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  1. In about 5 hours I'll be getting ready for my surgery. I skated last night and it was helpful keeping my mind off my impending surgery. It's starting to sink in that it's happening. So I will be getting my thyroid removed along with all the lymph nodes in my neck. followed by a second surgery to remove lymph nodes in my chest. Thankfully it will be done laparoscopic and I won't be having my chest cracked open like in open heart surgery. But I'll have a chest tube in for about 24 hours and that's not going to be very pleasant. I want to thank the people who have reached out to me.
  2. I saw my surgeon yesterday and I’m having surgery on May 23. I’ll be having a complete Thyroidectomy and bilateral neck dissection. I have multiple cancerous lymph nodes that need to come out. There’s a lot of scary complications, but they are all low chances of happening. The tough part is the lymph nodes that are close to other structures or deep in muscles. There’s some near my corroded artery and jugular.
  3. In the latest installment of what’s wrong with Steve. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer today. I had a CT after my facial fracture that showed some abnormal lymph nodes. After a follow up CT of my chest and neck they found multiple enlarged lymph nodes and a nodule on my thyroid. I had a biopsy of a lymph node last Thursday. I got the results today of Thyroid carcinoma. I’ll see someone from endocrinology and their surgeons to discuss next steps. I will most likely have my thyroid removed. After that I don’t know. So in a strange way getting hit with that puck and getting a facial fracture may save my life.
  4. I hit the ice tonight after a little over six weeks after a facial fracture. With getting surgery to put plates in to hold my fracture back together it seemed like it would take forever to get back. Very happy to get back tonight.
  5. When I was in my twenties I was always in and out hospitals and doctors offices. My Friend's would joke That I should have a gold card and a reserved parking space. It's bad enough when I brought my Dad and wife for their colonoscopies the staff said "Hi Steve, What are you doing here?" I have doctor offices that know my last name & birthday when I check in.
  6. I hope so. This weekend is going to be pretty crappy
  7. So after wiring my upper jaw didn’t work I went back today. They decided to put in two plates to stabilize the fracture. Definitely not feeling too great right now. Hopefully after this weekend it’ll feel better.
  8. So for fun they decided to move things manually. So I’m about an eleven in a scale of one to ten.
  9. Multiple facial fractures. Looks like I’m going under the knife.
  10. Well it finally happened. I took a shot to the face tonight. All my teeth on my right side are in the middle of my mouth. I’m currently waiting for a CT scan to see if it’s a facial fracture or dental surgery. Thankfully it’s not as painful as I thought it was going to be. But I’m sure that won’t last after it gets fixed. They’re going to give me Tylenol. I’m sure that will help.
  11. I’ve been using Hoapa sticks for two years and I’ve been happy with them. Some of their newer sticks are very close to high end sticks. Prices range from $100 to $200. If you don’t mind not having the top end sticks this a good option. I have problems finding pro stock sticks with the specs I like. Pro stock sticks are available at good prices. So you can get a quality stick at good prices.
  12. I’ve been using Hoapa sticks for a couple years now. The first few I bought I liked. I knew going in that I was getting the same as a high end stick. The biggest reasons why I tried them was because of the customization. The latest sticks I’ve bought have been almost like the top brand name sticks. The bed part is they are built and shipped quickly. You get them within ten days. Their PRO+ two pack sticks are $200. I have trouble finding pro stocks that are close to what I like. I agree that pro stocks are a great way to get quality sticks for half of retail.
  13. Biopsies didn’t show any dysplasia. Which is good, but he wasn’t able to take as many biopsies as he wanted to. Everything looked bad, so now I’m waiting to see where I go from here. In the report it has pictures and it was pretty ugly.
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