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Found 5 results

  1. I've skated in Vapors for a long time now (9D, 280mm), and I grew very accustomed to the stock 9' radius. As I've gotten older I've realized I want a little more stability when I'm more upright, so I took them to our only local shop that I'd trust with skates (they specialize in skate stuff) and had them change the profile. While the guys at this shop are knowledgeable and professional, they have a very strong preference for CAG profiles as opposed to Prosharp (they do have a Prosharp machine but they actually license their own CAG machine design to some pro teams). After several return visits, I'm now skating on a 20/40 profile which I believe is pretty similar to a 10' radius. So it's not a very big change. I'm not unhappy, but it's not quite what I was looking for. I'm looking at finally replacing my Vapors with some Cat 9s (8.5, 272mm), and I think it might be time to revisit the profiling issue. What I'm looking for is the feeling of the 9' radius when I'm accelerating, but a little more stability and glide otherwise. Not a lot, just a little. I'm interesting in trying one of the multi-radii Prosharp options, but there are so many different versions it's hard to know what would work best. I'm curious if anyone can recommend something along the lines of what I'm looking for.
  2. I thought ide start a thread about the new Sharpening and Profiling process from Elite Sharpening Systems. The Habs have been using this system since the beginning of the season. Many other teams are also starting to understand the benefits.... Both the Profiling machine and Sharpening machine have Unequaled precision and use a very unique process!!!! Take a look at this segment (in french) showing the habs EQM manager using the machine: http://www.tvasports.ca/2017/02/13/une-question-de-millimetres Here is the rough translation: Hockey is often said to be a matter of centimeters. However, in some cases it is even a matter of millimeters. Our journalist, Jean-Philippe Bertrand, presented us with a company from our home, whose equipment is in the locker room of the Canadiens. (See video above) The expertise of Aiguisage Élite (Elite Sharpening), based in Beloeil, is also the envy of several National Hockey League teams. "Running in water to the knees is a lot more demanding than running in water up to the ankles," said founding president Denis Proulx. "It's the same thing in hockey. A blade that is too sharp surcharges the ankles, knees and hips. " That's why we developed a machine that sharpens the skates with surgical precision. "The precision is such that it is like taking the size of a hair, then divide it by three and then by two," he added. In the world of professional sport, a hair can make the difference between victory and defeat. That's why we make sure that the players of the Tricolore/Habs evolve in ideal conditions of performance. "It takes three things to sharpen a blade perfectly. The self-centering, a wheel that does not deform and controlled continuous pressure of the wheel" he concluded with his concern for legendary detail. And in addition to sharpening, this South Shore company offers the profiling service for a custom blade with unequaled precision. Just like the Pros!
  3. Looking for some advice. Skated my entire life in CCM/Reebok and use a 9' radius with a minor forward pitch on epro 280 holders size 8.5D skates. I have finally exhausted my last pair of Reebok 20K from my playing days and need to finally get a new pair of skates. I have a pair of 50K Ribcore and JetSpeeds and like the fit of both skates and have tried using my old profile on the skates, but cannot adjust to the SB 4.0 Holders. I feel like my heels are are pitched too high and am tripping on quick starts and can not effectively turn. Call me a dinosaur (32 years skating in CCMs) who is set in his ways but I have not been able to dial in a similar profile. Very frustrating. I have used no icing sports and my local LHS to match profiles and was informed there is no difference in pitch between epro and SB 4.0, only that the holder itself is 4mm taller. Either the information is incorrect or I am dropping too much money trying to get my profile correct because I can definitely tell a difference. Maybe the boots themselves are different, I really don't know at this point. A quick aside, I was watching the Wings and Sharks game tonight and noticed that Datsyuk was wearing JetSpeeds with epro holders, but didn't see shims are any signs that his skates were meant to look like a JetSpeeds. I am looking for advice and have access to several LHS here in Minnesota that can do profiling or skate services. I am hoping there are some players out there that have experienced similar issues. 1. Get my Epro put on a new boot, I have 10 pair of epro and custom steel to last a life time, but would hate to have to use shims or filler on a new skate. Got to be an easier way. 2. Continue to mess with profile (I have messed with neutral and slightly backwards profiles) but haven't found anything that suits my needs. 3. Look for old CCM and Reebok Skates on discount, but would prefer to upgrade my skates; hence the whole point of my post. Thanks for reading.
  4. Tldr; of Below: Recently switched from a size 3.0 (runner 230) skate to size 2.5 (runner 221), skating now feels unstable, should I and how should I get my blades profiled to match the runner length? Should I go with a more complicated profile or would that be a crutch for poor skating? -- Hi all! I have some questions about profiling and I'm hoping you guys can help me out. I've gone through and read ProSharp's and No Icing Sports' descriptions of profiles so I have an idea of what they are, but I'm not really sure what would work for me. I'm 5'1, 108 lbs and been skating for about 1.5 years. I used to skate probably 3-4 per week (2hrs per session) but recently have moved so it's closer to 1-2 times w/ league games 1-2 times per week. I feel like I'm a pretty decent skater for 1.5 years--I can do the inside and outside edge "half-circles" on one leg, forwards & backwards, just haven't been able to get as low as touching my glove on the ice. Tight turns are okay, but definitely could be better. Basically most of my current skating problems are not being able to get very aggressively on the my edges, but I wouldn't say I'm a complete amateur. So here's my current issue. I just upgraded to new skates. My old skates were a 2015 Jetspeed Shock (260/270) size 3.0 (runner 230). My new skates are the Ribcor 68k size 2.5 (runner 221). I've only skated on the new skates 2 times, once during pick up and once during a class. Before this I had tried out the 66k in a size 2.5 about 8 times before returning the skate because the heel of the boot was giving me issues. While the smaller boot is the perfect size, I'm now having skating issues because the runner is shorter. Based on my most recent experiences, the 2.5 feels more "slippery" and I feel like there's less blade contacting the ice. Sometimes I'll lean a tad forward or backwards and then lose my balance because it feels like I'm expecting there to be blade, but it's not there anymore. The next time I'll be able to properly skate is Tuesday/Thursday and I can try out edges, turns, and stops more, but as of now, I can't really say much except that I feel much less stable front to back. I was initially just thinking of going with a larger radius to "flatten" out the blade's curve a bit. I think stock CCM comes in 9'? Should I just increase it to 10'? I'm not sure if you all think if I should go with anything more complicated? Based on my reading, it seems like profiling can really help my skating, but I also don't want to the blade to be a crutch for my poor skating ability. I currently have my skates sharpened to 1/2" hollow. I started at 5/8" and worked my way up to 7/16", but backed down to 1/2". While I really liked how the 7/16" felt when I tried to do turns and edgework, I wasn't able to adjust my stopping because the blades would grip the ice too much. Right now at 1/2", my stopping is smoother, but like I stated earlier, getting really deep, aggressive edges has been a problem. It feel like I'm not able to get enough weight on that edge to get a tighter radius. If you've read all this, so far, thanks, hopefully I've given enough helpful info! EDIT//Forgot to add that I have a bad tendency to lean a little too far back when I skate. I've been working on leaning forward, but haven't completely killed the bad habit yet. Leaning too far forward I feel like I'll almost "slip" on the curve of the blade. I've tried my friend's Vapors for about 15 minutes and hated the forward pitch, but I'm not sure if that is something that would fix my bad habit.
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