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    Product: TPS HGT Gloves Backround: High School Ice Hockey Player 6'0" 200 lbs. Fit These are relatively tight-fitting, which is something I prefer. The tapered fingers at the end are also a plus if you are looking for a tight-fitting glove. 10/10 Protection So far, protection has been flawless and I've had these for well over a year. I have not suffered any injuries to the fingers or hands. 10/10 Weight Even with their excellent protection, these gloves are surprisingly light. They are not as light as an Eagle glove may be, and can feel a little bulky at first. 9/10 Durability Durability on the exterior has been great. Just a few good scratches and minor cuts that come with regular usage. The palms have worn down a little, and I have noticed one small hole on one palm. Besides that, they have been very durable. 10/10 Intangibles The look is one thing I really like about these gloves. The classic look on the HGT's is something I like more than the crazy designs on TPS' other gloves. I had to order mine in navy through my LHS, and they took about a week to get it, which I was also pleased with. The price these are sold for is also a positive. 10/10 Conclusion These gloves are a very good product made by TPS. The durability and tight-fitting are the major advantages I have noticed and enjoyed while using them. Once mine are no longer usable, I will probably buy another pair. Overall: 10/10
  2. Skates: Bauer Vapor XX Shinguards: Jofa 8090 Pants: Tackla 9000 Shoulder Pads: Jofa 9800 Elbow Pads: Some tiny, old TPS ones Gloves: TPS HGT Helmet: Bauer 5000 Sticks: P31 TPS XN10, McCarty Inno Novius, and soon to be McCarty Inno True 1. I've never really liked the XN10, so I'm probably going to sell it.
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