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  1. I'm looking to convert my x7.0 ice skates. Couple of questions, has anyone used the Reebok labels chassis? It's the only one I can get in the UK by the looks of things, so is it any good? Alternatively I have a hummer chassis but am not sure about changing the outsole to fit the wheels. Ideal I would like an aluminium hi lo mission chassis, but I can't get them either in the UK.
  2. Has anyone done an Easton v7. Broke mine in the blade reviewing a pass. Shaft is basically new. I can see a line which must be the fuse point, however it looks very narrow and I cannot see a tapered blade fitting it. Any advice?
  3. I like this concept, but what about width where the toebox meets the boot. I get bother here in most skates, other than my ee width vapors.
  4. Thanks again. Is there a special for type of plastic which is best? I really have no clue a out this stuff. I take it you just double up the back.
  5. How would you make the lifts? What material? Thanks for the advice.
  6. Does anyone know if I would need to dremmel the outsole to put a hummer on some x7.0? Also is there a guide for aligning hummer chassis?
  7. Is the chassis on the rpd max Labeda manufactured?
  8. I get the impression you will never be happy with any skate. I understand frustrations with fit, I have had many myself. But sometimes you have to just deal with little niggles here and there, especially if you don't go custom. What if the Mako turn out the same?
  9. Not to come across as an a hole but in my experience, skates will have sore spots until you have skated in them and broken them in properly. No point in complaining or worrying at this point. Give them a few hours of ice time.
  10. I'm no expert buy going by the imprint on the yellow insole, the skate appears to be too big and this could cause poor heel lock as your foot will move forward. I could be wrong though.
  11. After a little digging they are not the skates he has used, they must have sent 2 pairs or something. Not that it makes it any better if he has taken advantage of Easton.
  12. Nice to see a fellow Scot on the board. Who have you guys played? I play for Leuchars.
  13. Thanks for the replies. I was also wondering if they can be cleaned with regular spray or do they need the Oakley specific spray?
  14. Is the s30 visor good? At the price I was gonna order two if they are good enough.
  15. Loving the new skates, cant wait for them to be released in the UK, will be getting them to replace my tours.
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