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    Bauer Vapor XXII
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    Warrior AK27
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    CCM U+12
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    Bauer 5500
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    Warrior Method
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    Easton S7
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    Easton S7
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    Warrior Franchise
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    RBK 5K

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  1. Don't know a lot about football uni's, but isn't the Giants "first" colour blue? I was looking at putter head covers the other day and the majority of the Pats was grey and the Giants were blue. I think making grey the majority colour was a smart move, they look amazing.
  2. So jealous of the 30's Krypt. That is an amazing find.
  3. Yeah, parking here in Halifax is already super tight. You can buy parking passes worth less, but you're not guaranteed a parking spot. We actually had a prof leave the school because he was fed up with the parking situation. Always been an Audi fan, great to hear someone else also appreciates them haha pretty jealous of that line up.
  4. School bills stop me from investing. Parking at school is an extra $1400 per 8 months. Almost bought an '06 Audi A6 wagon with s-line package on it until I moved too far away from campus that it would require me to find parking so the cost got just looked way too high. Some great rides here.
  5. Those Luxes are amazing.
  6. Cascade must make a killing on team sales. My former high school team also started rocking them. Wish we got stuff like that when I was there, all we got were t-shirts.
  7. Pretty sure I lost half my brain cells from using that stuff haha not sure about the new stuff, but in the 90's/early 2000's it was like sniffing 15 sharpies markers at once.
  8. Absolutely beautiful skates. Only thing is the felt toe that I question, any plans towards protecting those?
  9. This is starting to grow on me....a lot.
  10. Bauer cages going to fit size for size? Putt on my 5500 the other night and it seemed a little tight near the top of my head and just could not get it adjusted right. When you mention it being a bit wider than past Easton helmets, how would it compare to 5500? Thinking about trading in 5500 and some lacrosse gear at a local shop and if I could get it for about $80, if the fit is right, seems like a good deal.
  11. My envy for you is enormous right now.
  12. Wider than the S19, how about depth though? My 5500 is a decent fit, at the time 6 years ago it was one of the larger volume helmets I tried on. Glad to hear it's easier to mount a visor, that's one thing that turned me away from even looking at Easton helmets in the past. Looking to go to a visor probably later this year or next, so that's a positive.
  13. Like the idea, though hawk jersey's don't seem "moster" enough for the image haha.
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