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  1. I still have faith, Vet. I'll use JR's idea and stick something on my two big toes for the next baking. I don't necessarily think that will expand the toe cap at all, but it will push my heel back as much as possible, which should help. The c-clamp sounds extreme, but will try that as well for the ankle slipping. The left foot doesn't have that ankle movement issue, so that is a positive. Thanks for your advice. Sounds like you have had a similar experience to me. What has been your ultimate solution? It's just frustrating that I have been skating on composite ice skates for years and I figured this would be much smoother. Especially coming from Missions that are literally 10+ years old and probably retailed at $350 bucks at that time (a mid-tier skate).
  2. Today, not so good either. Can these things be baked a 3rd time? I assume it will be no issue. Now, the toe on the R side is good- Hardly pressing against the front.. But for some reason, my heel is not locking and I molded these with my kung-fu grip after baking. Baked a few Kors and Mako's and never had this issue. When I lift my right leg when skating, I feel the right side of the heel lift a little, such as if there is a bubble there. Also, the lace bite is rather bad, but maybe that is just an issue of getting used to the skate. I loosened the top two eyelets and that helped dramatically.
  3. Can the CA9's be stretched to any degree? Length-wise, they seem quite good aside from my big toe. The rest have ample room, but when I skate the big toe on both skates hit the toe box, which is actually quite painful after a while and definitely hurts my skating. The first skate with them was a disaster, but I assume some time to get used to them. Baked a second time yesterday after skating and will try to play with them again today.
  4. Wow, quite drastic. Thanks.
  5. I had the mission pitch holders on positive (+1) Kor skates and loved that...How would that relate to the standard Mako? I have to think I am experiencing more so a sharpening or radius issue.
  6. I tried these a few days ago and some great positives and some negatives (not by fault of the skate). The fit was excellent even though I have to redo the left skate near the balls of my feet. They fit like the Kors, but feel a little thinner (I guess less bulky so to say) and lighter. The right foot, which was baked to perfection felt like a shoe and even though the left was not perfect, I had absolutely no pain after the skate. Usually I do a ski-like tape job, which I saw the Rangers do a few years ago, where you wrap the tape from the heel of the skate up towards the upper laces near the tongue and back down to the heel. I like how it gives support, yet doesn't lock your ankle movement. With these, I didn't have to do that and I felt getting the natural feel of the skate was important anyways. Unfortunately, I can't really give much thought on how I felt skating with them because something was just so off with the blade shallow or profile/ radius. I can't say I know enough about those dynamics to even pinpoint what is so off. I just felt so deep into the ice and so fatigured in a short amount of time. Also, I would be skating hard and just not getting to where I typically should be. I either think they were sharpened much deeper than I asked for. Or else there is a shorter radius, so I was digging in deeper by default. I didn't have the grip I'm used to when accelerating. I am going to take my old skates to the rink and ask them to measure the skate radius (is that a good option?) and then compare to my new ones. Maybe I will even post a picture of them on a flat surface later so some of you experts may chime in, even though that is not really an easy way to gauge much.
  7. I don't know what the pencil test is, but that exact spot is what worried me before baking them since I have "high" feet. I had a lot of troble tucking in the tongue in that area before baking them, but after they just seemed to adjust much better and I trust it won't be an issue.
  8. Thanks, that is nice to know about the baking. They definitely feel tight, an improved version of Kor as others have noted (I still have to give Kor a lot of credit since they developed this tech around a decade ago as far as I know. Amazing). Right foot came out perfect. In fact, when I put it on, I actually heard the air escaping the boot at the last second, haha. The left feels a little too tight right around the outside balls of my feet and I imagine I will have to correct that somehow. Will try them tonight. One thing I am happy with is that with the pitch runner that I am used to at +1 and my preference to skate in a forward stance, that transition should be fairly simple going into the Mako's.
  9. I'm assuming no, but can these be baked again if proper outcome is not achieved? Or is only spot heating recommended after the bake? I looked through much of this thread but may have missed it. Thanks. Been watching quite a few of the reviews online...Just one Q...Isn't it correct that Kor really opened to doors to this vision and technology?
  10. Agreed! 95% of the time when I play Roller, it is just me and the Ipod and I am quite happy with that! As far as current "venting," I need a job and it aggrevates me daily
  11. Just a guess, but the people calling him cocky may have also done so because of his flashy style + Equipment (lol) that he used in Jrs.
  12. Hell, even demon spawn Jagr took Prucha under his wing his first season here.
  13. Great to hear on the goal. Just continues to impress
  14. Simma.... And take your whining act to the NYR 07-08 thread where it belongs
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