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  1. Chadd, So what your saying is the non retail pro stock curves are all player specific codes and not general patters like the retail customizer ones? I am basically looking for P92 without the rocker. I want it to lay flat on the ice like the P14. I like P14 but blade is too short. Also, i would want the blade neutral and not heelish open like P92. So basically a mid toe no rocker neutral. Any thoughts? Thanks
  2. Hello, I have the ability to order custom pro stock sticks through Bauer rep. does anyone know or have a pattern database for Bauer pro stock curves? Thanks
  3. Anyone try these yet? Inwear a medium in Rbk 9Ks how will the warriors fit? True to size? Smaller/larger? Thanks
  4. Whats that? Poor communication skills! Lmao
  5. How can pitch be altered? Through heel lifts or do they do something to the boot? Thanks When will APX2 be available for custom ordering?
  6. Do you have a blank copy of the sheet? Thanks
  7. Check out NO ICING sports or ask Jimmy on here. It's like FBV only even more glide and speed just have to be good with your edges
  8. Whoa ok. No need to get a tone. Just wondering if you had any additional info.
  9. So the one.8 will be less padding? Can you elaborate on this please?
  10. How does the G9035 compare in fit to the NXG? Also, how is the weight of skate compared to the Bauers? Thanks
  11. Yeah, I spoke with Bob at Noicingsports and he basically said the same. He did say it was a better steel but only in terms of holding an edge longer and the chrome look. That's it though. Thanks for the response.
  12. For those of you who have had both regular Step and Velocity, is there any difference in performance between Step and Velocity Step? Thanks
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