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  1. You still have a job right? Sucks to hear, but little sympathy from someone who's going into month 7 of unemployment. Mini job search rant; The upside is I'm getting more interviews, either the talent pool is drying or there are more jobs in my field. The downside is driving all over the state for a 30 minute interviews and trying to do long distance phone interviews for the rest. I got a call yesterday before 9am and had a quick impromptu interview, but I was incredibly groggy since I'm not on a normal schedule. Didn't think to ask him to call back and ended up loosing out on the job. It was only a 2 month temp position, and it was for converting backlogs of 3D SolidWorks to 2D AutoCAD so it's not so bad that I missed the chance.
  2. Keep in mind belt and holster choice makes a huge difference in carry comfort. A full size pistol can be easily worn and concealed with the right setup in most cases. I don't like revolvers, simply because I can't shoot them well. An auto feels a ton better in my hand. Shooting the small J-Frame S&W revolvers with .357 loads hurts, the next few follow up shots will be hard to place, it's hard to get a second hand on there, and you almost need a laser. You can get some single stack 9mm autos that shoot very well and still hold more than a 5-shot revolver. Kahr makes 3 sizes in polymer or stainless frames, Sig makes the 239, Walther PPS, so many others. The XD is a solid choice. I wasn't a fan of the grip size and the magazine release IIRC does not stand proud of the frame, and I had difficulty using it. Whatever you choose, don't spend $500 on a pistol and think $50 more will get you ready to carry. You need to shoot at least 200-500 rounds through your gun (preferably with the load you intend to carry) to make sure you know how to use it, develop the muscle memory to draw, load, reload, diagnose failure, clean, maintain, and to make sure the gun is working and has no defects. A good holster will cost you more than $50, and a great leather holster will cost over $100. A good stiff belt will cost $50-100.
  3. Apex Tactical makes a few drop-in mods for the M&P line that really improve the trigger. I think they're less than $50
  4. I've put 25k on my car in 3 years. Living in a small town with a 2 mile commute doesn't add up very quickly, especially when the car doesn't get daily use. When you talk about a car sitting for a while and the engine seals going bad from drying out, that happens over years. A car sitting for two months won't blow its seals when you fire it up.
  5. Sucks man. At least it's only 3mm so it shouldn't take long, right?
  6. Around $100 more gets you into Remington 870, Mossberg 500, Benelli Nova territory (low to mid $300). In my mind if you're going to buy something to bet your life on you don't try to find the cheapest option. Don't count a the sound of a pump shotgun "scaring away badguys". All it does is let them know where you are and they can wait to ambush you if they hear you coming. If you wait until you're on top of them like in TV/movies then you've just moved around with an empty gun that will do you no good at a moment's notice. Invest in training, especially if you feel that you're not a good shot. A shotgun does not make a 12" pattern at all distances. Inside 30 feet it's most likely smaller than your fist still. Get some low recoil buckshot and become familiar with how it shoots, how to load and unload, clean it, how to handle the recoil, etc. Firearms practice and training is no different than hockey - you can't buy the gear and be all set to play if you've never skated before.
  7. I still find it very hard to believe each company can make their own variation of the standard LE/Carbine stock and sell it for $20, but as soon as it gets a wide comb and a QD swivel point it costs $150. I'm looking at HK specifically on this one who charge something like $250 for their very vanilla stock. You should be able to get a Magpul ACS stock in OD for just over $100 tomorrow if you check around. I think $125 is their normal price. Picked up a Yugoslavian SKS yesterday. My uncle picked it up from an estate sale and traded it to me for a bottle of scotch. Fun gun, blows up water jugs really well.
  8. After rescheduling on me four times the confirmation came in for my phone interview, which included driving directions, parking instructions, and check in procedures. It's 5 hours 1-way. God damn it.
  9. I guess my 4 months of living at home are not that bad. Congrats on the job.
  10. I just got a bunch after chipping one of my rails (plastic rails on the M&P 15-22) and I haven't decided whether or not I like them on all the rails or if I'd prefer ladder covers on 2 sides and the XTM on the others. The mix-n-match colors look pretty good though. 2 sets of tan and 2 of FDE cover 2 sides and bottom with a VFG on my midlength rails. The guy I got them from didn't want very much and included an OD set that's on the top now (tried mixing all 3, didn't look that great). I shoot with a guy who just got a LMT carbine, and I'll agree that stock felt sweet against my face. I don't mind my MOE stock for the .22, but for a .223/5.56 I'll be going with one with a wide comb like the Magpul ACS, LMT, VLTOR (I think they have one?), etc.
  11. Welcome back to the club. I graduated almost 3 months ago and still looking for a real job.
  12. GTFO. The targets of most of these laws are not the law abiding citizens that get guns legally. Chicago restricted guns specifically to limit gangs and criminals who would fail normal background checks. Most incidents with guns obtained legally are accidental shootings, suicides, etc. Suicides would still happen, you'd just get more slit wrists or hangings. Accidents happen, and less stupid people who don't know to not play with guns is a good thing. Restricting sales of guns by over-regulation and high prices is not good. Less people owning guns is not good. I don't want to go dig up details and everything, but it's been consistently shown that guns in America is not only a Constitutionally given right to free citizens, but a benefit to polite and modern society. We can go with cars as a comparison. Driving a car is NOT a right. Tons more people die DAILY in automobile accidents, tons of UNLICENSED and ILLEGAL drivers are on the road daily, and they'll commonly flee accidents leaving the law abiding driver with no legal recourse. It's common for people to drive through storefronts and cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. Drunk drivers that are caught get a slap on the wrist and are allowed multiple offenses before they have serious sentences. One single mistake with a gun gets your RIGHT to own a firearm revoked. In fact many things without guns gets your RIGHT to own firearms revoked, like being a sex offender or committing fraud. We arm people 16 years old with cars, but you have to be 18/21 to possess a gun. Which is the bigger issue? Disarming armed Americans, the majority of whom are peaceful and do nothing but continue to stimulate American jobs at gun companies and ammo companies, or wild disregard we have towards driving deaths, correcting and enforcing laws, and getting vehicular killers off the streets?
  13. I thought only women get excited about new shoes. Unless you're a lumberjack getting a new pair of logging boots, in which the sheer manliness offsets it.
  14. The Sharks may have been watching. Can't let up when there might be potential scouts and teammates around.
  15. Great news. The Chicago mayor may not be able to cite 10 gun-related shootings in one day as proof that a gun ban works anymore. And the Justice who retired was a liberal by most counts, so Obama won't be slanting the SCOTUS.
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