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  1. Looks like Mission very the cheaper route on high-end skates, but I think they do come with the Kryp chassis . Top of the line are listed for $700. The other is listed for $400.
  2. Sorry to bump this thread, but I have a 55% off code that was given to our Roller hockey team for these skates. If anybody wants to try these I'd be happy to share, just message me. Expires June 1st 2023. I have a 40% code for the LG9, and Kv2 as well.
  3. Not sure if this place is even alive anymore but I couldn't find any reviews on Reddit or Youtube. Anybody rocking these and how do they perform compare to others? Bones Swiss Super 6 are my favorite with the 6 balls but they're getting expensive, and if you buy them on Ebay/Amazon, changes are you're getting a fake china replica. Same with the classic Bones Swiss bearings. Being that this is a 6 ball bearing, I am intrigued if anybody has tried them?
  4. The 76s's are XXX. XX is harder than 76 - 78, maybe? They don't make a 74a grip in that wheel.
  5. Late to the party here, but if you're using it outdoor, you're probably not taking advantage of a mid-kick anyway since you'll be destroying your blade with those types of shots. I'd say get a low-kick, but the ball is so light I don't know how much flex you're really going to be pushing into your shots without probably shooting over the net a few times during the game even with a p88. In all honesty, it probably doesn't matter much. Unless I'm playing Ice, I'm not too worried about the mid or low flex in the stick during inline ball/puck leagues, as long as I like the control and accuracy of the stick.
  6. https://ibb.co/zxCZzZM https://ibb.co/LPVz7zP
  7. Did you receive them? If so, how are they?
  8. Just wanted to update everybody on these Labeda Slime wheels. After about 8-10 skates, the wheels have fall off the hubs on the front wheel, or any wheel I move to the front. (3 total). If you flex the wheel in your hand, you can feel each one have a little wiggle off the hub, but the fronts have completely come off during skates. The wheels end up horizontal over the front of your chassis, creating quite a struggle getting the wheel and axle off. I have photos if anybody really would like to see them. I contacted Labeda vendors but they don't get back to me. I'll be making the switch to Pure X now.
  9. @eastside I wanted grab some additional colors since finding out the hardness is all the same for each wheel color, but all the Labeda vendors I contacted (which I was told to do) haven't answered. Right now they say to just contact the vendors. I may contact my tournament vendor if the wheels hold up. @Bender94 You're not the first to tell me about the durability, so we'll see how they hold up. So far, it's been a few weeks without any signs of cracking, but I also added a Pure +1 wheel as the second 76mm wheel on each skate.
  10. Has anybody tried these wheels? I was able to grab a set off a vendor at a tournament a few weeks ago. I only saw one hardness - ultra grip, but the wheels really keep their speed while providing a lot of grip. It took a skate or 2 to adapt with top-end aggressive stopping, but I'm really enjoying these wheels a lot more than the addictions.
  11. Typically, the chassis is the setup for Hi-low, not as much the boot. Although, some chassis might not be a perfect fit for different boots. If you bring it somewhere they can line it up and let you know immediately if there's going to be a problem.
  12. Good to know. I might just consider getting all +1's again if they will have a little more grip. I'm only 165lbs but I typically prefer a harder wheel with grip and speed over a xsoft grippy wheel.
  13. I'm waiting on the Pure X. I have 2 sets of the Pure +1 wheels. I probably should have gotten the +0 being only 165lbs, but I usually go for a 76a which provides a little more speed. I consider myself an advance skater so I didn't think it would be a big deal, but the +1 don't feel as grippy as I would like. The first 2-3 were like a break-in period with very little grip, after that I got comfortable with them but I think still think I should have gone with the +0. I'll probably split it up with the pure x. 2 +0's and 2+1.
  14. Best bearings i've ever used and it seems everybody has caught on. The price on Super 6 has really gone over up the last few years. It's a shame, I need new bearings now but I can't dish out $100+ anymore. I'm considering dropping back down to super reds, but I've been so spoiled with super 6.
  15. I'd also recommend getting away from the 74a. Move to the 76a, regardless if you're 150 pounds.
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