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  1. I’ve been using Hoapa sticks for a couple years now. The first few I bought I liked. I knew going in that I was getting the same as a high end stick. The biggest reasons why I tried them was because of the customization. The latest sticks I’ve bought have been almost like the top brand name sticks. The bed part is they are built and shipped quickly. You get them within ten days. Their PRO+ two pack sticks are $200. I have trouble finding pro stocks that are close to what I like. I agree that pro stocks are a great way to get quality sticks for half of retail.
  2. Biopsies didn’t show any dysplasia. Which is good, but he wasn’t able to take as many biopsies as he wanted to. Everything looked bad, so now I’m waiting to see where I go from here. In the report it has pictures and it was pretty ugly.
  3. I haven’t gotten the biopsies back, but things didn’t look good during the procedure. My doctor said that there was significant inflammation and couldn’t do what he wanted because of the inflammation. so I’m waiting for the results of my biopsies and afterwards will discuss options. My doctor didn’t seem very optimistic when we talked afterwards on what he saw. So I'm In limbo waiting for the results. ☹️
  4. Feel better. Hernia repairs are no joke.
  5. So my big colonoscopy is tomorrow. unfortunately, run of the mill for me. The only thing different this time is the doctor will be using dye to do targeted biopsies. The colonoscopy will be twice as long so they're having me get general anesthesia for this one. So I won't get to experience the cramping, which is nice. Then I wait for the results. Not exactly looking forward to another surgery.
  6. It’s official out 8-12 weeks. pretty easy to see the fracture
  7. When I was in my twenties my friends used to joke I should have my own parking spot.
  8. So spring hasn’t been good at all. My latest colonoscopy showed some mild dysplasia (precancerous tissue). I’m getting a more enhanced colonoscopy in the fall. And depending on how that looks I’ll be getting surgery to either remove a portion of my colon removed or a total colectomy. Then if that wasn’t enough I stepped on a puck and went into the boards and broke my shoulder. The top corner of my humerus broke. I’m seeing Orthopedics tomorrow to see if I need to have surgery for that. There goes my summer.
  9. Seattle Kraken equipment sale.
  10. I just got a Christmas sweater to go with my socks!!
  11. I've been very happy with Elite Hockey Skate Socks. I use Elite Pro-X700 Ultra Bamboo crew.
  12. Easton Z-air retail glove, Black 13.5", Brand new Nash palm with digital with digital heel $100 with shipping included
  13. Just got my old retail Easton Z-Air gloves repalmed. SkateTech did them. I did Nash and digital heel.
  14. Sticks were very limited. I didn’t look. Gloves were $50.
  15. My haul from the Worcester Railers equipment sale. Plus got a couple pairs of the third jersey socks. Gloves are 13” coverts. Definitely need to get them cleaned.
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