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  1. Does the metatarsal guard make the whole tongue thicker, or just a narrow area in the middle?
  2. Ref laserrobottime I enquired about replacing my original tongue.
  3. Got an email back from Rob today, costs $80 for another tongue plus $12 for shipping. I was hoping he would send me one plus shipping based on others experiences. I get they need to charge something …
  4. I got my VH skates with the new toe cap about a month ago with the stock tongues. The tongue keeps falling to the outside a bit no matter how I adjust the tongue. Also sometimes I get a bit of bite when I tighten the last two eyelets too much. I know I can keep the laces a bit looser, but I like them tight. For those that have the enhanced metatarsal guard in the tongue, did you also get a thicker tongue? Should I get a wider tongue than stock to prevent the tongue from rolling to the outside?
  5. Davetronz, I clamped the whole heel with 3 clamps trying to get the heel and tendon area smaller. Just would not get small enough, and made indentation into carbon fiber leading so hot spots around ankle. After using clamps, I'm not sure how it would work without leaving bumps where the clamps were used, that would be felt once cooled? I'll have to edit my scans and post once I have a chance. I think the heel pocket area needs to be a bit snug or small in order to form around ankle. Especially if you have a small ankle like me. VH has been very responsive and I'm hoping the next set fit better.
  6. I used paint to do a foot print and a tracing more or less straight down from the widest part of the foot. I have very narrow heel. The foot print of the skate seemed good, but the volume of the heel pocket was too big. I think it would be easier to get a good fit with a wider foot with more volume. My foot is bony and narrow, so I need the skate to go in more matching my foot indentations.
  7. Got mine Friday, but unfortunately the heel pocket is too big. Baked skate twice but couldn't get the smaller fit I need. VH was very responsive and sent skates back to be remade. Praying next pair fit correctly.
  8. Did your order include any oddities something unique, colors?
  9. I wanted to be as accurate as possible and provide as much info as possible. They can disregard if they don't need or want it?
  10. You sound like me, I ordered a player skate but same options as you. Just ordered a couple days ago. I went ahead and used acrylic black paint to stamp my footprint, then did a tracing.
  11. Sent my tracings and measurements. Excited to see how these come out, hope they fit as well as described. I'm a little freaked out about the new toe cap design, but the consensus seems well received.
  12. Did you make any custom changes unique for yourself? Anyone have "must do" recommendations based on their previous experiences? Wondering if the bottom, side piece of leather on the middle/ bottom of the boot, could use a row of stitching.
  13. So what's the feed back from those (if any) that have tried the new tendon guards and toe cap style? Anyone have any different angle pics of the new style player boots?
  14. Too bad Optimus, I was looking forward to your Mako review in the Mako stick review thread!
  15. I went level 1 stiffness also, and I am very happy thus far. I really don't see how this skate would feel any better if it was stiffer?
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