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  1. Hi Everybody, with the addition of Helo and Rinkster bearings in recent years, there is a massive choice of inline bearings on the market currently. I am interested in what you are currently using or what works well to what you might think might last the longest. Do you keep the generic bearings that come with your new inlines or do you swap them out. How often would you need to change and have you ever destroyed a set. Please comment on what you are using or recommend, anything to steer clear of, and i've missed anything feel free to comment on your set as well. Look forward to your replies.
  2. Picked up a pair of 3X Pros a few weeks ago, and have skated max 5 times in them at indoor practice, decided to stick with the original millennium wheels to start with as I had good experience with those when i was younger. Now all of a sudden one of them is beginning to chunk or do something strange. I'm quite light on wheels and haven't done anything extreme or had and major impacts, so i'm surprised that this is happening. Going to swap out for addictions for the weekend, but from what I remember Millenniums use to be a decent wheel.
  3. My thoughts are cost cutting and trying to make a top tier skate more affordable, especially for a younger gen who may just end up accepting that an alu chassis is the new norm. If it looks good it will sell, and we all know that Bauer sells well. Someone else can probably weigh in on this. Half of the comments already on youtube and reddit posts are regarding the downgraded chassis. As i mentioned would have rather had better wheels and better chassis than the offering they have now. What makes it more interesting is that the chassis they have now is powder coated (more weight)? when i thought vapor boots was all about saving weight. Anyone can offer anymore insight please chime in.
  4. @moonrockticktock yes correct, 3x Pro seems to be coming with a standard footbed/insole, you would think that it would of been able to offer more being the top skate.
  5. Low and behold the videos have started cropping up online, Chase mentions a cnc'd aluminum chassis on both the 3x pro and the 3x models, anyone beg to differ. Let me know if you guys plan to pick up a pair, or if you'll just wait for the previous gen to go on sale.
  6. Seems images are circulating around social media now and skates have now been released in Europe. Have seen a pair of 3x Pros and these don't even have a cnc chassis but rather the extruded chassis (could be slightly better quality) found on the 3x or the 2.9. Seems like and interesting choice, would rather be paying for the better chassis, better wheels and tpu outsole than just an upgrade on the outsole. The 3.5's seem to be a downgrade on the 2.7's, interesting choices made here for the roller line compared to the three offerings mission came out with last year.
  7. Hope it's okay to start this topic here as I know new releases are confidential, have been looking forward to the new Bauer range after the hyperlite range was released last year. Would be hoping they would move the tech from the skate over to the inline boot and seeing many conversions it seemed highly likely. From what i've heard there won't be a hyperlite or top end skate, would this give an opportunity for a future limited release perhaps? The top end 3x Pro or second level boot isn't so top end and one notable change is use of millennium wheels and with a downgraded chassis. Bauer this time have really cut down on their line, so only the 3 models offered in-line with mission's 3 models, maybe to allow more production of their different fit system? I don't know too many details of the lower two models, but feel free to chime if you have any comments. Will you be getting a pair? or will you be looking at spending your money on a different brand/model this year.
  8. Anyone know or can guess what the co-ordinates may mean or stand for, tried entering them
  9. Prices already up on Euro sites for the new missions, can anyone confirm the top model will be Bauer's most expensive inline skate to date.
  10. Agreed with all the comments, Mission skates are the most popular alongside Bauer from what i've seen, although i wouldn't be surprised if there was streamlining with skates in the near future (as we have seen with the ice line and the new fit system). Also if anyone noticed in the new vapor protective line, licenced tech such as poron xrd, 37.5 etc that Bauer made a big deal about back in the day are slowly disappearing and being replaced with a Bauer equivalent, this could well happen with tech in skates? Bauer seem to want to have market share in all areas, the loss of the hi-lo patent and how the roller market is now saturated with 80 76's, has this had any effect in sales and any future decision making. If anyone has access to the global roller hockey skates analysis (posted the link below), would be interesting to see how the pandemic has affected the major brands, unfortunately here we have had a major shortage of inlines and people have just being buying what is available, so no doubt these companies will be spending more to increase production. Would be disappointing to see Mission fall off the map, especially when the skates are more affordable or use to be more affordable than what the Bauers were. https://primefeed.in/market-reports/4799747/global-roller-hockey-skates-market-2020-analysis-with-covid-19-crisis-mission-hockeyus-eastonus-tourus-bauerus/
  11. Just got the Pure X a few weeks back, after a few hard skates still feeling very stiff but have great grip on sport court. Will see how long they hold out and what the performance is like further down the track. @tgwl would be great to see the pictures of the slimes, as I was seriously thinking of getting a set of those but went with the Pure X's instead.
  12. Hi Everyone, was just having a discussion on Indoor wheels the last couple of weeks and there is a lot on the market out there. Many wheels will suit different types of skaters depending on their size/weight etc, and with prices going up i just wanted to get a gauge on what your go to wheels are out there. Addictions seem to be king but Konixx doesn't seem that far behind now. Have most of the top ends listed but let me know if i've missed any. Would be great to get your vote, Feel free to vote away!
  13. Any feedback, am slightly interested in trying these
  14. Looks like this eventually came true, is there a major brand now that isn't going to be using 80 76.
  15. Hopefully these will be a good alternative to the addiction without being too insanely priced, haven't really been a big fan of the unions and have been seeking something that was close to the old dynasty 3's which i liked the feel of.
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