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  1. Zach what is the boot fit like? Looking for something closer to new tacks fit. Narrow heal, wider forefoot, low arch, medium to medium + volume
  2. Raganblink I don't know about adult markets but here in norcal with the youth market CCM is very popular. On most of the youth travel teams its close to 50 /50 lately. Thanks KG. Kind of want to order a pair. They look pretty nice
  3. Yes there are a lot of figure skaters here. Large Asian population with lots of figure skaters. That said Cathy Andrade who runs a skating clinic and has skating coaches under her wears Grafs as do some of her coaches. So you see them / the yellow G on the ice a fair amount. My kid wore them until the last line. Does anyone know how the peek speeds fit? I see Monkey has them. We just switched over to the new 2016 Tacks. They fit the boy well similar to the old Reebok's but better build quality.
  4. My kids coach works at Giant and they have the 7035s in and some other stuff is trickling in.Checked out some jr. 7035s today. I am a huge fan of this boot already. The jr. 7035s lateral stiffness is nuts. I compared it to a lot of other jr skates and was really suprised at the build. Even his coach was saying for him he woukd go with Grafs.
  5. So are they still releasing the jr 7035s then? He had to move to Reeboks for the time but wanted to check out 7035s for next skate.
  6. u wanna sell those nikes? it wont let me pm u. says you cant use messenger service?

  7. Awww this was better then a young and the restless episode. I have had no issues with Tron. Even stopped by shop when down in SoCal. Big nice clean and no pressure.
  8. Justin while it likely won't matter because if I buy I will get the 12s, but yesterday asked on facebook page also. Someone from your company replied y11 and y12 have four wheels. The new Reebok 3k with labeda chasis also have 4 wheels in y11 and y12. I think 59 also so I would think yours also? completely not you guys, but HGiant sucks huge. I called them a few days ago the guy said he figured 3 wheels, asked if he could check and said none around. Emailed customer service asking to have the warehouse snap a picture they ignored request and said they believe 3 wheels. Responded asking them to please just have someone in the warehouse look at skate. They never responded. They suck. I understand they are a huge Etailer but their CS is $hit. I didn't think asking them to physically look at a product they're selling was a bizarre or unreasonable request. IW is awesome but they aren't carrying the youth only Jr and Sr so couldn't ask them.
  9. I am interested in the skates for my son. I am trying to find out if the y11 and y12 are 3 or 4 wheel. I like the aggressive pitch on the boot. He primarily plays ice and has been skating on wedged ice skates since 3. He is starting to play a little roller and is practicing with the Quakes and another club team out of Rollin Ice in San Jose. The skate looks great but I am worried about boot depth as he can't wear Bauer or Easton because they aren't deep enough. Can you also advise what the ca3 in youth fits like.
  10. If those frames had been dyed black it would look more tied together. The White just jumps off. Of course I guess when using a gold boot things jumping out is nothing strange.
  11. Ah okay. JR do they just have the equipment managers shave them? I am guessing as I wouldnt think Bauer would do this. Also is this something that a proshop would do or only a select few? Wonder what they would charge for this.
  12. I got to imagine some of the pros wearing these have no arches like me. What do they do for those guys?
  13. XXVR is pretty high end roller boot I thought. I cant wear Bauers No arch and wide foot.
  14. Picked these up on a steal. Someone had these done at the proshop and then never picked them up. 6 months later I stumble in and get them for 70.00 complete. The pumps still work and they are nice and broke in fit like a glove.
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