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    Bauer Vapor X:60
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    TotalOne MX3 & TotalOne NXG - P88 67 flex
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    X:60 Blackhawks
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    Bauer 9900, 7500 & 4500
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    Bauer 8000
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    Nike V10
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    NBH One90
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    One90 Shins
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    Toronto Maple Leafs SMI Team Bag

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    Hockey, Golf and Cars!
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  1. It's been a long time since I've posted...life's been crazy in the past 3 years; ended my personal business, got engaged, got married, moved twice, the passing of our baby...so now I'm back and finally got the gear set up in the new home. Always loved the Supreme line of sticks from the start: One90, One95, TotalOne, NXG and MX3
  2. Not new like the Vapor XXX skates i got last week but I've been on the hunt for these in my size for a VERY LONG time to add to my Vapor line-up. Drove over an hour for them but they were a steal deal Have: Vapor 10, XX, XXX, X60 Missing: Vapor 8, XXXX and APX/X7.0
  3. These just arrived in the mail today...can't believe I found these BRAND NEW in box and at a deal I couldn't refuse! Been on the hunt for these as I've been collecting every generation of Vapor skates
  4. Cheese, didn't know it was you and not that I was crapping on the post or anything. I would've done the same (c'mon, it's Kessel stick + GTA = upsell!). Just thought it was weird the pics looked the same as figgifumi so i was confused as to if he sold it or not lol goodluck on the sale, i have the exact same model! too bad i'm not a righty =[
  5. i thought figgifumi sold this already? http://ontario.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-sports-bikes-Phil-Kessel-Game-Used-Stick-Bauer-One95-RH-77-Flex-Pro-Stock-W0QQAdIdZ267248037
  6. Don't know who'd pay this much for this...I thought it was Pro Stock and maybe a diehard collector would consider..BUT it's not http://cgi.ebay.com/Easton-Synergy-Hockey-Stick-SHANAHAN-85-LH-Rare-/260750010055?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cb5e966c7#ht_500wt_1081
  7. nothing beats hockey tape from costco! nice glove collection cheeseplz, loving the Torspo Leafs gloves!
  8. what a beaut! what was the special deal from monkey? aren't they like $99 a pair?
  9. they sell them at the Real Sports store outside the ACC. you can probably give them a call and see if they'll ship them out to you. IMO quite pricey considering it's Toronto
  10. Versteeg uses the same rectangular tubing shaft, reminded me of the aluminum shaft days
  11. thanks! the warrior gloves i picked up from someone locally and he said he got'em from the warrior clearance sale somewhere in the US. they were most likely custom team orders as it says "VIKINGS" on the cuff. caldakid, yup they're the Patrick Kane pro overrun sticks. really stiff flex but i just had to have it when i saw it in-store auto, never! lol the warriors surprisingly are the same colors the team i'm going to be playing with in the new year I was at TSR couple of days ago! was in the Boston area for work and drove up to Salem knowing I would be leaving with some stuff! Too bad I missed out as they didn't have very much Bauer pro's in-stock and no sizes in the 4-rolls "Dunlop" gloves =(
  12. So December has been a pretty good month for me (Birthday & Christmas) and it's taken some time but the gf fully support this "hobby" of mine And here's the rest of the gear... The Family Tree ...And the Tree Branches
  13. Dupes, Did you pick those up from PSHG? And the helmet is the Leafs blue S13?
  14. Damn ucla, how'd you snag the kaberle franchises? what size are they anyways?
  15. Not Bauer products, unless there's a way!
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