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    Mission Boss with sprungs, and CCM U+
  • Stick
    CCM U+
  • Gloves
    MIA MB22 or Eagle PPFi
  • Helmet
    CCM V08
  • Pants
    Bauer 8000
  • Shoulder Pads
    Itech SP50
  • Elbow Pads
    old DR's
  • Shin Pads
    Bauer 6000
  • Hockey Bag
    CCM V06

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    victoria bc
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  1. Nice jerseys Fletch! They'll match your skates very nicely ;)
  2. My RBK 9k with sprung conversion didn't work for me, so I remount the sprungs on a new set of skates.
  3. I'd recommend the sprung chassis (pictured above) if your looking for a flat frame. They're in either all 76mm or 80mm wheels.
  4. I didn't really have a choice on whether on not if I want to keep my plates. Apparently they are located on my ankle in a way that I won't be able to properly put weight on my injured foot. It currently doesn't hurt at all right now, but I guess it'll be quite a bother in the future. I'm kind of glad I'm getting them removed though. A ref who broke his ankle, said it made a huge difference in skating comfort after he removed his plates.
  5. I'm going to get my plates removed soon. The surgery is next week and I was wondering what kind of recovery should I be expecting? How many days should I take off work? How soon I can start walking? I know I should probably talk to my doctor about this, but he's always really busy and hard to get a hold of.
  6. I caught an edge and slid feet first into the boards. Did you do any training while in the "cast" phase?
  7. I recently just broke my ankle. I actually, did quite a number on it. I fractured the fibula in my right leg, tore some ligaments in the inside of that ankle and separated ankle from where it meets the tibia and fibula. I've already had my surgery to repair the damage; four screws where the fracture is, and two plates where the separation is. I'm looking at 6 months (maybe longer) before I start skating again. I have never been away from the game for so long and it's driving me crazy to just laze around the house all day long. I feel I'm getting out of shape pretty fast and was curious, if you guys did any exercises to keep in shape? Did you guys work out at all or hit the weights? Did you guys buy a stiffer skate after you healed your ankle?
  8. Nice gloves Vathsdrop!!! What color scheme is that? and where'd you get it?
  9. Congrats David! Way to make us all proud! Good luck with your future career!
  10. Wow Mo!!! Those are some of the best looking skates I've ever seen. Very well done!!!
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