution of this helmet since it really looks (at least from the far away IIHF pictures) like the NME with more vents.
  3. Boy do those look familiar..... Hope you like them. Great glove.
  4. Love the Cole M1's. I'd kill for a pair of those. It's almost impossible to find a pair of M1's theses days, especially in a color I don't have. The NME helmet is also sweet. I loved the helmet but could never find one bigger than a medium.
  5. Those black edge blades seem similar to the old Bauer black steel which I was a big fan of. Does anyone know where these are available? My Google searches proved fruitless.
  6. Just put these bad boys together.
  7. Nice work on the conversion. I've done a pair of Boss skates before and am currently working on another inline to ice pair.
  8. Hello, maybe you can help me decide which skates I should get...Im either going to get the Axiom T9 skates or the Boss SE's. I know that you have used both so what skates do you prefer more? Thanks!

  9. Just got the T9's today. First game with them Sunday.
  10. Yeah the M1 well is dry. If I came into some large amounts of many I would try to somehow get new pairs made.
  11. Just got a few pairs of gloves in
  12. Finally found a pair of pro M-1's (not M-1 pros) in black and red. The palm has an extra layer of material sewn in. No clue what type of material the extra layer is but it's pretty thick and slightly tacky. Also picked up a pair in royal. The collection is getting quite large...
  13. These just came in today. I traded a pair of navy M1's awhile back for my TB M1's so I needed a new pair in navy. Unfortunately they ran out of the USA M1's that were supposed to ship with these. These have mesh gussets which is something I've never had on a glove before.
  14. Just got my gloves back from Peaches with the MSH2 palm. It really is as nice as everyone says. We'll see if the durability lives up to the hype.
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