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  1. Bummer, there‘s not much I can do then. Maybe the cuff roll can be replaced. Are you looking to move your mitts @JR Boucicaut?
  2. Thanks for your replies guys! @JR Boucicaut Did you find a way to mend this? Do you still have your Z-Airs?
  3. Hi everyone I have a question for you guys concerning an older Easton pro stock glove I have. It‘s an old Brad RichardsTampa Bay glove that has a leather cuff roll that seems to exhibit some kind of deterioration. The white coloring/paint(?) on the cuff roll has become very sticky in places and comes of upon touch. Have you guys ever seen this kind of deterioration (see image)? Can this be stopped or are the cuffs lost?
  4. Does anybody know how pro stock Mako’s differ from the retail version? Also, is anybody able to figure out the tag in mine? Are they pro stock?
  5. Did anybody here switch from Mako II‘s to True by any chance?
  6. Thanks for your reply, I‘ll be on the lookout then for a pair in size 9. Another question relating to the Mako‘s, can the extendon guards be replaced?
  7. Hmmm... so I dug out those old Synergy skates (they are a 9.5) and they fit me super snug, even unlaced. My toes touch the toe cap. I still wonder if the Mako‘s will fit similar...
  8. Yep, pretty accurate. I do wear my shoes snug, but not tight, then again the sizing varies even within brands... I wear anywhere from a 9 to a 10.5. My size 10 Red Wing Chukka boots that fit me very well (they were a bit tight at first) say 28cm on the label. I do remember those Synergy skates fitting fine, not loose but also not super snug. The Razor Blade holders on that skate were a size 288, while on my current skates they are a Tuuk LS2 at 280.
  9. Thanks for your reply guys! My feet meassure 27.8 cm (left) and 28 cm (right) and I used to have a pair of Synergy skates way back when they were first released (2005ish?) and they were a size 9.5 US. I do wear a US shoe size of around 10 usually. So I probably should be about a size 8.5 or 9 in Makos, no?
  10. I have two questions concerning the Mako skates: Size: In the experience of those of you who used them, do they run true to your shoe size? Did anybody actually order from that ad on Facebook and receive their skates? Thanks for your help!
  11. Mine also took around two weeks from scanning to delivery.
  12. So, had my first skate in my new True skates today (after baking them) and I gotta say WOW! People who said they are comfortable certainly didn't exaggerate, I never had the experience that a skate fitted perfectly from the get-go, these feel like slippers, no pain or sore spot at all. The Step Black Steel blades with their higher profile take some getting used too and I have to say that the True skates aren't the lightest skates I ever had, but boy are they comfortable... I definitely see why people love these skates so much. Concerning the overall build quality, yes, they aren't as perfect as you run off the mill Bauers or CCM, but heck they are handmade in Canada, rather than some sweatshop in China or Thailand and in some areas you see the manual labor that goes into these skates, so I don't really mind. I'm sure VH/True will work out those kinks with time.
  13. I've heard a lot of complaints about the LS Edge from fellow players, the blades apparently often start to get kind of wobbly. I've been using Tuuk holders for many years, so I chose to go with them instead of the Step holders, even though the Steps seem to be good.
  14. Thanks! Interesting, I was told they don't need to be baked... Alas, I can fit them even unbaked. But I will eventually get them baked in that case.
  15. Recently got back into playing hockey and was in need of new skates, so I decided to go for the True's, some custom appointments on these: Looking forward to test them asap. What's the opinion, do these have to be baked, or can they be used straight out of the box?
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