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  1. A lot of you probably don't know me or remember me, but I had a few inbox questions asking about how I was doing so I thought I would post on here. I don't really know when the last time I updated on here so I'll go with this! I'm 20 years old now was finally properly diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Due to this diagnosis I am now on medication and my life has been in pretty great order for about a year. After dropping out of school and changing majors I am enrolled in the same university I began at, and I'm a Junior by credit hours (due to a lot of summer classes) with a >3.0 GPA. I became involved in a fraternity that keeps me out of trouble and allows me to have a support base similar to what my hockey team was in my hardest times. I finally gained closure with my ex girlfriend's death about 8 or so months ago. I began dating again 5 months ago and I am in the first romantic relationship any of my friends/family sees as healthy. Thanks a lot to the community of people who helped me through some hard times, I felt like y'all deserved an update! I have retired from hockey instead of pick up games here and there with old linemates, but I'll try and drop by if that would please anyone! Oh and I am drug and alcohol free as well! Have been for a long time!
  2. Agreed, there is a non drinking fraternity I am thinking of joining here. I know at least 2 of the guys in it are openly alcoholics as well. Might be good for me.
  3. Very true, my friends this year clearly did not care that I am an alcoholic as they put me around alcohol as a DD and in their apartment.
  4. Thank you both of you. I am going to continue to try and stay sober. I just have to stay away from people who don't have my best interests at heart.
  5. One word. Relapse. I am ashamed of myself.
  6. Sad to see a friend who I came into college clean of her alcohol addiction relapse.
  7. I had just gotten back from working out, when my dorms fire alarm went off as my roommate and I were in the showers. (Separate showers) We had to just throw towels on and go outside, it was 38 degrees with a windchill of 16. We were soaking wet and just wearing towels too. God awful.
  8. Killed it in the gym today. Hopefully I am getting back on track to being back into the shape I was Junior year of high school. Nothing helps feeling down than just getting all your stress out during workout. Plus I got all my homework done meaning my weekend should be pretty laid back. DDing for a sorority on campus in exchange for dinner at the house the next 2 weeks. Too solid.
  9. I'm very sorry to hear that Chadd. Sometimes items are the best way to remind someone who has passed.
  10. Only bad part about being roommates with your best friend is all the practical jokes. Today he managed to lock both our keys in our room, when pulling a prank. Our RA doesn't even know how thats possible. And the front desk lost the main key so we are just chilling until our suitemate gets back to let us in.
  11. Got all stressed over a paper yesterday and my professor gave us another week to do it! I am pretty happy with it already so only a little bit of editing was needed.
  12. Had an absolutely awful day. It's in the sweet spot though because I know I won't let it get to me anymore and it's in the past, here it to a better week!
  13. Had an awesome day today, made some new friends and put myself out there instead of letting my social anxiety take control!
  14. That's really awesome man! Congratulations!
  15. Out of rehab and have never felt better!
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