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  1. Thanks for the note - i assume that you're looking for this type of finish (BTW - love the old school look of the Response). http://www.hockeyworld.com/index/page/product/product_id/1557 It;s pretty close - not as " gummy " as those offered on some of the other grip sticks ( like our AMP1100 series). I know that back in the day - guys in the various rooms really liked the feel (not sure if it was the texture or the shaft / mandrel shape).
  2. Good morning Alex - The GX8 model is one of the best values in the market for a number of reasons - worked with our stick supplier to get the best value ( price vs specs) / older model at the end of the life cycle. These sticks are almost all gone - if you like them - pick one up. Great feedback on the replacement version - the specs are more closely related to the AMP900 and the Q8 model. Same curve and flex options as those offered in the GX8 just updated design and feel.
  3. Thank you for your note regarding our new product offering. Correct in the note that our GX / Pro Stock series has evolved into an updated Q Series. The stick series has a more refined taper than the previous series. The decal on the blade is no way our attempt to tell the player how / where to launch the puck - trust me - we all struggle just trying to hit the NET! The toe drag enhancer- riased decal at the toe area is our way to increase the frcition and thus keep the puck on the blade a little longer. (I know that the tape gets in the way but after taping - you still get a raised feel on the blade). What isn't seen ( or felt) are the raised edges on the inside of the shaft and the outer top edge of the shaft - again to provide better grip and feel ( similar to our pebbled AMP series). The Series is about control and feel What hasn't been discontined is the price / value proposition. We know that one of our differentiators is the ability to provide high quality products at an affordable price. Within the next weeks - the Q series will be better local retailers. At worst case - we will have a full compliment of samples at the 2014 SummerJam Demo event. Always happy to be part of the " community".
  4. Thanks for everyone's real positive comments..... As it relates to product availability - the following are our expected delivery dates Composite sticks - AMP 1100 / AMP 900 - most are in stock - limited flex / curves - mostly being used within our Junior Teams. Gloves - PRO STOCK - We have stock colours in house ready to be shipped out....we are working on a custom process whereby Team specific ( or player specific) gloves will / can be ordered. We've had a few requests for Ranger style Pro Stock....Stay tuned! Gloves - GX8 - Our target is to have them in house mid to late May 2013 - just in time for those summer leagues and fitting days for teams. For those interested - we will have full sample bag of sticks and gloves for all to test out at this Summer's event!
  5. The AMP series will range from $229.99 ( AMP1100) to $119.99 (AMP 700) - depending of your local retailers " generosity". The OV8 curve is not offered on the AMP series but can still be found on the PRO STOCK Team stick, Send us an email and we will send you close up pictures of the OV8 curve.
  6. Thanks for the note.....I know that sometimes the term PRO STOCK is confusing - the interesting piece is that Winnwell Hockey ( well before the current management team) had the foresight to register the name " PRO STOCK" as a registered trade mark. Great question.... The AMP Series sticks are designed with a longer taper by having us switch over to a spear type construction at the fuse area. Click on the link to learn a little more about not only the AMP series but the entire composite stick lineup. Protective - We are re-working our mid level and top level protective series - watch the for reveal in 2014 GX4 gloves - glad you liked the colors - coupled with a great value story / extended in stock sizes (10" to 15") and the NXT odor management technology - we look to build on the positive momentum in the weeks / months to come.
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