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  1. How's this? Oooooh weeeeee that's ugly! I like it!
  2. Silver is available in porto only unfortunately. My guess is if I want to match the colors in nylon I'm gonna have to do Carolina grey and Boston gold.
  3. Nah, this is my own concoction. LOL Only problem that I foresee is if we can do it with TPS is that the gloves will be more than $99.
  4. LOL I'm not making this glove for you guys! That's my glove :)
  5. Nah, those are MY gloves...just drummed them up... The only problem is that most people won't want them unfortunately.
  6. I think I can arrange another group order with Mission, possibly TPS. The gloves will have to be the same.
  7. I think I have come up with a design for my MSH edition HGTs. Silver glove (yes, silver!) with black and yellow accents :)
  8. I'm working on a crazy-ass HGT. Gonna bite the bullet and get a pair...
  9. $140. Paul did them through me. I must add, he has stinky skates. :)
  10. If you pm Sande, I think he will be able to send you a custom sheet and you will be able to get your customized sandes by him.(I'm not sure) Too bad you gotta wait forever.
  11. HGT like Frolov's but without the big cuff. Tapered fingers.
  12. It's not that I can't afford them, it's that I just might not be able to wear them.
  13. I am thinking of doing a pair of TPS custom gloves but I have to hold off on them now. It depends if I get the job I'm trying for or not.
  14. Yeah, those are the new XT 970s. I currently use the CB M1 gloves. I also have TPS HG1 customs.
  15. These are the ones I've done... Hockeyshark Mack I've also done customs for Jay, Sundinleafs137, and Mojo122. Mine but sold to bobEP
  16. Product: Hespeler Alpha Nemesis / Smyth pattern / 260 Flex / left-handed Aesthetics - The stick's pretty! It has a very glossy look to it, and the graphics are beneath the paint. The foil look is very nice, and the stick isn't a loud color but still stands out. 10/10 Blade - The blade is very well-made. Very stiff coming out of the box. However, after a few uses, I was able to bend the blade slightly and hear a crackling sound (which I've heard with other sticks, so I wasn't overly concerned with it). It never got worse from the initial time I heard it, which is pretty reassuring. 8/10 Flex - It's an 260, which is equivalent to a 90 in Easton ratings. I thought the 260 would be too stiff for me coming from a 90 Mission, and when I flexed it in the store, I was like "No way can I use this." I was reassured that the stick will flex more on the ice, and it did. It was weird, but it works. 9/10 Stickhandling/receiving passes - As you probably know, I'm not a big fan of composite blades. I really could never get used to the feel of them as I prefer wood. I usually get a lot of vibration in my elbow and forearm from using graphite blades. However, this is where the best features of the Alpha shine. I would have guys basically shoot passes at me and I'd receive them on the Vybe insert, and it would totally cushion it. Totally what I was looking for. 10/10 Shooting - The stick shot really well - I honestly was expecting the insert to rob some of the power/accuracy, but it didn't. The only problem I had was the curve. It had a little bit of toe at the end, which I wasn't used to. I think an Alpha in a Boucicaut pattern should be in the works. 8.5/10 Weight and balance - Very good balance. Not heavy - just a good weight to it. 9.5/10 Durability - Everyone is different with sticks. Some people bust them regularly and then you have guys like me who rarely break any. This one lasted for me, and I'll be donating it to another user so they can put up a review. 9.5/10 Intangibles - Keep in mind this stick was a demo. I experienced some paint chipping off the shaft whenever it was slashed on, leaving a grey primer look under it. However, according to Hespeler, the problem has been rectified. 8/10 In conclusion, this is the product that the Si-Core tried to become. Sure, it sounds gimmicky, but it works. It was the only OPS that I ever used that I was comfortable with right off the bat. A better curve and a tad bit flexier, and I'd call it perfect. 72.5/80 = 91% Thanks goes out to the guys at Hespeler for providing me the opportunity to test out their product. I hope this review will be a valuable tool for future research and development of Hespeler products.
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