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  1. Not accusatory at all, I think there is a ton of confusion about how each company makes their skates. I agree, I'd love for someone to come on here and explain for all 3 brands to clear up the confusion. If you look at True's website, they clearly state that the skate is "Built from the inside out using a custom 3D foot last built to the individual skater's foot" But what exactly does that mean? Does that mean they use the stock last that fits closest to the players foot and add pieces to it (like i've heard) or is a new last created for each player as I feel is suggested by that wording?
  2. Maybe I'm misinformed. We'll see.
  3. Comes down to skate depth. The scanner will recommend a skate based on depth, width will be determined by the last the skate is manufactured with.
  4. I heard it was a liquid wax with teflon, but I have no idea if that's true or not.
  5. Correct. If you order an FT1/AS1/70K total custom, they will go through the same 3D mold process. All total custom skates, both player and goalie, will get 3D molded. I -think- the only exception is the 50K, I'm almost positive that one doesn't.
  6. Total custom is available for all player skate models, yes. the 3D molded only option is just for the AS1 right now.
  7. Definitely an interesting idea. Here is my questions, and this isn't knocking the idea at all- I'm curious to see what people think. 1. Why would a customer come to this store if they can purchase the item from a competitor without having to wait? 2. If a customer really wants something that isn't readily available (for instance, an obscure pattern stores in the area aren't carrying) Is that customer going to come to you to order it, or are they going to know enough about the product that they will just order it from somewhere without looking at it first? The thing is, a lot of people like the "big box" experience specifically because they have a ton of inventory. Customers will try on five different pairs of the same glove....because they can. And for whatever reason, they like doing so. All of the freebies and giveaways are great, but ultimately, are you getting a return on that? Are people going to continue shopping with you specifically for that freebie, or will they leave you to buy something for 10 bucks cheaper when the time comes? Customer loyalty is really fickle sometimes. Also, you will be out of stock on things at some point in time. You will also overbuy from time to time. It's just the cost of doing business at that level. Obviously, you minimize this to the best of your ability, but short of a crystal ball- it's going to happen. This model has a lot of advantages for the retailer, but I'm not sure it offers anything for the customer that would make it work.
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