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Found 17 results

  1. I know there are a bunch of threads about the demise of Graf Canada, but I was curious if anyone had any insight re: whether Graf is making a comeback. They seem to be (at least somewhat) active on social media, but it looks like they're just focused on custom orders, and the only website I can find is the Swiss one. Any idea if those of us in the States might be able to buy Grafs again in the near future?
  2. I've been skating in Bauer one nines for several years & have never been particularly happy with them - first time in twenty-five years of playing that I ever experienced lace bite, despite having almost exclusively worn stiff, top-end skates. It was a problem when they were new and now has become a big problem again as they're breaking down, but almost exclusively in one skate. (I assume I'm overcompensating for the boots getting softer by tying them too tight). I did the pencil test early on, and I don't think it's a volume issue. Also, skate stiffness had never been an issue for me, but the current pair is the first full-composite skates I've worn, so I realize that might be a part of the issue. That said, the fact that the lace bite has persisted even as the skates have gotten softer/more forgiving makes me somewhat skeptical that I could remedy the problem by just dropping down a rung on the Supreme ladder. Over the years, I had liked the Supreme line, and my previous two pairs of skates before these were 8090s and Graf 705s, both of which I had liked a lot. When I bought the one.9s, I tried on whatever the current Nexus was and found it too wide in the heel. I remember liking the Vapors, but for some reason which I have since regretted, went with the Supremes. I'm looking to replace the one nines, and I'm trying to figure out if my problem was a poor fit or whether I just miss the old material skates (which, would, I guess, mean I'd be in the market for a pair of older model Grafs?). I realize that fit and feel are highly personal, but I want to make sure I'm trying on everything I should when I hit my LHS/going about this right. My current skates have been a real frustration, and I want to make the most informed decision that I can. Any thoughts or suggestions welcome.
  3. Graf Ultra G3 Hockey Skates Right Skate is Size 7.5 Left Skate is Size 8.0 Skates are in new condition. Sharpened one time and skated once during a free skate. No adjustments have been made to boot, holder or steel. $325 or best offer. Free Shipping to USA and Canada. International shipping available, buyer to pay fees. Message for more pix.
  4. So I've had Graf Supra G535s for two months now, I've baked them twice, I've had them punched, I've gotten Superfeet footbeds, and I've switched the holders to TUUK LS2s. Yet, despite all these measures, I still get pain on the sides/bottom of my feet when I skate. The best way I can describe it is that it's a dull, fatiguing pain. The pain is most intense when I take off my skates, but then it goes away pretty quickly after. My best guess is that my skates are too narrow for me. They're size 7.5 regular, and they fit very snug lengthwise, but not too snug. My right foot is slightly longer than my left foot, and it slightly touches the toecap when sitting. I always feel like my heels are too far forward in the skate, like they aren't snug in the heel pockets, but they don't move around when skating. Based on this info, would you say that my skates might indeed be too narrow, or could this be another issue? Can you recommend a different pair of skates from what I've told you? I'm partial to Bauer because I like TUUK holders, but I'm open to trying something else. Thanks for reading this block of text!
  5. I have seen some threads here comparing Graf 703s to other Graf models but I have yet to find a real comparison to other companies and modern skates in general. I've had mine since 2000 and it is about time to upgrade, but I would like to find something with a similar fit. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
  6. Hey guys, first post here, so sorry if this is not in the right spot. I was looking online for some reviews of the GRAF G735 Overloads but could only find 1-2. The skate isn't that pricey compared to some of the better Bauer and CCM models, so wondering if anyone here can shed any light on the quality of them and to what kind of skater these would be good for. I have a pair of 707's that I've had for close to 15 years and am reluctant to get rid of them but they're starting to fall apart, and I'm looking to make a smooth transition into another skate. I'd consider myself an advanced skater and I'm not too knowledgable about the skates these days but don't want something that is lower end. Thanks for any input at all!
  7. Hello everyone, As has been well documented, I'm looking for a new stick, and my search has led me to Graf Revolt sticks. I'm probably one of four or five people on this site who uses Junior sticks, but I can discern no difference between the G45 and G95, the middle and top of the line sticks, respectively, aside from a 35 dollar increase in price and 20 gram decrease for the G95. Are there any other differences? I can't find any from HM's description, but I could be wrong.
  8. Hey everyone, I have been skating on my Graf Supra 703s for about 10 years now. I love them and don't want to change, but its time for a new skate. I'd like to transition to another Graf skate that is comparable. Yes, I know that Graf is going out of business, but I have found a few places online that I get some old stock. Problem is, I dont know exactly what size to get. So, I have a few questions. 1) Do the 703s have a marking indicating if they are regular or wide? All my skate says on the inside is "7 031127". 2) Is the "031127" a serial number? Could Graf give me exact size/build details on my skate? 3) What newer Graf model is comparable to the 703? I am looking at the G75 and 9035 right now. Thanks in advance for the help!
  9. Asking for reccommendations on what I should do. Im a bit of a collector of skates. Love them for both fit and vanity reasons. My skates of choice are Graf 707/G7 and micron megas. Both fit great, but have drastically different holders. Specifically speaking Cobras and tuuk plus. I'm a decent skating beer leaguer and would like to be able to transition back and forth depending on what skates I feel like using on a particular night. I don't dislike the look or the pitch of the Cobras, but probably prefer the look of the tuuk. Only thing I don't love about the Cobras would be the steel. So I'm contemplating putting Tuuks on a few pairs of g7's I have. I'm hesitant to make a permanent change to the pitch of my skates and am somewhat concerned that the technology of the original Tuuks might be lacking. I'm not interested in profiling options as I don't trust local sharpeners but I also don't want to be a fish out of water when I decide to flip flop skates. So I'm just curious what others would do for any kind of reason whether performance, preference, aesthetics, etc... should I throw Tuuks on my grafs to minimize the difference btwn transitioning? Should I keep the Cobras and buy step steel? Should I go for the classic look of the tuuk on my grafs? Should I utilize the technology of the cobra?
  10. Im just looking for general knowledge on skating stride and the science/benefits behind skating with a forward pitch. I know some of these topics are scattered throughout the website, but i guess im looking for more specific information. I begain my skating lessons this past weekend and am skating in Graf Ultra G7's. Im a great skater on rollerblades, but im pretty poor on ice. I've probably developed some pretty bad tendencies with my mechanics. I've become accustom to overly stiff skates that are tied too tight (original Vapor 10's). I want to learn the "right way" on ice. I dont think the flexible ankle of the Graf's are really hindering my skating. They are extremely comfortable and fit great, yet my instructor noticed that my ankles were collapsing i guess? I dont really feel it much when im skating, i dont feel like i dont have support there and im someone who loves the feel of the skating supporting me, but he suggested i tie my skates extremely tight all the way through, which i generally do anyway, but he really cranked on the laces. I had always read that the top eyelets of the skates shouldnt be tied "too tight". So that was a surprise to me because i was trying to get away from something that i thought was a bad habit, yet my instructor was encouraging it. Even with the laces cranked though i can still get a solid knee bend bc of the independent ankle construction of the skate. Its not like cranking down on a pair of super stiff skates where you are immobilized. So i was wondering if i should continue to crank the laces or if it would be beneficial to me as a skater to not go so tight up top. Im also torn on the forward pitch. I've always skated on Tuuk Custom+ for the limited times i played on ice. Roller was usually a 80-80-72-72 set up. I dont mind the forward pitch really, but it does feel weird when im asked to sit back on my heels. It doesnt feel natural. Its almost like wearing high heels. When you see women walk in high heels who arent accustomed to it, their legs get wobbly and they lose balance. Thats kind of how i feel when attempting to sit back on my heels. When i put my foot into an old bauer skate i feel much more balanced and supported. Im assuming my muscle memory needs to be reprogrammed which is fine, i have all the time in the world and i really dont feel like screwing with my skates so i was hoping for some positive reinforcement regarding skating with the forward pitch. I have heard some people say to just do what feels best and others rave about the forward pitch once you adjust. Im also confused when people say you should be on the balls of your feet, yet most of my instruction so far has emphasized balancing over the heel of the foot which is weird when your skate is pitched forward. Perhaps my biggest issue yesterday was that i was lunging forward a lot with my mechanics and not sitting back in a more neutral position.
  11. I'm in the market for new boots and beginning to look around the web for deals. A couple pairs have jumped out at me and I was wondering if anyone knew anything about them. The first pair are the Reebok XT Pro Pump. They're under 200 bucks now on IW and I was wondering how they compare to other skates on the reebok/cmm ribcor price point continuum. The other pair were the Graf Supras 735s. They're pretty cheap over on HM and I was wondering if they're just the older version of the G735 overloads. I don't really understand how Graf's product lines are laid out but i'm leaning more towards those anyways just based on past experience. Any info or even recommendations is cool. I don't have a particular style or anything particular in mind. just trying to find a good deal on a good boot
  12. Hello all a new member, found the site and joined. My 13 old son plays, all of us huge Caps fans. For my first question. My son need new skates, ability lever about a 6 based on scale 1 to 10. 1 being can't stand up, 10 being this kid stakes like the NHL. We live in an area where skates and shops are at least 4 hour drive away. His ski racing season is over. His spring season has started and is on rental skates at the moment, we failed to check is old skates over the winter. He got measured at our local rink for a size 5.5, we're going with a size 6 for growth. All that said I ordered 5 pairs of skates from Total Hockey, we'll keep one pair and return the rest. The pair we keep will be sharpened local and cooked when we go see the Caps take on the Avs in Denver in a few weeks. All the skates were on sale or closeout, take a look: 1. Graf Ultra G65 - Listed $550 - paid $179 2. Bauer Supreme 160 - Listed $200 - paid $150 3. Bauer Supreme 170 - Listed $300 - paid $230 4. Easton Stealth RS - Listed $600 - paid $180 5. Easton Stealth 85S - Listed $400 - paid $200 First, for me he most important issue is fit. But assuming all fit well I would like thoughts on the different skates As far as the listed prices go I'm not sure how much that really means, again any thoughts you might have would be a huge help.
  13. Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know first off... I spent almost all day yesterday looking through the forum to find a thread that would answer my question, and found some helpful info but not enough to pull the trigger on the Graf Ultra g9035 yet. P.S. My nearest Graf retailer is about 4 hours away each way:( So, with that being said. My question is: I currently have Vapor x80 size 7EE and had to have the fore foot punched just a little due to a slight discomfort. After punching they fit great for about 6 months of 3 skates per week, but now they seem a little sloppy in the ankle area from stretching. I know I could probably get away with getting the vapors in a D width (so the ankle area won't stretch too much) and just punching the fore foot again but I have really wanted to try Graf skates and I can't pass up the killer deal on the 9035's. Do you guys think the 9035 regular width would be a good fit/ slightly wider in the fore foot compared to the vapor? Looking for any and all input! Thanks in advance for all your help!
  14. Can anyone help me with Graf Switzerland sizing? I currently skate on 7.5 Regular Graf Canada G7 Ultras and am looking at a pair of Swiss G7's. Would I fit 7.5 Swiss Graf G7's or is the sizing different? Also, does anyone know if Graf Canada will be coming back out with the G7 Ultra or 707 Supra model? Thanks.
  15. Hey guys I currently am wearing 7 D in the Easton Mako II skates (which I love) but I am thinking about changing it up and going with some Graf 9035. What is the sizing like on these? There aren't any retailers around me that stock the skate so I would be ordering blind. Anyone have any personal experience with the skates? Any and all help is appreciated!
  16. Hi everyone, my problem: HEEL LIFT in my right skate. My story: I have started with X50 Bauer (size 6EE) these are pretop of x60. Everything was absolutely perfect. Stable skates, no pain or anything. BUT after one season my problem start to kill me. Heel lift in my right skate has destroyed my whole game, I cannot concentrate on the game because of the control loss. As far as problem still exist I don't know what to do to fix the problem. What I did: Fist what I have decided is to buy a new skates. I have thought, may be x50s just done. So I have bought Bauer APX (6EE). Fit - very tight overall in the shop, after baking and brake in my problem did not go away. After almost one season of ugly hockey, I have got Total NXG 6EE (actually I wanted Nexus 1000). Perfect fit in the shop. First what Ive realized was another skating because of this movable tendon guard on NXG. Heel lift again. Graf G75 - custom (Switzerland) Left - size 6 (smaller than 6 in bauer). normal width Right - size 5.5, Narrow width, toebox from size 5 skates. problem didn't go away. Now I'm going to get stable 26 socks. Please, does anyone has some thoughts about all this? Haglunds on this pic Navicular bone is much smaller on the right foot (what you see is just skin). on the left it a real bone and there is much less skin on it
  17. http://www.modsquadhockey.com/forums/index.php?/files/file/159-2013-graf-catalogue/ Skates - Graf is introducing a new line for 2013; MCI Technology. What they have done is layering carbon fiber in different directions to create different stiffnesses in zones. The layer that starts at the third eyelet and goes towards the back of the skate is the zone that will come in three different stiffnesses, so the skate will be offered in 75, 85 and 95 flex, in every size. The two quarters are asymmetrical - the inside ankles are shifted forward to be more anatomically correct. It is then bound together to continue their distinct heel profile and forward lean. The exterior is coated with their V2 Surlyn to protect the carbon underneath. The padding is integrated into the liner, and is a complete piece, and then layered into the boot. What also is interesting about the liner is that the material behind the liner that goes on your foot is moisture-resistant so any moisture stays on the liner and does not seep into the boot. The liner is new - it almost feels like PoronXRD, however has a tiny bit of that fuzz feel to it - extremely comfortable. The tongue is a thinner felt, and has heat-moldable material throughout the tongue. The fit is distinctive - it has the profile of a x35 boot, however the Achilles channel down the middle is a tad bit wider than that model. They've essentially taken that boot and crossed it with the G75. Top model is the G9035; the G8035 has glass instead of carbon fiber, and the G7035 goes with a microfiber liner and EPP quarter construction. The line rounds out from 5035, 3035 to 1035. The SRPP skates stay the same. The classic series stays the same, however, the 705 and 709 no longer has the ribbed quarter - it's smooth like what is on the 703, and has a new liner as well, which is a microfiber, also, new graphics packages across the board; the tendon guard notably. For goalies, the new G9035 and G5035 are based off the player models. New yellow cowling is an option as well. Sticks - Unchanged from 2012, however, an XWhip 65 flex in adult length has been added to the lineup. Gloves - Unchanged other than new colorways. Protective - Unchanged
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