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  1. After years of use, the old bag has seen it's better days. I'm looking for a gear bag for coaching (ref bag would work too). I'd like compartments for my skates and some storage/pockets for personal items (wallet, phone, etc.) to keep those items separate from hockey "stuff" like tape, laces, etc. I'd be carrying skates, gloves, helmet, warmups, change of clothes I have a separate bag for pucks, so I don't need to store those in the bag. I would NOT be traveling with this bag so "airline approved" is not important. Any suggestions? A carry bag, NOT one with wheels.
  2. As some states begin to reopen, is anyone aware of a list of rinks that are beginning to reopen? Or perhaps more appropriate would be a list of states that are allowing their rinks to reopen? Some are already open, at least for private rentals. From what it looks like, the states are allowing the rinks to open and then eventually USA Hockey (or other) governing bodies will allow their sanctioned events to begin to occur...followed by the the local organizations approving. But in the mean time, private rentals are getting started.
  3. Her fantasy stats were going to suffer and she lost an over/under bet
  4. I'm looking to take team video of my kids games this year and POSSIBLY going to buy a new camera. In the past I've put gopros behind the goalie and shot through the glass with good results. Some of the rinks have Livebarn so I will just use that video. I'm thinking of buying a camera and tripod and setting up at center ice from the bleachers to try and get a decent shot from there. But I've also noticed that most of the rinks have nets up on the sides that I would be shooting "through". So my question is for those of you who have done this, do the nets mess with the autofocus on the cameras? Action cameras probably won't be effected. But a DSLR or Camcorder might be. Feedback from others? I suppose on the DSLR I could just manual focus. At that distance most of the shots would be at an "infinite" focus point anyway. I don't want to drop $$$ on a camera and just get 60 minutes of netting. lol
  5. Is she new to hockey/beer league? Maybe she just doesn't understand the "norm" yet?
  6. Wow, that's a really cool concept. Looks like they were trying to get setup with the NHL to allow the viewer to choose whatever camera view they wanted. Great concept! I'll reach out to them. Maybe they have a consumer level product. Thanks for the tip.
  7. We will be stepping up our "game" for next year and want to improve our "game film" for coaching purposes. We will have a gopro behind each net and a video camera in the stands at the red line. So 3 feeds in total. Some rinks will have Livebarn so we can download that later, but not all the rinks. If I'm just putting the video together to watch, I can do that in Adobe Premiere without an issue and select the best view, then export the video and upload to youtube to share. I've got that part covered. I'm looking for an app (if such an app exists) where the viewer could manually select what camera view they wanted to watch at any given time. I'm envisioning thumbnail views off all the streams and then a large screen with the selected view. Anyone see something like this that is available at the consumer level? On a side note...I like the "Coaches Eye" app for analysis. You can draw on the screen like the professional commentators, easily add voice over audio to give coaching tips and then send the slips out directly to the players.
  8. I wear a cage and have for several years. Too many benders swinging their sticks all over the place...my "tough guy" days are long gone...I have to go to work in the morning and want to still have all my teeth...and the tiny difference it makes in my visibility that could make the difference between me being a "top player" and getting cut is a distant concern. Just my $0.02
  9. Anyone "travel" with the Sparx? Did you buy the case from them, or get something on your own? They want $399 for theirs and I can pick up a Pelican case for half the price. Thoughts?
  10. Took the steel out last night and there was a slight bend to the steel against a straight edge when not in the holder. I purchased new steel and getting them sharpened today by the "good guy" at the local pro shop. Hopefully that comes out good and it isn't the holder. If that doesn't fix it, I'll move on with the trouble shooting and try swapping left/right skates.
  11. This is my motivation too...the convenience and assurance I have access to sharp blades. I've had more than one occasion where I lose an edge Saturday night at Men's league and then have to be on the ice for a sunday AM practice before the pro shop opens. The other option is multiple sets of steel, but then I'm still relying on the random kid at the pro shop to give me a good edge. Good luck...
  12. I hadn't thought about the holder itself warping the bending the steel. Good suggestion. He never complained until we put the new(er) set of steel in so I just assumed they were the cause. They most certainly are bent, but could have been bent by the skate itself. The original steel is harder/higher quality and perhaps strong enough to not get bent??? Anyway...I'll explore that tonight.
  13. Somehow the steel on the skate is bent (front to back). Just slightly. You can barely see it with your eye. I was only able to confirm this was the case when I put a straight edge against the side of the blade. The inside edge towards the middle was gone and I just assumed he stepped on something. So we had them sharpened again...same thing...sharpen...same thing. Now I know something is odd. That's when I figured out it was bent. This is on my son's skates, CCM size 4.5. He plays PWAA so he is a competitive skater, but doesn't have the weight and impact of an adult player. Any idea how something like this happens? Sure it could have happened during a game, but I would have thought for him to have hit something hard enough you would see some sort of evidence. Puck mark on the blade holder, chip in the blade, etc. Someone suggested heat from being left in the trunk of the car, but that seems like a stretch.
  14. Prior to the 90's, kids would collect them to play with them. Trade them, set them up on the floor for that nights game based on who was playing, stick them in the spokes of their bike wheels, etc. Then came the 90's and it was all about protecting your "investment". People didn't play with the cards anymore. As a result, the "rare" cards aren't so rare anymore. Especially the "mint condition" cards. Try to find a Gretzky rookie card in mint condition. It might be tough. But you could find dozens of Lindros, Crosby, Towes, McDavid, or whatever star you like from those eras.
  15. Anyone try one of those roll on products to make concrete smoother for shooting or dryland training? I'm looking to setup a shooting area in the garage for my son and want to extend it to the concrete outside of the garage. I bought roller hockey rink tiles for the garage and they work great (even for ice pucks), but that's not practical for outside because cars will park on it. I've seen really slick/smooth concrete in industrial buildings that a puck would slide nice on. That would an option, but I figure it would be cheaper to just put a coating of some sort on the concrete like they do at outdoor inline hockey rinks. This would be for stickhandling and shooting not inline skating on. I'm looking for a product like this: http://www.sportmaster.net/skating Anyone try something like this? Results? Recommend a product?
  16. Does the guy on the left (your right) have electrical tape on his socks? What a douche.
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