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  1. Good idea. But the blade gets thinner and thinner after every sharpening.... plus when you get worn out toes and heels (as is almost always the case) this means the ends of the blades will be thinner than the middle... I don't see how this can work...?
  2. The profiling machine can profile 4 blades at a time. But the main advantage is the reference point.... Other system use the bottom portion of the blade as the reference point. Therefore, if the two blades don't have the same "original shape", the machine will not grind the same amount of steel on both blades. If you are to remove the blades from the skate holder, you should notice a slight difference from 1 blade to the other. The Elite profiling machine will hold the blades in the exact same reference point as if they were in the original holder. Which means, unlike other profiling systems, the 4 blades will be identical. So in terms of advantages, the machine is faster, more precise and easy to use.
  3. Its been over 1 year now and its safe to say that more teams have now bought into the idea of automated sharpening and profiling. Las Vegas, San Jose, Chicago, Detroit and others... aswell and their AHL affiliates. PENN State U and many other junior level teams have also started using these machines!
  4. They finally have a website up! http://eliteperformancetech.com/
  5. It takes about 2 minutes depending on what shape they are in.
  6. Hey guys, This new video was aired last week on RDS,
  7. its a template based sysytem. in the video above at the end (13 seconds left) the video shows the profiler in action. Almost any option is available....
  8. The company is currently working on two seperate machines. First, the profiler, wich is a huge upgrade in precision compared to traditional profiling... It basically profiles both blades at the same time. If you don't profile both at the same time, you will NEVER get the same result on each blade. There is an auto-centering mechanism to make sure the blades are Always perfectly centered. And they offer many different combo-radius options.. no flat spots, no manual touch ups, no need for extensive machine calibrating or blade positioning..... In other words, its more accurate and efficient... As for the Sharpener. I see 3 main upgrades.. First, the wheels are steel based meaning the hollow and diametre of the wheel NEVER change. They have 11 different hollow options from 3/8 to 1". Second, the auto-centering mechanism means the blades are Always at dead center of the wheel no matter what the thickness of the blade is.. This means perfect edges Every time. Having perfect edges allows for more shallow cuts wich will increase speed and endurance, without compromising the bite. Third is the controlled pressure of the wheels on the blades, making sure the grinding Always follows the profile of the blade so the shape/profile of the blade is Never altered. And it sharpens two skates/blades at the same time. It seems like the company is in the middle of completing branding and marketing related issues and should have a website and stuff up soon....
  9. this is nothing like the sparx and is more accurate than a Prosharp.
  10. You're right. Maybe I should get paid for the info:). Lol. I didnt see any info on Modsquad about the machines.. I thought ide start the thread
  11. I thought ide start a thread about the new Sharpening and Profiling process from Elite Sharpening Systems. The Habs have been using this system since the beginning of the season. Many other teams are also starting to understand the benefits.... Both the Profiling machine and Sharpening machine have Unequaled precision and use a very unique process!!!! Take a look at this segment (in french) showing the habs EQM manager using the machine: http://www.tvasports.ca/2017/02/13/une-question-de-millimetres Here is the rough translation: Hockey is often said to be a matter of centimeters. However, in some cases it is even a matter of millimeters. Our journalist, Jean-Philippe Bertrand, presented us with a company from our home, whose equipment is in the locker room of the Canadiens. (See video above) The expertise of Aiguisage Élite (Elite Sharpening), based in Beloeil, is also the envy of several National Hockey League teams. "Running in water to the knees is a lot more demanding than running in water up to the ankles," said founding president Denis Proulx. "It's the same thing in hockey. A blade that is too sharp surcharges the ankles, knees and hips. " That's why we developed a machine that sharpens the skates with surgical precision. "The precision is such that it is like taking the size of a hair, then divide it by three and then by two," he added. In the world of professional sport, a hair can make the difference between victory and defeat. That's why we make sure that the players of the Tricolore/Habs evolve in ideal conditions of performance. "It takes three things to sharpen a blade perfectly. The self-centering, a wheel that does not deform and controlled continuous pressure of the wheel" he concluded with his concern for legendary detail. And in addition to sharpening, this South Shore company offers the profiling service for a custom blade with unequaled precision. Just like the Pros!
  12. Yeahh.... I'm pretty sure the rule focuses on the distance between the ice and the pad. There are ways around it...
  13. I think you are partially right. I know for sure Step will not sell directly to the US and will tell their retailers not to sell to the US. As for blades being sold from the US. I'm not sure Step has much control over that.... I might be wrong though... I guess my question would be, is anyone allowed to sell from the US, and if no, why not?
  14. I think its a combination of factors.. The goalie cowling is taller than normal to compensate for the lack of steel height. And it is thinned out like "malcb33" said. Also, I believe they were having issues with the Extreme at the pro level especially with Kay Whitmore and the NHLs effort in reducing goalie equipment. The taller cowling/lower steel combo might be a way to go around the rulings..
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